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""Emotions are only for the weak! Weak is never going to survive in this world and I'm gonna prove It, SO OUT OF MY WAY!""
—Saber when Tara stand is trying to prevent him hurting the Chaos of the Mosswood Chao Garden by blocking his path.


Prior to the events when he was sealed to the Nightmare Trench he had calm, brave, strong and somewha

t gentle personality showing a little surprise when young Tara climbed to his quils and believed that he is her brother, but he realized that the innocent rabbit just too young to understand that he is not.

He was shown being very diligent and persistent practicing his fencing skills every day, so one day he can became the strongest Swordhog. One of his bad traits is that he was very strict not just to himself, but his sister, Blade as well not letting her to meet or befriend anyone, (especially not to Shock) and follow their father ’s footsteps like he does.

After being rescued by Tara and Blade, Saber kept some of his traits but became incredibly calm and silent compared to his past self. The only thing what makes him go ballistic is if someone annoys him by talking about how powerful and beautiful thing love is. This makes him insanely angry and due the darkness in his heart he doesn’t affraid to hurt children nor girls, therefore he is often finds himself fighting against Sonic because whenever Amy talks about such things in front of him she always receive at least three very heavy punches to her face, what the Blue Blur can’t tolerate well.

His other bad trait is that he never shows pity for the weak and never gives advantage to anyone. To his unfortunate he grown to be very handsome (not to mention the fact that he forced to live inside a dark place which the ladies find even more attractive in him) and therefore he is one of the most popular target of the girls.


Saber was born in the faraway Kingdom of Tesshin four years before his sister Blade. Their father was called Pride. His wife was killed in a war so the three of them couldn’t stay anymore. Since Pride was a well respected knight he and his family got a boat what they used to set sail to another continent or island. On their way, the older hedgehog was bit by a poisonus fish and because of this he couldn't live more than a few months.

They reached the land safely, so Pride spent his remaining life and energy to teach Saber everything a knight must know and pledged with him to teach everything what he learned to his sister. He held onto his promise and he did what he was told. Unfortunately young Blade hated these lessons more than anything else and one day she wished under a shooting star that her brother just disappear .

Unfortunately came true in the next day, when millions of Dark Vortexes filled the sky. While he was protecting Tara the Rabbit one of them, It sucked him and sealed him inside the Nightmare Trench for five years, being forced to sunk in his worst fears what turned him into a ferocious monster who attacks anyone, who won't leave him alone.

By the help of Data the Lemur, Tara could locate him and - dragging Blade with her - she jumped to the vortex what leads to Nightmare Trench without considering what might could happen there. Right after landing the two girls started arguing. Their voice lured the mad hedgehog there and attacked the two of them.

They tried to fight against him, but they both knew, they can't beat him. Then the brown rabbit recalled something she read in her travellings, what gave her a great idea. She asked Blade to froze him from his shoulders to his feet, so he could move his head. She didn't understood her, but she trusted in her so she did just that. Before the blink of an eye Tara kissed Saber making him completely numb. Using his temporal confusion and that Flash the Light came to their rescue the three girls carried him out of Nightmare Trench.

Back in the "Real World", Glow examined him and informed the gang, that despite she could get rid the desire to attack everything moving in his path, she couldn't heal him completely because he still has some darkness in his heart.

Tara had another idea. The other thing she learned in her journey is that when they came to age the young members of her tribe created a traditional flute and used their amokinetic abilities on creatures who have difficulties showing affection, so she planned to use this power on the cold hedgehog to bring the Saber everybody knew, back.

Every night she dressed in black cloak and put up a mask what only she can remove from her face, climbed up to the tree where Saber trains and relaxes before going to sleep, and played her songs, then escaped at the rise of dawn.

Being annoyed by It, he came up with a plan. He noticed that the mysterious being escapes by jumping from tree to tree so he cut one of the branches, hoping that she could make her miss the jump, so he can catch her and end this once and for all. Until the first half, her plan worked just the way he imagined.

She fell from the tree but instead of hitting the ground, she landed on him. But when he wanted to grab her hand - preventing from running away - she kissed her once again, making him realize that the one who saved him and the one who plays the fool with him are the same. He wanted to know who he owed his life for as well as end this weird game she plays with him. To his fortunate she dropped her flute when she ran away, so he could lure her back and telling It to her. Finally - realizing that behind the mask she wore, is a girl, and knew only she can remove her mask - he promised he is going to walk with her to the end of the forest and back.

She would gladly accept It, but she was affraid. If he finds out that she is actually the girl he ignores and calls weak, he is not going to keep his promise, so she lied that if someone with a weak heart are collapse by the sight of her face, she promised she'll show her face if he beats her in a battle, which the green hedgehog accepted. Being unfamiliar in real fights, as well as the lack of strong offensive powers and fighting skills, she eventually lost the battle. Saber told her, that he expected a lot stronger opponent, but he also respected her determination and persistence.

Keeping her promise she revealed her face, then before the confused hedgehog could say anything, she ran away because she didn't wanted him, to see her cry. After she left, Caley - who spied over them from the bushes - reminded Saber that he have to keep the promise he gave to her, no matter what the outcome of the battle. He tried to escape by telling him that she is lost but this wasn't in the promise. Admitting his loss, he went to Tara's house and did just that.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Swordmanship - Saber's main ability is to use bladed weapons on a lot higher level than a normal being could. Naturally he learned the way of the sword from his father, but thanks to this ability of his and after some practise he could use everything he have learned on the highest degree: from the various attacking and defending techniques to the best ways to find the opponent's weak points, as well as striking in the best moment.
  • Explosive Slash - By using this secondary powet of his, Saber can cause explosion with the Honor as well. This power of his however can only be used in last resort and It may not creates a gigantic explosion but It's enough to cause a severe damage on the opponent.
  • Enhanced Stenght - Being a power type Saber has strenght beyond the normal, meaning he can stand his ground, even if he has to fight with his two bare hands. He can lift things heavier than himself easily, without too much effort, as well as push and pull them.


Moves without the Honor and the Mythril shield

  • Defending Guard - Saber's body begans to glow in green. As long as he is able to evade the opponent's attacks or the opponent misses, his defense and attack raises in every turn.
  • Spin Throw - Saber grabs his enemies, jumps to the air and throws them down. The heavier the opponent, the stronger the attack.
  • Double Jab - Saber jabs the enemy twice. Critical hits land more easily.
  • Force Stirker - Saber begans to move faster than usual, reappearing and disappearing around the enemy to confuse him/her, then when he/she least expects It he strikes. This attack cannot be evaded.
  • Crushing Punch - Saber clenches his fists then attacks the shoulders, the head of his foe. It deals high damage at first, but the more often he uses It, the weaker It becames.
  • Heavy Blow - Saber rams to the enemy. It's a very powerful but also very unprecise attack.
  • Bold Slam - Saber concentrates all of his power, then rams to his enemy with full force. It's a super powerful attack but It costs Saber's 2/6 HP and his defense.

Moves with the Honor and the Myhtril shield

  • Tesshin Solar Energy - Saber points jis Mythril shield towards the sun, so the symbol of the Tesshin Kingdom glows as the rays if the Sun touches It (If the weather is cloudy, the rays of the Sun shines throughout the clouds but if It's nighttime the move fails). It raises his Luck, meaning more attacks are land as critical hits.
  • Rapid Chop - Saber hits the opponent with quick movements. It's weak but Saber is invunerable until he attacks.
  • Fury Clash - Saber slices the enemy with the Honor. The more times he got hit, the stronger this attack will become.
  • Wild Slasher - Saber evades his opponent's attack, then slashes him/her multiple times. This is moderately powerful attack, with high critical hit ratio but It has 40% chance of lowering his Defense.
  • Power Cutter - Saber cuts the opponent. It medium powered attack deals twice damage if he is already got hit in the same turn.
  • Grand Thrust - Saber jumps up to the air and thrusts his opponent. It's a powerful attack without added effects.
  • Fatal Stab - Saber defends himself, while trying to find his opponent's weak spot, then stabs. This is a one-hit KO attack but fails if the enemy is faster than him.