Sonic The Hedgehog: Return of Maria is a game where Maria returns as a hedgehog. If this were real, it would be on GameCube, PS2, Xbox360 and Wii.


A new hedgehog has appeared in Mobius, everyone wants to find out if she's either good or bad. Sonic and Knuckles go together to find her, Shadow teams up with the new hedgehog and Eggman and Metal Sonic plan to turn her onto his side.

Sonic & Knuckles' Story

Sonic and Knuckles travel to stop Eggman from getting to the new hedgehog. They destroy the robots while pursuing Eggman.

Shadow & Maria's Story

Shadow finds Maria and realizes it is the Maria who he was with on the ARK 50 years ago. He takes her around the places, trying to avoid Eggman's plan to capture Maria.

Eggman & MS's Story

Eggman heard about the new hedgehog and wanted to use her for his plans. He sends out MS to find Maria, but will he finish the mission?

Final Story

Eggman managed to capture Maria, and installed a controlling device on her. Shadow was shocked and refused to fight Maria. But when Knuckles said it was the only way to save her, Shadow managed to face her. Maria makes Mobius a wreck, and both her and MS fuse together. Shadow and Sonic go super, while Knuckles goes hyper to fight Metal Maria. Will the team defeat Metal Maria and turn Maria to normal?

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