The Saber Pack is the name use to refer to a pack of saber-tooth tigers that reside in the Great North Tundra in Mobius in The Legend of Fox the Brave. Like the Red Fox Pack, they have been rather secluded from the rest of society and all but forgotten. Until the creation of the scrapped story concept Search for the Missing Pack, the only named sabers were Fang and his brother Stubbs. The sabers were mentioned to have re-entered the Four Worlds in The Lost Tribe, which Simon Komm states to a bewildered Rock.


There is a visible difference between males and females. Males tend to be much stockier and larger with longer visible canines(referred to as their fangs), while females are smaller, leaner, and generally have shorter fangs. Both genders of sabers typically have some shade of grayish-orange fur, and a stubby tail.

One difference appears to be one saber warrior named Jag, who is entirely black with his right fang broken halfway down.


Previously, no members were named since Fang's origins were unknown when he joined The Storm Fighters following the Battle of Angel Island. The only known members to be currently apart of the Pack are the unnamed leader who appeared in a Tribe meeting, and Jag, a large male with black fur and a broken right fang.

Current Members(known):

Leader: Unnamed saber with unknown description and gender

  • Jag-Large male with jet-black fur and a broken right fang(rank unknown)

Former Members:

  • Lamarkie, "Mark": Male with an unknown description; lived in ancient times, founder of Lamarkie Village; fate unknown
  • Fang the Saber: Stocky male with grayish-orange fur; living as a Storm Fighter
  • Stubbs: Short, stout male with short fangs; lived in Hang Castle until he was killed by Metal Sonic


Like the other Tribes, the Saber Pack function quite similarly to the Clans from the Warriors book series.


Like most Mobians, the Pack believes strongly in the Spirits in the Stars, though quite possibly even more.


Possibly due to real-life saber-tooth tigers(also referred to as smilodons) living during the ice age, the Saber Pack are shown to make Mobius' Northern Tundra their home, sharing it with the Arctic Wolves, Arctic Foxes, and Polar Bears, while also unwittingly sharing it with the Dire Wolves until their reveal.


As mentioned by the Lions' leader Sunpelt in The Lost Tribe, the Tribes haven't held an official meeting since the first fight against Dimitri's Enerjak, during which both the Saber and Red Fox Packs vanished, with the sabers going far north to live on the Northern Tundra. Everyone thought they had gone extinct until Fang showed up, tired and disheveled, and became a Storm Fighter. Later, after the Great Storm, the sabers revealed themselves, having been hiding away for reasons unknown. They once more took their place in their Tribe, and their leader was seen in the Tribe Meeting in The Lost Tribe, being picked out in the Tiger Tribe by Boulder.


Though technically not tigers, the Saber Pack is part of the Tiger Tribe.

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