SR-4X are Dr. Eggman's new robots in the game Sonic Shockwave Riders.


SR-4X are a new series of high-tech robots created by Dr. Eggman to hunt down the Shockwave Keys. Their main colour is dark blue and black with Eggman Empire's symbols stamped on them. The robots transform from anthropoid robots to motobike machines, enabling them to move at very high speed on ground. While on their anthropoid form, the robots have a head like a biker's helmet, no eyes, mouth or any human characteristics. They have a humanoid mechanical torso, arms and legs similar to the SCR-GP series (Sonic Riders Zero Gravity). Their back is equiped with battery like machine with is useful for their transformation. The robots can altrenate their form into motorbike robots. They bend a little, bond their hands and a gyromite-like machine appears. They bend forward until they reach the ground and they transform to a motobike. Their arms equiped with the gyromite become the front wheel and their legs become the back wheel. While on their motorbike form they are able to perform multiple attacks such as shooting missles, beams etc.

Role in the game

Eggman using state of the art technology creates a series of new robots to help him obtain the Shockwave Keys and track down the mythical Babylon Gardens. They are constantly after the heroes and appear in most stages in the story in the

Tron light cycle 5 cd gallery.jpg

game as filler-ups, similar to the E-10000 series in Sonic Riders.


  • The cycles from TRON:Legacy were their prime source of inspiration.
  • Their name stands for Sonic Riders-4, the fourth installment of the series.
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