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Sonic The Hedgehog (AKA Sega's SONIC THE HEDGEHOG or SONIC The Hedgehog) (Known in Japan as ソニック!世界の英雄 Sonikku! Sekai No Eiyū, Translated as Sonic! Hero Of The World) Is a fictional TV show created by Ian Jones-Quartey, Rebecca Sugar, and Sonic Team.


The show takes place in the year 2053, where a major discovery in technology changed technology forever, causing a large advance. Station Square, one of the most popular cities in the world is constantly bombarded by creatures, and an evil scientist named Dr. Eggman. When the police force gets taken out by a large lizard robot made by the scientist, 12-year-old prodigy Chris Thorndyke comes up with a portal to send the creature away. Instead, he manages to create a portal to an about-to-explode Mobius. The portal glitches, and all of Mobius' residents get blown to various parts of the world, except for three. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Together, they form Team Sonic, and take the monster out.

The rest of the show involves Team Sonic saving the day, and helping people out, as well as finding all of the residents and befriending some new ones, while keeping Eggman at bay.

Character Summaries (Pages Soon)

Sonic The Hedgehog : A 14 year old hedgehog with the power to run faster than the speed of sound. He is naive, but is almost always open-minded about others. Will stop at nothing to make sure everyone, and if possible, EVERYTHING is saved. (Voiced by Jesse McCartney.)

Tails The Fox: An 8 year old, two-tailed fox with an IQ of 400. Being able to pilot a plane, several rockets, planes, boats, submarines, and despite not being tall enough on his own, he also knows how to drive a car. He used to be ashamed of his two tails. But after learning how to fly with them, he laughs when people make fun of them. He's very tactical, and is usually the first to learn about Eggman's plans if Chris doesn't learn about them first. He taught Sonic how to spin dash. (Voiced by Brianne Siddall.)

Knuckles The Echidna: A 16 year old Echidna with super strength. Don't let the fact that he's got brawn for years fool you, he's clever and pretty darn smart. He can usually tell when someone's making up a lie, and can sniff out plots quite easily. He's loaded with fighting factoids which he uses to his advantage. (Voiced by Steve Blum.)

Amy Rose: A 12 year old pink hedgehog who's usually optimistic, and the leader of the crime-fighting team Team Rose. She loves Sonic, and wants to start a relationship with him. Her general rule for being good friends with her is don't tick her off. (Voiced by Sandy Fox.)

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