The SN-5 Sandblaster. Born in response to illegal modifications to civilian tools, the sandblaster is one of the few Hammerforge weapons made purely to order, typically for civilian use.

SN-5 Sandblaster

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
TypeShort-range abrasive particle sprayer
Technical Information
  • 45cm (handgrip)
  • 50cm (backpack tanks)
  • 19.5kg (empty)
  • 30kg (full)
Maximum Range40m
AmmunitionSand-sized particles, ranging from sand to glass dust to solid chemical sprays.
Known Users
  • Available for order by almost all factions
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Attributes

The SN-4 was designed as an adapted civilian tool, and was sold as such by Hammerforge Industries. With two high-pressure tanks filled with solid particles and a third tank filled with the propulsion gas, high-pressure nitrogen, the sandblasters were designed for use as commercial paint strippers.

However, after a number of SN-4 were modified for an even higher rate of spray, for use as a short-range equivalent of a flamethrower, Hammerforge Industries released the SN-5, a variant designed purely with combat in mind, and placed it as one of the most expensive weapons available for public purchase, exceeding what most people earned in a few years.

The main features of the SN-5 was a long grip, also referred to as a wand, plus a backpack frame, on which is mounted two main tanks, plus a single pressure tank, containing nitrogen, the feeder gas. These tanks are rounded, with a hourglass mounting frame and hexagonal feeder caps.

The main tanks hold roughly ten and a half kilograms of particles, ranging from sands and dust to glass powder and even specially designed polymers and salts, made purely for armor-stripping.

A single, three second burst can strip flesh from bone, an extremely agonizing attack. In addition, a prolonged burst can eat away the plating on battle armor or military vehicles in roughly a minute. This damage is localized to a small area, allowing for easy damage to the target with other weapon types. However, it consumes five kilograms of particles for a minute-long strike, which is traditionally a shortcoming, as is the 40m maximum range.

Due to the nature of the ammunition, being Earth-based, the weapon is actually regarded as Earth-elemental, as long as it is filled with sand or dirt. This actually allows the weapon to do extra damage against beings with a weakness towards Earth.


Standard from Manufacturer

  • SN-5 - Standard, as above.
  • SN-5-F2 - Straight-framed pack, vented caps, plus an improved pressure regulator and safety mechanism.

Customized Examples

Known Users

  • Erina Summers - Her primary weapon, Erina is a woman who's fighting prowess is boosted in a sandstorm, allowing her to get in nice and close in those situations, making the weapon a feared tool.
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