This is a fan fiction written by AwkwardDingo.


It has been two years after the Second War of Saari, a war between humans and mobians, yet tensions between the two are at an all time low ever since the new mayor, a war hero, has aided mobians in being part of society. He had new apartments built for them, and memorial services for their fallen during the war. One of the mobians living in the city is Solomon The Bobcat, who is good friends with the mayor. Solomon has been assigned by the mayor of Jericho City to take down the evil Doctor Tangent, a scientist who has been terrorizing the populace. To top it off, Solomon has been promised the freedom of his best friend, Jason The Echidna, who assaulted a human and is now under house arrest. Our journey begins with the first in a series of events that will change the way Solomon looks at the world...



Saari Legends: Part 1

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