SUPER Fanon Punch Out! is a sequal to Fanon Punch Out!, This sequal adds more variety, boxers, missions, and customizable character options!

This sequal includes 10 characters from Nintendo's Punch Out! series. With characters from the Fanon Punch Out! series plus some new challengers!!!


Rated: E 10+

Players: 1-2

Platforms: Wii U


Wii Remote Sideways

  • Gut Punch - 1 or 2
  • Face Punch - Up + 1 or Up + 2
  • Star Punch - A
  • Block - Up
  • Duck - Down
  • Dodge - Left or Right
  • Regain Health - Press 1 and 2 repeatedly while opponent is knocked down
  • Regain Health (2) - Press minus repeatedly in between rounds
  • Pause - Plus
  • Home Menu - Home Button


Your character is ready to battle his way through the circuts to become the world champion boxer! Customize your character and prepare to fight!

(Extra Items for Customization can be earned by completing missions in mission mode!)


Playable Characters

  • Customizable Characters
  • Mii

Minor Circuit (Non-Playable)

  • 3. Egg pawn
  • 2. Glass Joe
  • 1. Von Kaiser
  • Champion: Miles "Tails" Prower

Chaos Circuit (Non-Playable)

  • 3. Disco Kid
  • 2. Amy Rose
  • 1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Champion: King Hippo

Major Circuit (Non-Playable)

  • 3. Great Tiger
  • 2. Silver the Hedgehog
  • 1. Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Champion: Knuckles the Echidna

Fanon Circuit (Unlockable)

These characters are unlocked once you beat them!

World Circuit (Non-Playable

  • 4. Vector the Crocodile
  • 3. Metal Sonic
  • 2. Soda Popinski
  • 1. Bald Bull
  • Champion: Mr. Sandman

Final Circuit (Non-Playable

  • 4. Blaze the Cat
  • 3. E-123 Omega
  • 2. Super Sonic
  • 1. Hyper Sonic
  • Champion: Little Mac

Last Stand

  • Champion: Mike Tyson

Strategy Guide

This guide tells you how to defeat each boxer in the game.

Minor Circuit

  • EGG PAWN Just like in the first Fanon Punch Out! Eggmans robot is very easy to take out. He serves a a tutorial character to help you get a feel of how the game works!
  • GLASS JOE He tests what you learned in the tutorial and fights poorly. When the timer hits 0:42 he will charge up a punch. If you hit him at just the right time it'll knock him down!
  • VON KAISER Von Kaiser is a typical fighter, he has his punches and his uppercuts. But he's very simple because he does a taunt where he says "Mommy!" If you hit him when he says that, it will instantly knock him down. But you have to time it perfectly or else he will counterattack!
  • MILES "TAILS" PROWER Tails fights like a normal boxer but he throws in tail whips often that can only be dodged by ducking. They do normal damage but they are pretty fast. When he's low on stamina he will charge up a powerfull attack where he pulls out a wrench and swings it at you twice. If you tme it perfectly, you can punch the wrench out of his hand and counterattack!

Chaos Circuit

  • DISCO KID Disco Kid is cocky and arrogant, He will dance around the ring constantly throwing punches and uppercute. When he stands on his tippy toes you can punch him and earn a star punch! when you moves to your left you have to dodge because his left uppercut is impossible to counterattack.
  • AMY ROSE Amy relies more on her Piko Piko hammer instead of actual punching. The only way to avoid getting hit by her hammer swings is to duck. Her swings are too far to dodge left and right and they are too strong to block. Luckily her hammer swings are slow so youhave plenty of time to think
  • SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Sonics attacks are the 3rd fastest in the game... why 3rd fastest? Because Super and Hyper Sonic are the 2nd and 1st fastest. Anyways, Sonics attacks are quick and hard to dodge. But he has lots of time between each attack so you have plenty of time to land a bunch of punches. When he is low on stamina he will jump off of the ropes of the ring and homing attack you. You can instantly TKO him if you time it perfectly.
  • KING HIPPO King hippo can't be flat out attacked like the others. You have to wait until he charges up a punch and opens his mouth. When you do that you have to hit his belly. If you get hit by his charge up punch you will lose half of your stamina! So be careful with your timing!

Major Circuit

  • GREAT TIGER He will start the fight with 3 taunts. If you hit him during each taunt you will earn a star punch! He has quick uppercuts but does them in a pattern so you can memorize them. But this is where he gets tricky. He will teleport and surprise you with an uppercut. Sometimes he will float to the back of the ring and send a clone of himself. The clone cannot hurt you but if you try to dodge, block, or attack the clone, then Great Tiger will come back at you with a powerful punch!
  • SILVER THE HEDGEHOG Silver is the typical medium difficulty boxer. He fights and blocks like a generic boxer, However Silver has 1 devastating attack. He will you his telikinesis to float in the air and come down with a powerful punch that will knock you down instantly. It can't be dodged or countered, You have to hit the block button at the perfect time to avoid it.
  • SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG Shadow has a chaos emerald with him and like Great Tiger, he can teleport. However Shadow does not have a pattern like Great Tiger. But the Chaos Emerald does flash when he's about to attack so you know when to dodge. There's not much left to him once you get the hang of timing your dodges.
  • KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA The Spikes on his gloves give him the most powerful uppercuts in the game. However they are estremely slow and easy to avoid. When you knock him down he will use the master emerald to boost his stats when you gets back up. Dodge 3 of his uppercuts and then hit him to put his stats back to normal.

Fanon Circuit

  • SOLOMON THE BOBCAT Solomon is a very defensive boxer. You cannot hit him by dodging his punches and then attacking. The only way to hit him is to block each of his attacks and counterattack. Star punches also work. If you don't KO him by round 1, then in round 2 the power goes out. Solomon can see in the dark so he will have no trouble. Luckily the lights will flicker sometimes letting you know when he is about to attack.
  • CURA THE CAT Cura has some crazy high stamina and speed. Her strength isn't that much though. The trick to Cura is to beat her to the punch. If you see her charging a punch, hit her before she can do it. Make sure to be constantly punching her so she can't heal herself. Cura has healing powers and all through the battle she will use them unless you keep distracting her. (I am aware that on Cura's page it says she cannot heal herself, but this game is non-cannon to the characters who appear in it since this game has no plot.)
  • BLITZ THE WOLF Blitz wears the Burst Gauntlets which gives his attacks more speed and power. Hit by 5 uppercuts from him and you're out! However the gauntlets reveal a light when he's about to throw a punch so you know when to dodge. If you knock him down twice in one round he will go into his Darkness Trigger mode when he gets up and all his stats will be doubled until you knock him down again or until the round ends/
  • GRAVIGA THE HEDGEHOG Graviga will shift gravity throughout the battle. She will increase the gravity so her punches have a stronger force when they hit you and she decreases gravity to make your punches lighter. You beat her by dodging her punches and then hitting her.
  • FROSTBITE THE HEDGEHOG Frostbite will start the round with 3 quick punches. Dodge all 3 and then you can finally hit him. He will continue to do normal punches for the rest of the fight but watch out he will throw some deadly uppercuts at random times. If you get hit, you freeze into solid ice and he can hit you as much as he wants until the ice breaks!

World Circuit

  • VECTOR THE CROCODILE Vector uses a rythm system for his fight. But since Vector his bad at singing. All his attacks are off rythm, so of course your punches must be on rythm. This requires precise timing. Punching too early and he will dodge. Punching too late and he will block and counterattack.
  • METAL SONIC His speed is the same as Sonics but his strength and stamina stats are doubled. But he does have a pattern so when you memorize it he'll be a breeze to beat.
  • SODA POPINSKI His attacks are quick and strong, and he carries a soda bottle. If he drinks soda it will restore his small stamina. But if you knock it out of his hand you earn a star punch, but he will go into rage mode and throw 3 quick uppercuts. Dodge all 3 and you can counterattack him.
  • BALD BULL Bald Bull is a complete mystery. Sometimes he's fast, sometimes he's slow, sometimes he's stong, and sometimes he's weak. He has an unpredictable moveset, but his stamina isn't very big so a few punch combos and he will be down.
  • MR. SANDMAN He has 2 attacks but they are extremely powerful. He has a foward punch which is super fast! Then he has a smash punch which has a 2 second delay to trick you into dodging to early or late. He is also very good at dodging. You definitely won't beat him on your first try.

Final Circuit

  • BLAZE THE CAT At the start of the fight Blaze will hit you with an unblockable and undodgeable fire uppercut. You will be caught on fire and you will get damaged each time you miss a punch. So be careful or you will lose some stamina! If you knock down Blaze she will get up and use a fire tornado by spinning around the arena. Time your attack perfectly to knock her down again!
  • E-123 OMEGA Omega has a quick punch where if he hits you, he will also fire a few bullets to do extra damage. He has a back bomb launcher that will fire bombs into the air and down at you. So you must dodge his punches and his bombs. All this dodging leaves little time for attacking so this fight will take a while.
  • SUPER SONIC Fights just like Sonic but all his stats are tripled
  • HYPER SONIC Fight just like Sonic but all his stats are quintoupled!
  • LITTLE MAC Little Mac is definitely not easy at all. Despite his small size, he packs a powerful punch. He's so powerful that we don't have a strategy for him... Just pray and hope you have enough skills to defeat him.

Last Stand

In Last stand mode there are 3 opponents. None of them are beatable. They are all scripted so you lose each of your championship belts.

  • MIKE TYSON Mike Tysons battle is a scripted fight, it is literally impossible to win. You were the champion but no matter how strong you are you won't be the champion forever. Enjoy your reign while you can. The main goal of this fight is to teach that it's not about winning but about doing your best. If you can manage to even knock Mike down then you're pretty dang good! After you lose the ending will play. No matter how good you are, there will always be someone better, but it doesn't matter as long as you be the best that you can be!

NOTE: Mike Tyson IS beatable but only in Single Battle Mode or Mission Mode. In The Career mode it is impossible to defeat him!


The ending plays after Last Stand Mode is complete. The Ending of this is similar to Punch Out Wii! Text will appear saying your character has retired and left the ring and your trainer Doc Louis will be walking through a room full of your trophies and achievements and say that he's proud of you.
Punch Out Wii - Title Defense - Mac's Last Stand Ending

Punch Out Wii - Title Defense - Mac's Last Stand Ending

Punch Out Wii Ending + Last Stand Mode

Game Modes

Single Player

  • Single Battle
  • Training
  • Mission Mode


  • Career
  • Title Defense
  • Last Stand


  • 1 v 1
  • Endless Fight


  • 1 v 1
  • Endless Fight


  • Options
  • Gallery
  • Sound Test
  • Videos
  • Profile
  • Customize a character


Missions can be beaten to unlock items for character customization! There are 3 missions for each character and some bonus missions!!!

Normal Missions

  • 1. KO Egg Pawn in the first round!
  • 2. KO Egg Pawn without taking a hit!
  • 3. KO Egg Pawn with a Star Punch!
  • 4. Dodge 5 attacks in a row from Glass Joe!
  • 5. TKO Glass Joe in the first round!
  • 6. Hit Glass Joe 10 times in a row without missing!
  • 7. KO Von Kaiser when he cries for his Mommy!
  • 8. Knock down Von Kaiser in the first 30 seconds of a round!
  • 9 Dodge 10 attacks in a row from Von Kaiser!
  • 10. Knock down Tails without missing a punch.
  • 11. Counterattack Tails!
  • 12. TKO Tails in the first round!
  • 13. Defeat Disco Kid with nothing but gut punches!
  • 14. KO Disco Kid without taking damage!
  • 15. Hit Disco Kid with 3 star punches in 1 match!
  • 16. KO Amy in the first round!
  • 17. Dodge 3 quick hammer swings from Amy!
  • 18. TKO Amy without taking any damage!
  • 19. Knock down Sonic in the first 30 seconds of a round!
  • 20. Hit Sonic with 3 star punches in 1 round!
  • 21. Dodge 15 punches in a row from Sonic!
  • 22. KO King Hippo only using gut punches!
  • 23. Knock down King Hippo without taking any damage!
  • 24. Stun King Hippo with your first punch in the match!
  • 25. Cancwl 3 of Great Tigers teleports!
  • 26. Dodge 5 teleport attacks from Great Tiger!
  • 27. Hit Great Tiger with a Star Punch in the first 30 seconds of a round!
  • 28. Hit Silver when he uses his telekinesis!
  • 29. Block 20 Attacks in a row from Silver!
  • 30. KO Silver without stunning him!
  • 31. TKO Shadow in the first round!
  • 32. Knock down Shadow in the first 30 seconds of a round!
  • 33. KO Shadow with a Star Punch!
  • 34. KO Knuckles in the first round!
  • 35. Counterattack Knuckles 5 times in 1 round!
  • 36. Hit Knuckles 20 times without missing!
  • 37. Punch Solomon 5 times while the lights are off!
  • 38. KO Solomon without the lights flickering on!
  • 39. Defeat Solomon in the first round!
  • 40. Defeat Cura without letting her heal once!
  • 41. Knock Cura's stamina down to 1, let her heal, and then knock her down!
  • 42. TKO Cura in the first round!
  • 43. No hitting allowed! Just Survive a full round of Blitz in his darkness trigger mode!
  • 44. How fast are you? Defeat Blitz without the light on his Burst Gauntlets flashing!
  • 45. Defeat Blitz while starting with only half of your stamina!
  • 46. KO Graviga while only using Star Punches!
  • 47. Block 20 attacks in a row from Graviga!
  • 48. Hit Graviga with 5 star punches in one round!
  • 49. Defeat Frostbite without getting frozen!
  • 50. Let Frostbite knock you down and get up before the referee counts to 4!
  • 51. TKO Frostbite without taking damage!
  • 52. Beat Vector without punching off rhythm!
  • 53. Go a full round with Vector without taking damage!
  • 54. KO Vector without missing a punch!
  • 55. TKO Metal Sonic in the first round!
  • 56. KO Metal Sonic only using gut punches!
  • 57. KO Metal Sonic only using face punches!
  • 58. Defeat Soda Popinski without letting him drink soda!
  • 59. Knock Soda out od Soda Popinski's hand 3 times in one round.
  • 60. Knock down Soda Popinski less than 30 seconds after he gets up!
  • 61. Defeat Bald Bull with his stats doubled!
  • 62. Defeat Bald Bull with his stats tripled!
  • 63. TKO Bald Bull without taking damage!
  • 64. Dodge 30 attacks in a row from Mr. Sandman!
  • 65. Let Mr. Sandman KO you with his nighty night uppercut! Don't let him hit you with other attacks!
  • 66. Hit Mr. Sandman with 3 Star Punches in 1 round!
  • 67. Blazes Fire effect has been doubled! KO her before you burn until you fall down!
  • 68. Counterattack Blaze 5 times in 1 round!
  • 69. DRAW! Go all 3 rounds without hitting Blaze and without getting hit!
  • 70. KO E-123 Omega without getting hit by his bullets!
  • 71. Bombs only! Defeat Omega while he uses nothing but bombs!
  • 72. Block 35 attacks in a row from Omega!
  • 73. KO Super Sonic in the first round!
  • 74. TKO Super Sonic with a star punch!
  • 75. Dodge 40 attacks in a row from Super Sonic!
  • 76. Counterattack Hyper Sonic 5 times in the first round!
  • 77. Knock down Hyper Sonic in the first minute of a round!
  • 78. TKO Hyper Sonic without taking any damage!
  • 79. Defeat Little Mac without missing a punch!
  • 80. Defeat Little Mac only using gut punches!
  • 81. Defeat Little Mac with only half of your stamina!
  • 82. Make it to Round 3 with Mike Tyson!
  • 83. Dodge 50 attacks in a row from Mike Tyson!
  • 84. Defeat Mike Tyson without getting knocked down!
  • 85!!! ULTIMA CHALLENGE! In a boxing marathon, defeat Hyper Sonic, Little Mac, and Mike Tyson without getting KO'd!

Extra Missions

These missions work like Xbox achievements. You win them by completing certain tasks.

  • 86. Beat The Minor Circuit
  • 87. Beat The Chaos Circuit
  • 88. Beat The Major Circuit
  • 89. Beat The Fanon Circuit
  • 90. Beat The World Circuit
  • 91. Beat The Final Circuit
  • 92. Complete Career Mode
  • 93. Complete Title Defense Mode
  • 94. Complete Last Stand Mode
  • 95. Defeat Mike Tyson in a single battle
  • 96. Have 10 total hours of playtime
  • 97. Have 24 total hours of playtime
  • 98. Fight in 50 multiplayer fights
  • 99. Fight in 100 multiplayer fights
  • 100!!! Unlock and beat everything!



  • Solomon - Defeat him in Career Mode!
  • Cura - Defeat her in Career Mode!
  • Blitz - Defeat him in Career Mode!
  • Graviga - Defeat her in Career Mode!
  • Frostbite - Defeat him in Career Mode!

Customization Items

By default you are allowed to create Hedgehogs, Foxes, and Echidnas. You also start out with a few items that you can use for customization. These are the ones you can unlock!

  • Goggles pack! - Beat all 3 of the Egg Pawn missions
  • Shoes pack! - Beat all 3 of the Glass Joe missions
  • Boxing Gloves pack 1! - Beat all 3 of the Von Kaiser missions
  • Hair pack 1! - Beat all 3 of the Tails missions
  • Pants pack 1! - Beat all 3 Disco Kid missions
  • Cat! (Allows you to create a cat character) - Beat all 3 Amy missions
  • Quill pack 1! - Beat all 3 Sonic missions
  • Pants pack 2! - Beat all 3 King Hippo missions
  • Hat pack 1! - Beat all 3 Great Tiger missions
  • Quill pack 2! - Beat all 3 Silver missions
  • Final Quill pack! - Beat all 3 Shadow missions
  • Boxing Gloves pack 2! - Beat all 3 Knuckles missions
  • Solomon pack! (Features cool Solomon related accessories) - Beat all 3 Solomon missions
  • Cura pack! (Features cool Cura related accessories) - Beat all 3 Cura missions
  • Blitz pack! (Features cool Blitz related accessories) - Beat all 3 Blitz missions
  • Graviga pack! (Features cool Graviga related accessories) - Beat all 3 Graviga missions
  • Frostbite pack! (Features cool Frostbite related accessories) - Beat all 3 Frostbite missions.
  • Glasses pack! - Beat all 3 Vector missions
  • Pants pack 3! - Beat all 3 Metal Sonic missions
  • Shirt pack! - Beat all 3 Soda Popinski missions
  • Bird! (Allows you to create a bird character) - Beat all 3 Bald Bull missions
  • Hair pack 2! - Beat all 3 Mr. Sandman missions
  • Final pants pack! - Beat all 3 Blaze missions
  • Shiny Chains pack! - Beat all 3 Omega missions
  • Hat pack 2! - Beat all 3 Super Sonic missions
  • Final Hat pack! - Beat all 3 Hyper Sonic missions
  • Final Hair pack! - Beat all 3 Little Mac missions
  • Final Boxing gloves pack! - Beat all 3 Mike Tyson missions
  • Ultima pack! (Features gold versions of every single customization iten) - Beat mission 85
  • Wolf! (Allows you to create a Wolf character) - Defeat Blitz in Career and Title Defense Mode
  • Lion! (Allows you to create a lion character) - Win 50 fights on Wi-Fi
  • Demon! (Allows you to create a demon character) - Complete missions 1-99


  • Cutscenes - Unlock each cutscene after you watch it in Career Mode, Title Defense, or Last Stand!
  • E3 Trailer - Win your first fight
  • Ending - Complete Last Stand!
  • The Making of! Behind the scenes! - Complete all the normal missions!


  • Title Defense - Beat Career Mode
  • Last Stand - Beat Career Mode and Title Defense

Badges and Belts

  • Minor Belt - Beat the Minor Circuit
  • Chaos Belt - Brat the Chaos Circuit
  • Major Belt - Beat the Major Circuit
  • Fanon Belt - Beat the Fanon Circuit
  • World Belt - Beat the World Circuit
  • Final Belt - Beat the Final Circuit
  • Lightweight Badge - Win 25 matches
  • Heavyweight Badge - Win 50 matches
  • Champion Badge - Win 100 matches
  • Grand Boxing Legend Badge (100% Badge) - Unlock Everything and beat the game 100%


Your profile is where you can view...

  • Win/Lose record
  • Total Battles
  • Total Punches given to an opponent
  • Total Punches taken from an opponent
  • Total KO's
  • Total TKO's
  • Total KO'd
  • Total TKO'd
  • Profile Name
  • Created Characters
  • Championship Belts
  • Total Play Time
  • Leaderboards
  • 100% Badge (Unlocked when the game is completed 100%)


Aggregator Score
Eurogamer 8/10
GameRadar 8/10
IGN 8.5/10
Electronic Gaming Monthly 9/10
Famitsu 30/40
Game Trailers 9.1
Yahoo! Games 4/5
Gamespot 8.5/10
Nintendo Power 8.5/10
1 UP A
Gamerankings 85.10%

SUPER Fanon Punch Out! has gotten impressive reception. IGN gave it an 8.5 saying "The smooth gameplay, and unique styalized look proves that you don't need realistic graphics to have a good game."

Game Trailers gave it a 9.1 saying "The huge amount of variety when it comes to characters and customization options makes it a delight to play over and over until you finally unlock everything there is to unlock. But the lack of story keeps it from getting a perfect 10"

The game sold extremely well in Japan and North America. It sold the best in Europe. However the sales were average in Australia.

The fans love it as well saying things like. It was as great as the Punch Out! for Nintendo Wii but this adds a lot more to the fun with much more boxers and a lot more to do.


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