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Style is a tall Nightopian, with purple, pink and yellow jumpsuit that is made with love and tender care as he thinks it was. His hair is the same as Sonic The Hedgehog's hair, but he has purple flicks at the back forming a Shadow the Hedgehog hair style. He weighs 80 Kilos (very slim and tall). His height is 7.5 foot. Eye colour is dark purple with a hint of pink. Also he wears gloves that are whiter then snow and very fluffy.

From the Sonic World

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Character Friendships


Style has been friends with Big, for 5 years now. How they became friends, well it all started in Emerald Beach; When Style was sitting down by beach eating, until Froggy came next to him, then it hopped away. Style chased it for hours and hours, until Froggy hit a dead end. Suddenly Big, came rushing by to Style, thanking him so many times. Style

didn’t want anything in return, but Big wanted Style to be him to be another friend. Ever since then Big has been like a body guard for him. Style is a bit shocked at times, but he still loves the big guy. Big and Style always hang out all the time in Cloudy Domain or having lunch in Big’s new house. Style built his house where Big lived before. Big replayed he by giving him a Chaos Emerald, Style was glad that he was the first Nightopian to have one. Well until now they have been best friends.


Style first met Cream at a party, in Station Square. Cream was trying to find Chees the Chao while the party was going. Luckily Style found Cheese in the cream tub eating the cream. Cream was very grateful for what he did. So she invited him to join “Team Rose”. Style was going to join the group but had to stay at his work in Cloudy Domain. But Cream

Cream & Cheese
wanted him to join so bad, that she went with Big and Amy to Cloudy Domain and they all can work together. As on another note Cream works with Style in the lost and found floor. She helps Style all the time until she has gave all the lost items to their owner. Cream hangs with Style only on weekends, with Cheese. They always talk about art, music and games. Although Cream is younger then Style he takes her to lots of places so they can explore the different world of the games.


Style has dated Rouge when he was only 16, they dated for 7 months. Style was very good to her, let alone having her working late nights, which made him think was she cheating on him, or going away forever. They broke up in station

square, in the cold rainy alley. Rouge was not sad that she had broken with him, but Style took it hard, causing him to gain weight for a few months and lost it in a few months. Rouge had to take him and talk it out. Style didn’t to. She wanted to make him happy again, because he often said to himself if “If I don’t talk now I will be upset for the rest of my life” After the big talk they remain great friends and leave the past behind them. Sometimes Style helps Rouge with the hot secret missions in the dark Mystic Ruins so Rouge can get what she wants. But Style doesn’t know what she is actually finding and wanting?


Style is not very fond of him. Knuckles treats him like crap but he is still his friend. They first met on Emerald Island when Cream and Style visited the Master Emerald and Style wanted to touch it. Knuckles in a fast leap battled Style

until one would fall, Style got badly injured and Knuckles was sorry of what he had done. Style wasn’t his friend for months after that fight. But Style came to his senses and forgave. Knuckles has sworn to protect him when he was with him. But in Total Fanon World Tour they are on different teams. They talk sometimes, but not for long, because Knuckles gets voted out way before the merge team.

Favourite Places From The Sonic World


At the start of the gate to go into this world the left wall begins to close in, and the Style must rush through the
flooded passageways to avoid getting crushed. Another significant feature of Hydrocity Zone is the extensive blue sluices that transport the player around the level. Some of these sluices are preceded by a spinning wheel with a hand to hold the player in place, allowing high-speed travel along them. After that he can go into the heart of the place. He loves to help the people get along and make the place run its best.


Style has only 1 reason to go to Spagonia, to find his brother Shadow. As well as him, he visits the bakery because he loves the pies, bread and other foods. He goes there at night mostly to guard the buildings for Dark Cosmo creature that have been left behind when shadow left Style and his brothers. He can guard for hours upon end, until he is tired to go back home. Also he runs the pie contest once every 6 months, along Big and Cream they are the 3 judges to judge each pie and have a winner. Also it’s a where he can write his stories and publish them to the world.


This beach hang out is where Style, Cream, Big and Knuckles all hang out when they are together. They play

501160-emerald coast 4
volleyball, tennis, table tennis and race relays. They plan a day every 2 weeks, and sometimes they do it when it’s raining. When Style is not with them, Style takes Cream and they both explore the beach or coast. There are times that they find gold, animals that are hurt or maybe if they are lucky a Chaos Emerald. Style likes going to the hotel there too, because of the chao garden on the top floor.


This place is where Style goes to find Chaos. He has read books about him, and has even seen him in real life. But

Mystic Ruins 2
other than that, he visits the calm cool sea, to swim, and play water volleyball, with his brothers (except Shadow). He often explores for Chaos Emeralds when have the time to look. He brings his work and does it there sometimes as well. This place was in Total Fanon World Tour when they have to find Chaos and take the Emeralds of him, but his lost. Style does have his moments here, when he almost got eaten by a dragon, but doesn’t know who it got there.


This amazing race track is where Style and his 8 brothers (even Shadow) race for the title of King Brother. King

Brother is when the brother gets what he wants for the year, until the next race. 3 laps will give the winner. So far Style has won 2 twice, and he got everything he wanted. He also visits the track, to fix any faults on the track, to make sure it is alright. He has is neon plane pod, that can transform into a car, plane and boat. Also he races in the track with Cream and Big so they can train. 

Foes From The Sonic Wolrd


Style hates Him so much, because, He and Red killed Style’s parents when Style and his brothers were infants. He

wanted to put Dr.Eggman away for life, but he needs all the help he can get. He has met him a few times, when he was dating Rouge. He battles Dr.Eggman in Total Fanon World Tour in “Castle Hustle”. He was going to get rid of him and the rest of the campers.


Style has met Chaos only once, but it was not good, he attacked him. Nearly killed, but he escaped, very lucky to be

Collab chaos zero by leopardlynx-d40p0cf
alive, but he has only seen him when he was chaos 4, but with Style Chaos Emerald Chaos wants it. Apparently Style has to find the other 2 so Chaos won’t get it, but He needs help from Cream, and Rouge (cos they like fly). Chaos has tried to get Style at his home in Cloudy Domain, but Style has got every dragon to fight him off, but how long will Style go before he gets tired?.


Shadow has met Style with his brother Shadow the Nightopian, (when he was with Style). They became instant rivals.

Due to his brother, when he met Shadow (the hedgehog) Style hates him so much, because of what he done to the dome in Cloudy Domain. He destroyed it, so Style had to get his brothers and rebuild it. But Style wants to make up for everything. But he is scared of what Shadow will do to him, if they met again.

About himself

Below here will show is personality of him self and towards his 8 brothers. Then history, power, special abilities. His time on Total Fanon World Tour.


This Nightopian is very nice, would not hurt a fly. As he was tampered with and spoken about he turns a blind eye on it, as well with little minor things. But when angry he is the meanest person alive. He will put that person in jail or give a bad beating to how much the other person has hurt him. Towards his 8 brothers, he has a little something with each of them.


He and Style are very good, they served in the Graveyard War back in 2010. They share the same interests and hobbies, for example Racing, Painting and Exploring


Style doesn't really hang with Switch, he never has time for him due to his sarcasm and pranks from him. Style likes pranks but not his one. He also hates that he thinks that he is always right and Style is. In the past they have has past fights.


Kuto was the one born after Style: He calls Kuto the "next leap". Because he hates been call that. Although they fight on a daily basic, with silly topics, but in the end, they are family and Style has to see that. Also he was grateful when Kuto appeared in Total Fanon World Tour, as a came to support Style.


Style does not talk much to Manic, because he always avoids him because what he did to his friends on his 15th birthday, by setting fire to the house, because he saw something lucky? Style quickly cooled them down without getting them getting hurt. So Style does not talk to him like ever.


Between theses 2 they are close, but not like Crater and Style. They hang quite a bit, and they love hanging with their brothers, play board games on board game night. As well as they he works with Style in the cloudy Domain


Cropzo is a very funny guy towards Style, he makes him laugh, well they both make each other laugh. Style likes him a lot. They always talk, hang out, and to lots of other dangerous stuff with them, He sees him a very good brother.


Style doesn't see Shadow much, Due to Shadow going his quest for the "orb chie". Style has little knowledge of him. He doesn't speak of him because he doesn't know that he is a brother to him. He is very upset because he doesn't see him.


Style sees him sometimes, due to Wikimen living on the other side of the world. But Style is very happy for him because he has a family, while the rest of them, even Style. Style sees him as the smart brother. Who knows who to deal with anything that pops up for him.


It started out with his mother and father giving them down to Bianca (From Spyro) to look out for them, due to Red (Also from Spyro) killing them after, the parents dropped them off at Bianca's house. The brothers have been scared of Red for many years, except Style. He has sworn that he will met Red and Fight. But after 16 long years the brother split and went their ways, living in a separate game world...

  • Style (Cloudy Domain)
  • Crater (Icy Wilderness)
  • Switch (Hydrocity)
  • Kuto (Space Port 9)
  • Manic (N.Sanity Island)
  • Solac (Charmed Ridge)
  • Shadow (Spagonia)
  • Wikimen (Temple Trouble)

He visits them as much as possible, except for Shadow because he done to him.


His Powers are quite dangerous if he does not use the well. He has Ice, Fire and Dark. He can use them whenever there is trouble, but for that he uses Ice and Fire. For the dark power, he does not know what to do with it.

Special Abilities

Stamina 10
Attack 10
Defense 9
Speed 9
Reflexes 10
Magic 10
Psyche 8
Intellect 10
Turn 9
Heal 10
Total 95/100
  • Time Leap: He can jump through space and time to get a further place
  • Flight: As he can already fly on his on he can walk as well.
  • Spell Works: He is currently learning new spells for his Spell Book

Total Fanon World Tour

Style was a contestant for the season, His team was not the best to him, but he went far. He made friends with Koopa, Heather, Knuckles and Gwen and even scored a kiss from Jo as well as be her boyfriend. In the end he came 6th. He was very happy he came past the merge team. But he might get in the next season.


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