The SST Show is a show/game that User:Puppy1, his sister, cousin and sometimes his Brother play. it will also become a youtube series.


The plot is basic: Sonic and Shadow live together 'cuz neither one can afford a home alone, tails is crazy and makes hair tonics that turn people bald, Knuckles is just a crazy guy they know. sometimes the story is based off of games some aren't.

Running gags

  • Shadow and Sonic turn bald because of tails.
  • Tails eats sonic and shadows girlfriends.




  • Rouge the Bat - a crazy lady who pees in bushes and is only somewhat sane.
  • Fox - the cool version of tails. tails' cousin. note: he is Fox Mcloud for the star fox series.
  • SoulTails - tails' cousin. he is naruto and tails mixed together.
  • Hippie cow - a wise-ish cow hippie who helps sonic and shadow.

Episode list

  • Movie-ing
    • Sonic and shadow get to there new house only to find its horrible. they meet there neighbor, tails, and drink his hair tonic, they go bald. they meet knuckles.....he trys to kill them. they meet amy and cassie then ask them out.
  • Date night
    • Sonic and shadow go to dinner with cassie and amy....the problem? shadow laughs at EVERYTHING cassie says and Sonic runs to the bathroom when ever amy says his name or talks to him. hippie cow helps them because he is "the date master", they have a good evening.


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