Sonic Adventure is a Japanese anime film created by Sega Sonic Team™ and Toei Animation distributed by Funimation and was licensed by 20th century fox. The film has a running time of 100 minutes. The film was released September 10th 1999.


In the legendary past when chaos emeralds were first discovered, a tribe of echidnas known as the Knuckles Clan perished due to a God of destruction Perfect Chaos. 4000 years later 6 months after the defeat of Mewtwo, Dr.Eggman learns of the Legend of Perfect Chaos and decides to unleash. Him and Snively head towards Angel Island one night destroying the Master Emerald and freeing Chaos. This causes Angel Island to fall into the sea. Later in Station Square chaos causes destruction causing police attention to himself. Sonic arrives ato stop him when he turns into his solid state and enters the sewer. The next day Knuckles decides to look for the remaining pieces of the Master Emerald. Meanwhile Tails and Chris are trying out Tails Bi-plane when it crashes into Emerald beach. Sonic comes to their rescue when Tails shows Sonic his chaos emerald. The trio decide to head to Tails workshop in Mystic ruins when Eggman appears. He takes Tails emerald and feeds it to chaos who evolves each time a emerald is given to him. If Chaos collects all 7 emeralds he'll become a monster possibly destroying the planet. Sonic alerts the Freedom Fighters and they all begin searching for the chaos emeralds. Knuckles finds the first pieces of the Master Emerald when he is then taken back into the past. He sees the Knuckles clan in front of the Master Emerald shrine waiting to take the emeralds. Meanwhile Sonic Tails Chris and Sally get another emerald from Casinopolis. They encounter Snively who then sprays them with sleeping gas stealing the emerald. Knuckles wakes up from the flash back and sees Snively enter the Station Square hotel with a glowing object in his hand. Thinking it's the piece of the Master Emerald he follows him were he sees Eggman feeding Chaos another emerald. Knuckles pursues and spars with the monster. After tiring the monster Eggman tells Knuckles that Sonic is after the Master Emerald pieces. Sonic and the others wake up and realize Eggman stole the emerald. Eggman sends a series of robots thethe E-series to look for a frog with a chaos emerald. Sonic Tails and Chris head to Ice cap were they collect another emerald. While Knuckles finds another piece of the Master Emerald, he sees Sonic and fights him thinking he has the Master Emerald pieces. After the 2 clash they knock both emeralds from each other which ends up in the hands of Eggman. Eggman turns chaos into Chaos 4 his newest from fighting the group. After beating him Eggman escapes in his Egg carrier. Sonic Tails and Chris pursue him in Tails newest plane the X tornado. After flying across the ocean and destroying several of Eggmans minions Snively uses the cannon to blast the X tornados wing making the plane crash. While flying over Station Square a random flicky falls from the egg carrier and hits Amy Rose in the head who was shopping with Cream and cheese. Sonic wakes up in Emerald beach were he sees Amy Cream and cheese. Amy ask Sonic to help them find the birds home when E-series robot ZERO appears wanting to take the Flickr. Sonic and the others head into Twinkle park were he losses them. Tails wakes up in his workshop where he and Chris begin to reconstruct the X tornado. Sonic sees Sally were she was attacked by ZERO who kidnapped Amy and Cream. The e-series robots steal a large amount of frogs when Gamma collects the one with a tail. While retrieving the emerald he vanishes the rest of the robots whole Gamma stays. Sonic and Sally chase Zero into the Mystic ruins were Eggmans Egg carrier takes Zero along with Cream and Amy. Meanwhile Knuckles finds more pieces of the Master Emerald and is taking back to the past again. He then sees a mysterious girl who is worried about her father Pachamac the leader of the Knuckles Clan stealing the emeralds. He then arrives back on Angel Island putting together the remaining pieces of the Master Emerald. He then needs the final pieces which are on Eggmans Egg carrier. Sonic and Sally head to the Red mountains and see the Egg carrier heading away, Tails and Chris arrive in the X tornado and the group chases the Egg carrier. Knuckles gets on as well searching for the last pieces. Eggman sends Gamma to retrieve a chaos emerald from Amy's bird he ends up freeing them both. After returning the Egg carrier's altitude back to normal, Eggman arrives stealing the emerald from rhe flicky. He then sends Gamma to attack Sonic and the others while he goes to feed Chaos. Amy talks Sonic out of destroying the robot. Tails and the others leave the Egg carrier while Sonic goes after Eggman. He then uses thea emerald in froggy and his chaos emerald to turn Chaos into Chaos 6. Knuckles arrives and helps Sonic defeat Chaos 6. Sonic goes after Eggman asking Knuckles to take the X tornado back to Tails workshop. But Big the Cat takes the X tornado himself along with Froggy. While arriving back in Station Square, Eggman arrives setting a bomb in the middle of the city. Sally pursues him leading with Eggman taking Sally. Tails finds and defused the bomb making him a hero. Sonic lands in Mystic Ruins were he comes upon a ancient temple. He goes inside and sees a mural of a a ancient Sea monster. He is then taken back into time where he sees the same mysterious girl in Knuckles flash backs. Sonic leaves the Temple and sees Eggman with Sally heading to his base. Gamma realizes Eggmans evil and decides to free all the E-series robots by disarming them. Amy heads back to the Egg carrier to help the flicky find his family. Sonic finds Eggman inside the Egg viper which he destroys and frees Sally. Gamma destroys all but Beta which he finds out hes still on the Egg carrier. After arriving he sees Amy and Cream running away from ZERO. Gamma battles ZERO who is destroyed by BETA. BETA and Gamma battles and destroy each other. The remaining flickies happen to be the birds family and they reunite. Knuckles returns to restore the Master Emerald. After restoring the Island doesn't float like it used to. Knuckles encounters Eggman before being attacked by Chaos. Sonic and Tails go looking for the X tornado when they discover Knuckles and Eggman knocked out. Eggman wakes up telling them group that Chaos rebelled against him and is after the last chaos emerald. Sonic and Knuckles go in a flash back again. This time the tribe tramples over the mysterious girl and try to steal the emeralds from the shrine. Chaos appears in front of them causing them to disappear. They wake up and track the x tornado near the mystic river. They see the X tornado but no emerald inside. Chris arrives showing them the emerald when he falls. The Emerald is then taken by Chaos who has the final emerald. A mass flood causes destruction in Station Square leading to the revival of Perfect Chaos. Eggman uses the Egg carrier to kill Chaos but Perfect Chaos spits at the Egg carrier destroying it. Sonic and Knuckles battle Chaos at first but realize he is way too powerful. Then the mysterious girl arrives and reveals herself to be Tikal Pachamac's daughter. She then plans on sealing Chaos back into the Master Emerald but Sonic knew it wouldn't work since it would happen all over again. The Freedom Fighters along with Knuckles return with all 7 chaos emeralds. They concnelude that they need Sonic can use the positive energy of the emeralds to neutralize Chaos. Sonic then transforms into his super form and defeats Perfect Chaos. Chaos is then seen in his regular form more calm and happy. Tikal returns her and chaos back into the Master Emerald. Sonic then runs off to his next adventure.


·Jason Griffith-Sonic the Hedgehog

·Mike Pollock-Dr.Ivo Eggman Robotnik

·Amy Palant-Miles "Tails" Prower

·Veronica Taylor-Chris Thorndyke

·Dan Greene-Knuckles the Echidna

·Colleen Villard-Sally Acorn

·Lisa Ortiz-Amy Rose

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