As the result of a Chaos Control gone wrong; a rift is sent through space and time, landing many Heroes and Villains in a mysterious Dimension known only as the X Zone. The Chaos that ensues can certainly not be controlled.

Included Characters

Hero Teams:

Team 1:

  • Sonic
  • Samus

Team 2:

  • Mario
  • Luigi

Team 3:

  • Link
  • Zelda

Team 4:

  • Mega Man 
  • Mega Man X

Team 5:

  • Captain Falcon
  • Star Fox

Team 6:

  • Pikachu
  • Mewtwo

Team 7:

  • Kirby
  • Meta Knight

Team 8:

  • Yoshi
  • R.O.B

Villain Teams:

Team 1:

  • Dark Samus 
  • Ridley

Team 2:

  • Bowser
  • Ganondorf

Team 3:

  • Eggman 
  • Dr Wily

Team 4:

  • Star Wolf 
  • Bass


12: 34 PM. Green Hill Zone. Earth.

Sonic ran along a hillside; avoiding the explosions that resulted from Missiles being fired by Dr Eggman. Sonic jumped over a burning bridge and spun around. A Missile heading straight for him. He gave a sly grin as it sped towards him. Putting his foot on the Missile as he ducked under it; Sonic flipped it around and began to air-surf, zooming about left and right, up down and all around, he jumped off it and let it explode behind him.

"Yahoo! Yeah! All right." Sonic exclaimed, with a cocky grin upon his face.

Eggman growled and slammed his fist upon his Egg Mobile. "Why can't you just stand still!?" Eggman shouted. Sonic folded his arms and gave him a 'seriously?' look. "Grr... Pesky little Hedgehog." Eggman growled. Sonic ran in place with his feet in a figure-8 motion while he looked at Eggman with a grin.

"You're too slow!" Sonic taunted.

Eggman threw a tantrum and slammed his fist down upon a red button. A barrage of Missiles were sent rocketing towards Sonic, who instantly stopped grinning and taunting. "Oh oh..." Sonic muttered. Samus jumped at Sonic and the two landed behind cover. Explosions battering the area. "Phew... Thanks Sammy." Sonic sighed.

"Anytime." Samus replied, configuring her Arm Cannon to Missile mode.

"I hate that Hedgehog!" Eggman growled, tugging at his Mustache and banging his Head on his Egg Mobile. "He is such a pesky little Hedgehog!" Eggman continued. An explosion rocketed the Egg Mobile and he fell backwards.

"Hey... He's my pesky little Hedgehog." Samus interrupted.

"Urrgh... You are an annoyance as well!" Eggman berated. Samus shrugged. "Gyaah! All Missiles fire!" Eggman ordered. Sonic jumped in front of Samus and used the 'Sonic Wind' move to deflect all of the Missiles, sending them away from the couple. Sonic gave Samus a thumbs up. "To plan B then!" Eggman announced. He flipped a switch and all of the Chaos Emeralds popped out from his Egg Mobile. "With these i will finally destroy you!" Eggman exclaimed.

"Oh, oh. This won't be good." Sonic sighed.

The Chaos Emeralds floated around the Egg Mobile. Eggman laughing like a mad man, until he started coughing. "Hurgh... Hum...Sorry about that." Eggman spoke. Sonic shrugged. "Anyway..." Eggman grinned as Sonic ran forwards. Sonic jumped up and they shouted at the same time...

"Chaos Control!"

Chapter 1

Unknown location. X Zone.

Sonic awoke from his unconsciousness and pulled himself up, looking around at his surroundings. It sure wasn't Green Hill Zone. "Urrgh... Where am i?" He pondered. The grass was green like Green Hill Zone, but it was a flat field with rocks here and there. Sonic looked up. A clear blue sky. "Huh... Looks like Home at least..." Sonic muttered. He was alone. "Samus...? Samus? Samus!? Are you around!?" He called out. There was no reply. "Where is she?" Sonic mumbled. He sighed. "She can't be far..." Sonic spoke. He noticed fire and smoke in the distance and set off at light speed.

He arrived at the scene. Samus wasn't around but he had discovered the source of the fire... The Halberd. It was trashed and in multiple pieces. The impact crater was huge. "This seems familiar..." Sonic pondered. "I better check if anyone is in there." Sonic continued. He rushed inside.

He made his way through the wrecked corridors of the ship; climbing up an elevator shaft, and spin dashing through a vent. Nearly every light was broken, making it hard to see. Sonic stumbled upon the broken remains of R.O.B. "Oh no... Poor guy..." Sonic mumbled. He bowed his head in sorrow before moving on. A blue liquid dripped from a vent behind him and two purple eyes focused on Sonic. Fangs shone in the dark. Sonic looked behind him but saw nothing but darkness. He broke down a rusted door and entered a storage room. Walking along; Sonic found a Torch on a workbench, he attempted to turn it on but it seemed hopeless at first. Eventually he managed to get it to turn on. "Phew... This could help." Sonic spoke.

There was a bang from outside and Sonic was startled, nearly dropping the Torch. He heard a hissing sound, followed by a soft moan. "What in the world... That can't be good..." Sonic trembled. He felt a cold breeze in the room, sending a chill down his spine. Then he felt like hands were grabbing him. He was in a state of shock and couldn't move. He heard a moan in his right ear and felt the hands wrap around his chest. He tried to run but was held in place. The torch malfunctioned.

"How i missed you..." A voice purred.

Sonic was trembling in fear. He felt one of the hands move along his neck. Then the fangs pierced his neck and he groaned in pain, his vision becoming distorted and gaining a blue tint. He fell to the ground, uncouncious, as his eyes turned purple.

Chapter 2

Unknown location. X Zone.

Samus pulled herself up from the ground and looked around. It seemed like she was in a Canyon. Her Power Suit was operating fine though. "It seems as if the Chaos Control has warped us to an unknown location... Wait, Sonic's no where to be seen. That can't be good..." Samus spoke. "I better find him before trouble does." She followed up. She walked along, staying vigilant for any sign of danger. She wasn't picking up any readings that suggested he was about. Samus came to a halt when there was the sound of footsteps around the area. She caustiously looked around until she was sure she couldn't see anything...

Bowser's fire breath blindsided Samus, hurling her into a wall. Bowser roared as Samus stumbled back up and got in his way. She fired a Missile but Bowser hid in his shell to protect himself. He jumped back out and spewed some fireballs; Samus evaded them and rushed up to Bowser, who wacked her away with his tail. He ignored her and then continued to run through the Canyon. He wasn't following Samus, he was running from something!

"Urrgh... Get back here..." Samus groaned. She got up and proceeded to run after him.

Bowser evaded the Missiles that was being fired at him by Samus. He looked back and roared in anger. Samus continued to shoot at him. Bowser spewed his fire breath, destroying the Missiles. A laser blast hit him in the face. He growled in frustration.

"Cut that out!" Bowser ordered.

Samus shot him again. "You attacked me!" Samus snapped.

"You were in my way!"  Bowser retorted. He fell down a slope that he had failed to notice. Samus jumped down after him. She landed and shot Bowser when he tried to get up. A bunch of X-Koopas (Koopa Troopers with red eyes; spikes on their grey shells, and black scales/skin, with razor sharp teeth) appeared at the top of the slope.

"Friends of yours...?" Samus asked.

"Nope..." Bowser replied.

Chapter 3

The X-Koopas growled at their prey below, bearing their teeth and flexing their claws. Bowser stumbled back up and roared at the X-Koopas. Samus prepared for them to strike. Then a sword blade pierced through the chest of one of the X-Koopas; followed by a fireball that blasted another of the edge, Bowser had took the opportunity to sneak off, Link and Mario were fighting the confused X-Koopas. Samus fired a missile that blasted three of the X-Koopas away.

"Long time, no see." Samus spoke. She shot an X-Koopa behind Mario.

The two finished the last X-Koopa before jumping down to Samus. Link sheathed the Master Sword and nodded. Mario tipped his Cap.

"Hello, Miss-a Aran. Long time-a, no-a see." Mario greeted.

"Sure has been Mario. You too Link." Samus replied. Link nodded. "Still have mutism?" Samus smiled. Link just shrugged. "It-a seems we are all-a stuck here. Wherever here-a is." Mario spoke. "You mean you were effected by the Chaos Control too?" Samus inquired. "Chaos Control...?" Mario asked. "Sonic will explain... Have you seen Sonic? I'm worried sick about him." Samus replied. "Why is that, Miss-a Aran?" Mario inquired. "Well... Me and Sonic... We're together." Samus answered. Mario was confused. "We're a couple." Samus followed up. Link choked on the Milk he was drinking.

"What!?" Link exclaimed.

"We're a couple." Samus stated again. "How the... How!? When!?" Link replied. "Long story buddy..." Samus spoke. "I'm-a happy for you, Miss-a Aran. I'm-a glad you found-a someone." Mario interjected. "Thanks Mario, i always saw you as a big brother." Samus replied. "We-a all one big family! Now where's-a Luigi?" Mario spoke. "We'll find him... I bet a lot of People are here..." Link responded.

Chapter 4

Unknown location. X Zone.

An X-Space Pirate (A Space Pirate with red eyes and grey skin) crashed to the ground, dead. Mewtwo threw a second X-Space Pirate into a tree. Pikachu electrocuted a 3rd that had snuck up on Mewtwo. Mewtwo blasted the X-Space Pirate with an energy blast, sending it into a 4th X-space Pirate. Luigi looked out from the tree. Mewtwo folded his arms and looked into the distance. Pikachu jumped around Luigi. Luigi gave a small smile. Two more X-Space Pirates jumped out, lunging at them. Mewtwo teleported before them and kicked them into the air; jumped up, kicked one of them and tail whipped the other, then grabbed them both and threw them to the ground. Mewtwo teleported to the ground. The 2nd X-Space Pirate tried to grab Mewtwo's leg but was stomped on and kicked through a rock. Luigi gave a thumbs up. Mewtwo let out a humph and looked into the distance again. Luigi scratched his head and looked at Pikachu. Pikachu shrugged. Mewtwo noticed a fire in the distance, his eyes narrowing, he nodded to the others. They set off.

Chapter 5

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