Sabitsubasa Shin-Ha
Sabitsubasa Redux
Super strength
8 tons
Chinokawa Shin-Ha, Armies of Hell, Demonic Legions
Hachiman (cousin), Chinokawa (cousin)
His body, Blade of Byōtekina
"I am iron and steel, you are but flesh!"
"My body has withstood the fires of Inferno, you shall not stand against my blade!"

Sabitsubasa Shin-Ha, Hachiman's eldest cousin and master craftsman. Builder of all materials that were used by the clan, Sabitsubasa was a respected (and somewhat feared) man, who would also prove himself a powerful individual on the battlefield, although his skill was nowhere near that of Chinokawa.

When the Dragon Lord Araki came to wipe out the Shin-Ha clan after dispatching Hachiman, Sabitsubasa was unfortunately one of the first to fall. However, he was a challenge for the Dragon Lord, as his powerful and master-crafted weapons allowed him to put up a fight against the mighty demon. However, just like the rest of his clan, he fell to Araki and was ripped to shreds with his own weapons.

Sometime later, there have been reports of Chinokawa's resurrection and undergoing the name of Chino to hide his identity, and travelling with several rabbits, with Sabitsubasa being one of the largest, standing at 17ft tall in height, and his skin apparently as hard as steel.

Unlike Chinokawa, Sabitsubasa is not a rage-filled individual, and he does not hold intense dislike for Hachiman, but rather intense dislike towards Araki, who he is now forced to serve along with the rest of his clan.


Sabitsubasa stands at an astounding 17ft tall with long, brown hair going down his back, and his fur is a mix of an orange-brown. He is an incredibly muscular individual, regarding his height. His eyes are yellow with white pupils, a sign of his demonic possession. The inside of his long rabbit ears are a purplish colour.

He usually wears a long pair of blood-stained trousers, and in some instances silver armour covering his knees and crotch. He is also usually seen carrying a humongous weapon, called the Blade of Byōtekina, which adds to his somewhat intimidating appearance.


Early Life

Sabitsubasa was born under the Shin-Ha clan some time ago, to unknown parents. It was said he was an urchin of the streets, a wanderer who craved food and shelter, although due to the class system he was often left to starve on the streets of the area, unless he could kill some wild animals. At a young age, he discovered he was suffering from a form of gigantism where he would continue to grow to a massive size, gaining much weight along the way. Fearing he may become too fat to move, Sabitsubasa spent his childhood in the forests, wrestling the still-living mammoths of the area in order to keep himself from growing fat.

Eventually, he was discovered by Kenpachi's men and identified as a threat. While they tried to kill him, Sabitsbasa towered over them and wiped them aside with a single swipe of his massive arm. Fearing that something had happen, Kenpachi himself went into the forests and found the massive rabbit. Kenpachi proclaimed Sabitsubasa a titan, and offered him a place in the clan village, where he would work as a blacksmith, making swords and other weaponry.


Sabitsubasa spent his childhood in the more isolated part of the village, developing and creating weapons for usage by Kenpachi's samurai warriors. Often mocked by the children of the clan for his ridiculous size and muscles, he paid no attention and would instead continue his duty as the silent blacksmith.

Some time ater his acceptance in the clan, Sabitsubasa would be the first to hear news of Kenpachi's first son, Chinokawa. Sabitsubasa was invited to come and see the baby, who Sabitsubasa immediatley took a liking too, as Chinokawa did to him. As Chinokawa grew older, he and Sabitsubasa would discuss killing techniques and types of weaponry in their time off, as Chinokawa was a busy soldier. One day, however, Sabitsubasa would be surprised Chinokawa hadn't gone to see him. He asked Kenpachi if the boy was okay, and he had no reply, unaware of Chinokawa's vicious training to become a merciless weapon.

He would later hear of the birth of Hachi, Kenpachi's second son. Hachi and Sabitsubasa would never spend much time together, but in Hachi's teen years, when he accidentally awoke the Dragon Lord Araki, Sabitsubasa would bravely charge into battle to tr and protect the clan. Although he was huge and powerful, Araki outmatched the mighty Sabitsubasa and tore him to pieces.


Several years after his death, Sabitsubasa, along with Chinokawa and other members of the clan, would arise from their resting places as demonic servants to the Dragon Lord, assigned with the mission to track down and kill Hachi, who had become a skilled demon killer and a threat to Araki and the other 20 Hands of the Destroyer. He now walks the planet with his partner Chinokawa, harbouring a dislike for Hachi but possessing an even deeper hate for Araki himself.


Sabitsubasa is a normally quiet individual, though his silent displays are often followed with loud thuds of punches or swings. When he speaks, he only does so once every so often and it is often about his own strength and merit, usually not considering (or caring) about those of other people. His silent attitude is actually a result of the weapon he wields, the Blade of Byōtekina.

When in battle, he doesn't tend to analyze the situation, but often he does not need to due to his high amount of strength and his somewhat surprising agile ability. He is materialistic, believing himself to be of iron or steel due to his nigh-unbreakable skin, a result of holding the Blade. He is not a hateful individual, unlike his partner Chinokawa, and instead holds a dislike for his master, the Dragon Lord.

Powers and Abilities

Super Strength

As a result of Sabitsubasa's size and weight, he possesses strength almost unearthly in nature. Even befor ehis resurrection as a demonic servant, he was incredibly powerful. Sabitsubasa's strength grants him the ability to throw cranes with little difficulty, and can completely devastate buildings and the surrounding environment. His strength allows him to also possess agility that would seem impossible in most strong men, and can jump across landscapes, with his landings often resulting in tremours or quakes.

Blade of Byōtekina

The Blade of Byōtekina is an ancient weapon of demonic origin. A sort of glaive, often regarded as a pole staff, the blade's power grants Sabitsubasa almost undestructable skin, which can only be damaged by some of the more powerful psychic attacks, although if the blade leaves Sabitsubasa's hand he is vulnerable to physical attacks as well. Byōtekina's blade itself is indestructable under all circumstances, and can only be sealed away though it has properties that tend to absorb water molecules from the skin, making surrounding people feel dehydrated quickly.


  • Sabitsubasa was originally inspired by Yammy Llargo from the Bleach anime series, but was redesigned to be more like Whitebeard from the One Piece anime
  • Sabitsubasa also shares a similar name to Benitsubasa from the Seikirei anime, although shares no real inspiration or relation with her
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