SONIC: Animated
SONIC Animated Logo HD 2014
Full title
Sonic the Hedgehog: the Animated Series
The "Backbone" Series / The New Age (2014)
Series run
September 22, 2007 - ongoing...
Series Concept
What if...?
Created by
RedX Power
Credited to
SEGA, Archie Comics, and many fan-made characters.
Here to save the day - Dual Lane
Crossover/alternate dimension
Sonic: Rangers [the Ultimate Crossover]
Crossover status

Sonic: Animated (concept) logo, from 2005 gallery.


Sonic: Animated (2nd concept) logo, from 2006 gallery.


Sonic: Animated logo, from Sept. 2007 - Sept. 2012

STH ANIMATED 5th Ani-versary 2012 LOGO w Sonic 3

Sonic: Animated - 5th Ani-versary logo. Sept. 2012 - Sept. 2013.

SONIC Rangers logo Text

Crossover title: Sonic Rangers, get it, eh? ;)

RedX Power's alternate Sonic the Hedgehog universe is nicknamed the "Backbone" series, where anything goes without hesitation. The series where all Sonic characters (SEGA, Archies, fan-made) have different paths outside of the actual video games, comics, and tv shows. This new approach (reboot) follows not only Sonic the Hedgehog, but also the Freedom Fighters in their journey to free Mobius (Earth 2) from the tyranny of the evil mastermind, Lord Robotnik and it's machine empire.


Hundreds of years later after the fallout of Earth One, a machine empire has corrupted the last remaining civilizations of the dying planet. In the awakening, a new hope was forged. Children were assembled to begin construction of a rebellious army to combat the evil that has taken their world prisoner. In their moment of great need, a young hero born on the outskirts of the dying earth, with the gift of supersonic speed found his way to the newly formed, Freedom Fighters. Together with the aid of Mobius's best such as Princess Sally Acorn, Rotor, Miles Tails Prower, and many others, Sonic the Hedgehog is here to save the day from the darkness and its corrupted overlord, Robotnik. Along the way, Sonic and his friends will race into old and new enemies, new worlds, a slew of new allies, and greater dangers filled with twist and turns that have never been encountered amongst any other genre.

[Plot 2: New Age]

In a daring attempt to rescue imprisoned Mobians from Robotnik's robotilization plants, Sonic ithe Hedgehog is captured and robotizied by the returning Lord Robotnik. In the process, Sonic has been transformed into the newest threat to Mobius called Metal Sonic. Suffering from their loss of a great ally, the Freedom Fighters look to Princess Sally, who must step up and make the toughest decision ever; and a new hero will rise to bring hope back to the dying earth. New allies will form, a greater Darkness will spawn; and heroes will fall. With Metal Sonic now serving alongside a roulette of enemies, the Freedom Fighters are in for a world of agonizing pain, as a row of well known originals are rumored to parish under the "ashes of a lit flame."


 Posted on 04/24/14: "As of right now, for the foreseeable future, I'm dropping out of the Sonic franchise in the terms of "art". I wanna expand my characters and give 'em more originality that I couldn't get under Sega's owned mascot (hinting at TE:SF). The future of the hit, Sonic: Animated gallery hasn't been decided upon as of yet; but it'll likely be on-going..." - RedX Power@DeviantArt

Crossover: Power Rangers

RedX Power has begun work on his first official cross series story for Sonic the Hedgehog (Animated). While the plot hole follows within the same strain of loops following Sonic: Animated, this genre will be from a separate timeline within an alternate dimension of the animated series. The working title is currently running (no pun intended) as Sonic: Rangers [the Ultimate Crossover]. Following the annoucement made on STEhq/DeviantArt, RedX has confirmed that you will NOT be seeing any Mobians dawning color spandex clothing (refering to various fan creations); rather, it's what you'll come to expect from the working title... a crossfire between Sonic's world and of the earth's most recognizable, super-heroic guardians, the Power Rangers.

Update 04/18/2014: "Hold your holsters, everyone... something has come to my attention, so I'm out." - RedX Power@DeviantArt

Changes have been made to RedX's page crossing out this "acid trip". Since the announcement was made, no further explanation was given to this point of the gallery's postponement.

Team Enforcers: Strike-Force

A new genre is in the works for RedX's DeviantArt page, taking away from the Sonic world; and moving ahead with what is considered yet another "What if..." project. The only reasons for the topic's existence here is for the inspiration to where this work's origin sided (Sonic); and that all of the character creations come from RedX's Sonic: Animated series of original concepts that are not fan drawings. "This will be my very first "draw away" construct.  In short, no Sonic, no Tails, no Knuckles... EGGMAN... SEGA, Archies, etc... oh, and nor fan characters will be involved with this title, outside of my "official" creations." - RedX Power.

Some of the other changes, separating this title from another Sonic the Hedgehog genre, is there will be no mention or existence of planet Mobius; and characters will be given complete names (if already not consist of such). While RedX's creations can't change who or what they are already, given by the Sonic: Animated genre, the usage of nicknames such as ... the Hedgehog, Echidna, Bat, Cat, Skunk, Dog, Frog, Human, etc. will not be used."It's clearly a well known, yet overused code to the characters of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, that I wanna stay far away from with my series." - RedX Power.


While the official launch date wasn't until September 22, 2007, the logo for this animated series went thru a spurt of changes dating back from the year 2005. However, construction with this series began with actual character concepts dating back one year earlier.

Theme Song

Here to save the day by, Dual Lane (2007)

Gotta call, time to move out

Gotta go fast cause there ain't no doubt

Try to stop and take a rest when everything's so freely clear.

Don't stop, just keep on moving, after all we're winning, not losing

Stick with me and you will see, the world that Mobius use to be.

Now it's my way or the highway, stick with me all the way.

Together we will save the day, cause hang on we'll make it all the way.

S...O...N...I...C, GO!

Go Sonic the Hedgehog, Go Sonic the Hedgehog

Go Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog's here to save the day.

Go Sonic the Hedgehog, Go Sonic the Hedgehog

Go Sonic, let's find the crystals, they'll help us guide our way.

Let's GO!

Yea, yea, yea, yea, yeeeeaaah!

S...O...N...I...C, GO!

Go Sonic the Hedgehog, Go Sonic the Hedgehog

Go Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog's here to save the day.

Tell all of Mobius to hang on, he's on his way, yea, yeeeeaaah!

Characters and other information

With 6 years in, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends have come by many supporting characters in their never ending fight to save Mobius from evil.  Here is a list of current characters, from old-to-new, fan-made -to- well known.

HEROES - Sonic the Hedgehog, Princess Sally Acorn, Miles Tails Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rogue the Bat, Rotor, Antoine, Shelly Thorne, Tikal, Espio the Chameleon, Vector the Crocodile, Charmy Bee, Big the Cat, Froggy, Dulcy the Dragon, Kaylee Silverknight, and Turquoise Neverlenn.

VILLAINS - Lord Robotnik, Snively the Great, Swat Bots, Hover Drones, King Boom Boo, Dark Oak and the Metarex, the dreaded Dragons, Chaos, Biolizard, Frostbite, Dr. EGGMAN, Captain: Stengleburg, Issac Razel, General: Galchum, Proto-XZ, Arson the Wolf, the Crystal Men, Morloch, Knightmare, the Darkness, Vile the Hedgehog, The Levelnator, and Metal Sonic.

ALLIES - The Freedom Fighters, Mikeela "Titan" Silverknight, Aurora Jones, Officer: Jonathon Jones, Elizabeth Jones, Professor: Donald Jones (Grandpa), Mina Mongoose, Delta-Four squadron, General: Knots, G.U.N., Stargazers, and Team Enforcers: Strike Force.

Recurring Plots - The (4) Crystals of Zentu, the (7) Chaos Emeralds, Super Emeralds, Master Emerald recovery, Chaos on Earth, Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Sonic the Werehog, the Cygonians, Overlanders (E2), the Metarex Invasion, Dragon storm, Robotnik's Machine Armada, and Operation: Iron-Stake.

Recurring Locations - Mobius (Earth 2), Robotropolis (Mobotropolis), Kintobor's palace, Knothole, Station Square, the dying earth (deserts), Angel Island, Deep Morlantic, the Bermuda Triangle, Omega Warship, G.U.N. headquarters, Jones residence, the EGG Carrier, Space Colony Ark, Ark of War, Dome of Doom, Planet Racers, and Robotnik's Robotization Plants.

"Unofficial" Toyline?

Animated series creator, RedX Power has announced plans of a short span project to bring some of his own characters into the action figure world. Clearly, to prevent any kinda uproar from Sega, Archies, Jazwares, and Tomy, drastic changes will have to be made. [For example: If the character and/or concept is owned by another, then it can't be made.] Therefore any actual characters (like Sonic or Sticks) cannot be released under this line without going thru a complete overhaul by design and name. The first release of this new construct will be of the long awaited Project: Freedom Leader 2 (Sally); and other future releases in such quantity will depend upon the results of this trial run.


Sonic ani 2004 concept

Sonic the Hedgehog (Animated concept), from 2004 gallery.

Character designs for the animated series began around the second quarter of 2004, here are a few samples dating from mid-2004 to late-2006.

Princess Sally Acorn (Animated concept), from 2004 gallery.

000 0562

Lord Robotnik (Animated concept), from 2005 gallery.


Amy and Sonic (Animated), from 2006 gallery.

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