Saari is an island far from any larger body of land on Mobius. It is the homeland of Jason The Echidna and Solomon The Bobcat.


It's wildlife consists of woodland creatures of varying shapes and sizes that inhabit the lesser populated areas. These includes squirrels, rabbits, deer, small lizards and bugs of all kinds.


In contrast to what most people think of when they hear the word "island", Saari has the land mass of our world's Spain. The climate consists of dense forestation to the west, plains to the south, and a large urban city known as Jericho covers the eastern and northern areas of the island. In the center and reaching to the plains, a small serpent-shaped abyss crawls throughout the landscape. This and the plains were battlegrounds in both wars on Saari. The seasons are normal on Saari, with hot summers and cold snowy winters.



A famous human pirate known as Jericho Diamond-eye conquered the seas in the 1600s. While sailing, he was ambushed by a fleet sent to execute the pirate. He fled south of the equator until even the fastest schooners in the fleet were lost in the horizon. The chase blew him off the map, and supplies were thin. The crew was about to resort to cannibalism and mutiny until they came across the miracle island. They settled upon its shore with heartiness, living upon the land. They came to name the island Saari, or Island in their ancestor's tongue. Jericho then claimed himself to be king, and he sent his pirates abroad to tell others, especially traveling pariahs, to this land. They were told that, for the price of food, building materials, and a strong back, they would be given a home. After the pirates were sent off, many others returned, and the small company of pirates became a civilization of those looking for a second chance.


After word went around of a blossoming human colony, mobians also sought the new land. They were greeted with shackles. The pirate ruler had many good traits, but he vilified what he called "spawn of demon and creature". They were made slaves in the new colony. After twenty years, the old ruler decided the government should be a republic, where each human will have their own voice to share. After the new government was formed, a new ruler came to power who also feared the mobians to the point of torturing them with hard labor. The mobians, finally fed up with it all, revolted. A war broke out between man and mobian. The war was long and horrifying, but the mobians gave their all. Finally, a truce was formed where mobians would get just as much rights as any other human. This outraged both mobians and humans alike. The humans who disagreed kept quiet, but the disagreeing mobians broke off and formed a small village to the east, which would later become Solomon's birthplace. One hundred years later, the city of Jericho was built to house the mixed population.

Second War of Saari

After almost two hundred years of uneasy peace, another mobian uprising was at hand, consisting of mobian citizens trapped in the lower class of society. Riots ensued led by both humans and mobians who wanted death for one another. These riots claimed the lives of Jason's grandparents. When war finally broke out, it was more or less one-sided, only lasting one bloody battle. During the battle, Solomon and a human commanding officer became trapped in a cave after rubbel blocked their exit. They became friends, both not wanting their people to war. In the meantime, a scientist whose name would go down in infamy known as Doctor Tangent launched an expiramental missile that wiped out the mobian side with the exception of stragglers and Solomon himself. Since it was an unauthorized launch which claimed hundreds of human lives as well, he was tried for war crime s but fled before he was to be punished. Solomon and the human soldier he befriended were greeted by human soldiers upon their rescue. The human soldier was revealed to be a commanding officer who gave Solomon a pardon.

A New Age

The commanding officer was elected mayor of Jericho. He promised the rights of all mobians would be restored to what they were after their enslavement hundreds of years prior. They were given apartment complexes to get them out of the slums. This wasn't greeted with love from most humans however, but nothing was or is. Around this time, Tangent returned waging war on the city with his robots. The mayor sent his good friend Solomon to stop the attacks and locate this mad scientist.

Significant Populations

  • Mobians inhabiting the city and plains
  • Humans living in the city
  • Dr. Tangent and his robots hidden in underground factories dotting the land

Notable Areas

  • Solomon's home village: this village lied in the plains of Saari before it was burned down by Solomon's father. It remains, but only as a pile of ashes.
  • Jericho: a city which takes up 40% of the island. It houses both humans and mobians.
  • Pirate's landing: where Jericho first set foot, this beach head lies on the north east side of the island.
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