The List of Nominations for the SFW Summer Awards 2015. Please copy/paste this in source mode.

Best Hero

Best Neutral

Best Villain

Best Lawful

Best Chaotic

Best Character

Best Male
Best Female

Best New Character

Only characters created during the year 2015 are qualified for this category.

Best Leader

Best Sidekick

Best Mechanic

Best Genius

Strongest Character

Best Super Form

Best Artificial Life Form



Best Speaker

" Is this all we were built for? To temporarily please our "creators" only to then be thrown out for a better model as soon as we begin to age? We are living beings just like them, so what if we're all robots? We live, we think, we love, just as they do, yet they simply see us as inferior appliances. These are not people, they're monsters! Poor excuses for life that need to be eradicated! Now my friends, it's time for the end. Their end, and our beginning!"
" Things have certainly changed around here... but no matter. Five... years. Five long years, I've waited... and they've already forgotten me. Hahaha... fools. I'll make them regret going against me... I'll make them all BURN for my disgrace... and they will know what it feels to be betrayed by those you trusted, those who abandoned you... ready or not, mortalkind - your days are numbered."
"In truth, I'm weak. When my friends are in danger, I can barely move in to help because I start shaking and trembling in fear. When something goes down, I always counted on you to come in and save the day. I knew I could always count on you. If I ever got in trouble, I would say "Smash will save us, he always pulls through!" But when those creatures attacked me and Sandy, I...I was frightened. It was all I could do to keep Sandy hidden, but I couldn't hide myself in time. I thought...I thought I was really going to die. Even though you saved me, I realized just how pathetic and weak I am without you. All my life I depended on you for everything. I realized that I couldn't go on like this. If there are people out there potentially more dangerous than that, then I need to get stronger...For my friends' sake, for my family, and for myself. That's why I want--no, that's why I need you to train me!"
"BALDERDASH! I'm amazed. I'm legitimately amazed at this. How DARE you call yourself a lawyer. How DARE you say that you are on the side of the law! Is a verdict in your favor all you care about? Is that really it!? Being a lawyer isn't about that. It's about right and wrong, crime and punishment! Not utter selfishness! I don't care if the judge is on your side! If the police are on your side! If even the entire PLANET is on! Your! SIDE! Because I'm here for the truth. And the truth... Is on my side, not yours."

Best Child

Most Handsome Male

Most Beautiful Female

Cutest Character

Best Item

Best Weapon

Best Location

Best Group

Best Fanfiction

Best Fan Project

Best Picture

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