SPOF Fighters is a miniature group of GUN. S.P.O.F according to the Leader means Speed, Power, Others, and Flight. This team has been around for a long time.

Why was Created

The SPOF Fighters was created when the Promised day occured. When Nerisaga the hedgehog was a teenager she formed a group called the the accident sparks. A few years later the group became bigger and bigger, Later when Hollyella the fox was in command she turned it into the S.P.O.F Agency. The S.P.O.F Agency were always meant for good until the death of Selenia the Porcuidna caused by King Jackson the hedgehog. King Jackson turned the S.P.O.F Agency into an evil force meant in order to enslave people. After the King's sudden disappearance caused by Annamaria's Mother and Selenia's Aunt, SPOF Agency has been extinct and destroyed since.

To this day, The Agency has been working hard by trying to revive their lost agents from King Jackson's horrible rage and destructiveness. Selenia and her family works hard on rebuilding this amazing group in order to rebuild Mobius's peace.


Here is the entire list of former and current leaders

Former Leaders



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