SONIC: City-Fight'N
SONIC City Fight'N Round 2 logo 2
Created by
RedX Power
Founded by
Sonic/Team Evolution forums
Series run
February 2004 - July 2004, Revival: April 2014 - August 29, 2014
12 (fan-fic) characters
Tournament: 1st Round
6 matches
Round One: Bout #1
"Chelsea Lightnington" vs. "Irma the Hedgehog"
Round One: Bout #2
Series cancelled
Bout life span
30 days
Bout #1 results
Chelsea - [16] votes, Irma - [13] votes
Voting times
Once a week (viewers)
Bout #1 - Started/Ended
04/12/2014 - 05/12/2014
Bout #2 - Starts/Ends
Chelsea Lightnington
Irma the Hedgehog
Midori Lightnington -Fighter Card -06-

Card #06 - Chelsea Lightnington

Irma the Hedgehog -Fighter Card -10-

Card #10 - Irma the Hedgehog

"Square Off, Fans!"  Sonic: City-Fight'N (Fighting) is a fighting game construct where fan-made characters are chosen to compete against one another in the fight for all bragging rights to the claim of, Champion.  12 fighters are randomly selected by roster brackets and only 2 will compete at a time.  The deciding factor will come down to the results given by the viewers' votes; and only the character with the majority portion shall proceed on to the next round of the tournament.  Matches are active for at least one month on STEhq/DeviantArt and the viewers are eligable to vote once a week for their favorite fighter.  However the owners of the current competing fan characters are NOT allowed to vote.

History: Sonic: City-Fight'N / Round 1 (2004)

Coming soon.

Revival / Round 2 (2014)

Coming soon.

[Note:  Some fan-made characters from the original concept (Round 1) will return to play a specific cameo in the upcoming tournament.  Envy Kennotie and Fists the Echidna have been confirmed as part the returning cast.]


Before a fan character can be entered into the tournament, users must follow a distinct guideline to enable the opportunity to join in the fight, such as:

[1.]  Entries must have an background/story/origin that is viewable to everyone voting.

[Note: Additional information, like Skills, Abilities, Powers, etc. may enforce better chances of viewers voting on their character instead of the competition.]

[2.]  Users must supply an image of their character with application, complete image/s must be in full color.  Failure to meet this requirement may result in an immediate withdraw from entry.

[3.]  One fan character entry, per user.

[Update 04/12/2014:  Round 2 is now open, vote for the first bout of the new tournament by following the link below.]

SCF, R2: Chelsea vs. Irma - Voting status: Closed.

Results:  Chelsea Lightnington wins the bout with [16 votes] - Irma the Hedgehog loses with only [13 votes].


07. emotrainer4444 -------------------------- "Rex the Otter"
12. Wakeangel2001 -------------------------- "Angel the Dog"
03. EthixZami - ----------------------------------"Cervantes the wolf"
09. Camunon  ---------------------------------- "Static"
08. scourge1985 ------------------------------- "Shilvic the Hedgehog"
01. TheEggPie ---------------------------------- "Nero the Hedgehog"
02. JerseyBeats --------------------------------- "Jersey Mist"
04. ArtKing3000 --------------------------------- "X the Hedgehog"
11. dragonragekai ------------------------------- "Nitro the Hedgehog"
06. xMidori-Stars -------------------------------- "Chelsea Lightnington"
10. IrmaTH --------------------------------------- "Irma the Hedgehog"
05. RedX Power/STEhq --------------------------------------- TBA.


Series Update - 8/23/2014"Bout #2 of the contest is about to be pulled as the series is in jeopardy due to the massive failure of the first bout results. Support is in dire need to even get me excited to "lift a pen". Stay Tun'd."  This comment was left onboard RedX Power's profile section of his Deviantart page on Saturday, August 23, 2014.

Sonic: City-Fight'n, Round 2 was offically cancelled by RedX Power on August 29, 2014.


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