This page features the moves of all unlockable characters in the upcoming fighting game SEGA vs. Capcom: Fighters of the Millennium. Characters who have previously appeared in a fighting game and therefore have their moveset retained from that game will not have their moveset written here, but only a brief description. Normal moves will not be listed here, only the special moves will be listed for each character.

Because of its very big size, the page is broken up into 3 parts, two of which contain 25 characters and one for the secret characters. Please click here and here for the rest characters.

Alex Kidd

How to Unlock: Find and defeat Alex Kidd in one of the squares in the second level of Fighters of the Millennium.
Alex kidd unlocked

While not evident in the picture, Alex Kidd sports the most radical redesign of all characters in the game. His attire gives him the appearance of a young prince. He wears a cape, a pair of black boots and blue with black garments. He has a small sword on his belt. His hair and pointy ears remain the same but his eyes are much smaller. He retains his small stature and childlike appearance, but is much more serious in tone; this being reflected by the fact that his voice is much more different and rarely speaks. He also doesn't smile. Alex Kidd has two additional costumes, one being a samurai and the other being his trademark jumpsuit from the original game.

In terms of gameplay, Alex Kidd possesses a system in which he may switch between 3 different modes of playing style in the middle of the fight. This mechanism is based on the Rock Paper Scissor technique, a recurrent element in the Alex Kidd games. Inputting a specific command special will enable Alex Kidd to enter that mode and will give him a completely new moveset. The three modes are Rock, Paper and Scissor. Rock mode provides Alex Kidd with an offense based moveset, specialized for close combat and melee strategy, increasing the power of his attacks but also slowing them down in the process. Paper does the opposite. It is designed for defense playing style and Alex Kidd's attacks become slightly weaker, but faster. Alex Kidd also becomes faster on foot and acquires a better aerial command list. Finally, Scissor is somewhat in the middle and Alex Kidd will usually start in this mode. In Scissor, Alex Kidd's attacks are average. His command specials involve him using multiple items as attacks such as his motorbike. In Scissor, Alex Kidd gains a command Special in which he can break through shields, sort of like "cutting" their defense, hence being named Scissor. Alex Kidd's Hyper Combos change depending on the moveset he's using. He possesses 3 level 1 Hyper Combos, one for each moveset plus a level 3 Hyper Combo, which may be activated during any of the three modes. Alex Kidd dashes forward and if the hit connects, he transforms into a variety of different Alex Kidd incarnations from different games that continously attack the opponent, until the screen closes as a book, which Alex Kidd places in a shelf.

All three modes

Move Name Input
Item Throw Atlas2+Attack h
Jankenpon Attack button+Exchange button to switch mode
Tales from Miracle World (Lv.3) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG

Scissor Mode

Move Name Input
Shinobi Slash Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light or Attack medium
Miracle Kick Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Miracle Wand AS S+Attack button (hits OTG)
Miracle Flash Airairair3AS QCB+Attack button
Sukopako Motorbike (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG

Rock Mode

Move Name Input
Miracle Punch Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Miracle Head-butt AS S+Attack button
Miracle Hug Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Miracle Blow Arcade Stick CBAS Right+Attack button
Hyper Miracle Punch (Lv.1) AS S+AA666DFRTG

Paper Mode

Move Name Input
Miracle Meteor Smash Airairair3AS QCB+Attack button (hits OTG)
Miracle Cloak AS S+Attack button
Stardust Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Miracle Jump Arcade Stick CDU+Attack button
Peticopter (Lv.1) Arcade Stick CDU+AA666DFRTG

Demitri Maximoff

How to Unlock: Find and defeat Demitri in one of the squares in the second level of Fighters of the Millennium.

He is the protagonist of the Darkstalkers series, though he is usually overshadowed by Morrigan, the de facto protagonist of the series. Maximoff's gameplay style remains true to that of the Darkstalkers series, having only minor improvements and adjustments.

Move Name Input
Hell Ride 2dd5+Attack medium orAttack h
Chaos Flare Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Demon Cradle AS S+Attack button can be performed during dash
Bat Spin Airairair3AS QCB+Attack button
Negative Stolen Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Midnight Bliss Arcade Stick RS+Attack button
Midnight Pleasure (Lv.1) AS S+AA666DFRTG
Demon Blast (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Darkside Master (Lv.3) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG

Dr. Eggman

How to Unlock: Perform a total of 350 Hyper Combo KO's using at least 50 different characters.
Eggman unlocked

Dr. Eggman does not fight directly. Instead, he pilots a mech called the Egg Drone, which is very similar to the one he used in the opening of Sonic Unleashed. Hence, his size makes him one of the larger, if not the largest character in the game. On the downside, this makes him an easy target. Nevertheless, he sports a very deadly moveset, consisting of a variety of projectiles, traps and close-range melee attacks. Eggman's most notable attack is Egg Satellite, which can be used repeatedly to swarm the field with small satellites. These hover above the field and remain there for more than 15 seconds, shooting laser beams at random. Depending on the control inputted, their beam can be directed but the time they shoot is not controlled by the player himself. However, the player may input a command to have the satellites shoot a different type of laser. Other traps Eggman can use are Egg Pawn, where he summons an Egg Pawn right in front of him, either to attack or defend himself.

As for his Hyper Combos, Dr. Eggman possesses 4 different ones. However, some can only be used under certain circumstances. Bumblebee Shot has him shooting a myriad of missiles at the opponent. The move doesn't last very long. His second one is Hyper Egg Beam. This is a Level 2 Hyper Combo in which Eggman presses a button on his cockpit that causes all the satellites on the field to assemble and shoot a powerful beam all together, together with 4 smaller ones, as they all rotate. The move works similarly to Full Blast, the Mii Gunner's Final Smash. Once the move finishes, the satellites go back to Dr. Eggman's mech. For this move to work, Eggman must have summoned a fair number of satellites on the field. The more he has, the stronger the attack becomes. Depending on the command inputted, the direction of the laser can be directed. Also, the player may decide weather the satellites will assemble to form one powerful beam or not. Eggman's second Level 1 Hyper Combo is Egg Emperor. It is a transformation in which Eggman summons his Egg Emperor and gains a completely new moveset. His size now becomes teh same as Galactus. His Level 3 Hyper Combo is Robotnik Rush. Eggman traps his opponent by summoning an army of Egg Pawns, then charges onto the player with a barrage of punches and kicks. Finally, he presses some buttons on his cockpit to summon the Egg Fleet from above and bombard the stage. Robotnik Rush has an alternative, for if the player is in his Egg Emperor form and activates Eggman's level 3 Hyper Combo, instead of summoning his Egg Fleet, Eggman will throw the opponent in the air and attack him with multiple slashes, followed by a powerful laser beam. This, together with Silver's Level 5 Hyper Combo, ChuChu Rocket's and Phoenix Wright's Level 3 Hyper Combos, is the most powerful Hyper Combo in the entire game. Dr. Eggman's theme is Scrambled Eggman.

Move Name Input
Electromagnetic Shocker AS Right+Attack medium
Egg Chainsaw AS Right+Attack h
Egg Missile Frt+Attack h
Meteor Smash Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack h
Light Beam Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
Egg Shot Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Glove Punch Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Egg Pawn (standing) Arcade Stick S+Attack light
Egg Pawn (running) Arcade Stick S+Attack medium
Egg Pawn (exploding) Arcade Stick S+Attack h
Egg Pawn (follows Eggman) Arcade Stick S+Exchange button
Egg Satellite (horizontal) Arcade Stick QCB+Attack light
Egg Satellite (45 degrees) Arcade Stick QCB+Attack medium
Egg Satellite (vertical) Arcade Stick QCB+Attack h
Egg Satellite (follows Eggman) Arcade Stick QCB+Exchange button
> Danger Ray Right Analog Stick to direct
Egg Arm Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Egg Bomb Arcade Stick RS+Attack button
Bumblebee Shot (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Hyper Egg Satellite (Lv.2) Arcade Stick QCB+AA666DFRTG during Egg Satellite
Egg Emperor (Lv.2) Qcd666+AA666DFRTG
March of the Emperor


Arcade Stick S+AA666DFRTG during Egg Emperor
Robotnik Rush (Lv.3) Arcade Stick S+AA666DFRTG


How to Unlock: Clear Arcade with Sakura with a score of 280000 or more.

Ichiro Ogami hails from Sakura Wars, a series very popular in Japan. Basically speaking, he is the protagonist of the series, though tends to be overshadowed by Sakura most of the time. Ichiro fights using his two swords. Most of his moves are taken from Project X Zone, with some major improvements and aesthetic changes. In contrast to the other swordfighters of the game, Ichiro possesses unique ability in which he can embed one of his swords to the ground and leave it there until he picks it up again. Ichiro can do this with both swords, but this leaves him open since he loses control of all his special commands. However, the swords also work barriers to the opponent. That is, if placed in a strategic way, they can hinder the opponent's game strategy or even prevent him from moving. Ichiro can then combo with some powerful attacks while the swords remain in such position. He also possesses a good number of projectiles and a decent aerial game. He is the fourth SEGA character to be unlocked. His theme is Main Theme of Sakura Wars.

Move Name Input
Falcon Dive Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick DR+Attack h
Double Sword Swipe Airairair3AS Right+Attack h
Double Sword Strike Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Resonance Pillar AS QCB+Attack button
Uranus X Maelstrom AS S+Attack light or Attack medium
Sword Tamer AS S+Attack h
Sword Discard Arcade Stick QCF+Exchange button
Sword Pick-up AS QCB+Exchange button
Bomb Atlas2+Attack h during Sword Discard
Gun Shot AS Right+Attack h during Sword Discard
Falcon Thrust Arcade Stick CBAS Right+Attack button
Beam of Fenrir (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Without Even Thinking! (Lv.1) Arcade Stick RS+AA666DFRTG
Kobu Showdown (Lv.3) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG


How to Unlock: Find and defeat Imca in one of the squares of the 3rd level in Fighters of the Millennium.
Imca unlocked

Imca is a character from the Valkyria Chronicles, having made her first appearance in Valkyria Chronicles 3, a game released exclusively in Japan. Imca is a heavyweight. She fights using Var, her gigantic weapon, which can be used as a sword, anti-tank gun, rifle, sniper and a machine-gun. Imca can also use Var to lock-on targets and fire at them by holding down the S button together with any of the other attack buttons and using the D-pad to move the cursor. Depending on the attack button inputted, Imca will fire at the opponent one of the previously mentioned arms. She cannot move as long as the attack buttons are pressed. Aside from her vast amount of firearms, Imca is very good in close combat. Her Spinning Var special allows her to infiltrate the opponent's zone and has multiple variants. In general, Imca does borrow some attacks from Project X Zone, where she was playable, but most of her attacks are original. In order to be unlocked, she must first be encountered and fought in one of the squares of the 3rd level of Fighters of the Millennium. She is the eighth SEGA character to be unlocked. Unlike most characters in the game, Imca does not have a Level 3 Hyper Combo.

Move Name Input
Beacon Dive Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack h
Killer Shot Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Spinning Var Airairair3AS S+Attack button
> Reverse Spin Arcade Modifier TapAttack h during Spinning Var
Advanced Power Charge Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button
Raging Var Arcade Stick CBAS Right+Attack button
Lock-On Hold Attack button+Exchange button + DPAD2 to control
> Gunner Arcade Modifier TapAttack light
> Rocket Arcade Modifier TapAttack medium
> Missile Arcade Modifier TapAttack h
Vengeful Assault (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
One Thousand Bullets (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCB+AA666DFRTG
War Commencement (Lv.1) AS S+AA666DFRTG

Jill Valentine

Main article: [[1]]
How to unlock: Clear Arcade with Chris,
Jill unlocked
Wesker and Nemesis on Normal difficulty or higher without using any Continues.

As in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Jill is a character focusing on close combat. Her moveset is identical to that of the aforementioned game. Jill now has a Millennium Hyper Combo with Chris and one with Wesker. Jill is the third Capcom character to be unlocked. Jill's theme is Theme of Jill Valentine.


Main article: [[2]]
How to Unlock: Clear Arcade with Ryu on Normal difficulty or higher, without using any Continues.
Ken unlocked

There is no point in dedicating this small section of the page to describe Ken. He is the second most popular, most iconic character in the Street Fighter series, after Ryu himself. Ken's fighting style, although very similar to Ryu's at first, does have its own unique techniques and combinations. His Hyper Combos are also different. Ken is the second Capcom character to be unlocked, following Strider. Ken's theme is Ken's Theme.


How to unlock: Clear Arcade with Morrigan with a score of 28000 or higher.

Lilith is the half-sister of Morrigan. Her moveset is based on the one she had in the Darkstalker games. While very similar
to Morrigan, Lilith does have some traits that make her a separate character, such as being lighter and faster. She is able to jump higher, which is one of her greatest advantages over Morrigan, her attacks have shorter range and are weaker. Her command specials, as well as her Hyper Combos are also different. Nevertheless, Lilith is a downgraded semi-clone of her sister, hence being unlocked only by completing Arcade with Morrigan on Hard difficulty. She possesses a Millennium Hyper Combo with her as well. Lilith is the third Capcom character to be unlocked. Lilith's theme is Lilith's Theme.
Move Name Input
Toe Pierce 2dd5+Attack medium orAttack h
Soul Flash Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Shinning Blade AS S+Attack button
Merry Turn AS QCB+Attack button
Mystic Arrow Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Splendor Love (Lv.1) AS S+AA666DFRTG
Luminous Illusion (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Gloomy Puppet Show (Lv.3) Attack lightAttack lightAS RightAttack mediumAttack h


How to Unlock: Clear all 8 stories in Story Mode. Clear Fighters of the Millennium.

As Dr. Roy Curien's greatest creation, the Magician Type-0 serves as the final boss of nearly every game in the The House of the Dead series. The Magician's moveset is, in its majority original; few attacks from his games are incorporated in his move list. While he can  teleport at great speed, damaging the opponent in the process,  here, the Magician's primary way of attacking is by summoning multiple strings that pierce the opponent or immobilize them. He has extraordinary speed in nearly all of his attacks; he can render the opponent immobile in a number of ways and then proceed with very vicous combos. The Magician's command list is quite unique in respect to the other characters. Along with Silver, he is the only character to have the delta input, which is difficult to input but very useful for his strategy. He is the only character from the entire roster to lack a foward quarter circle command input, which is the most common one. Thus, the Magician is a very complex character to master

Magician unlocked

The Magician possesses 3 Hyper Combos. His first one, Devil's Strings is a Level 1 Hyper Combo. He summons multiple strings that swarm the entire field and pierce the opponent from all directions. Works simiarly to Vergil's Dimension Slash. His second one, Darkness Shuriken is a level 1 Hyper Combo. He summons a huge shuriken that spins around the field multiple times until it returns back to him. His Level 3 Hyper Combo is called Mind Control. The Magician vanishes and the field becomes completely black as the opponent falls down and floats into an abyss. (S)He is then pierced by millions of strings that hold him/her in position. The piercings release a black liquid from the opponent (presummably censored blood). The perspective changes to that of the Magician, who is standing in the field as he has immobilized the opponent with his strings. He snaps his fingers and the opponent wakes up in a standing position, but then his/her body starts cracking like a doll, as if someone his controling their body. The Magician appears as a thought inside their mind and causes their body to disintegrate. This Hyper Combo deals a very big amount of damage. Unlike most other Hyper Combos, this one is inutted in a different fashion.

He is the last SEGA character to be unlocked. He is unlocked by clearing the Fighters of the Millennium mode in addition to all 8 stories in Story Mode. While the Magician does appear in more than 1 of the stories, he himself never becomes playable until the final story. Upon completion of the aforementioned tasks the Magician is unlocked. The Magician will always be the last character to be unlocked because all of the rest characters need to be unlocked in order to unlock the stories. After unlocking the Magician, the Final Story is unlocked. The Magician's theme is The Magician's Theme.

Move Name Input
Embroidery Arcade Modifier TapAttack h
Illusion Frt+Attack h
Teleport Airairair3AS RS+Attack button
Teleport Flash Airairair3Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button
Hell's Uppercut Arcade Stick S+Attack button
Charon's Gift Airairair3Qcd666+Attack button
Pestilent Substance Arcade Stick CBAS Right+Attack button
Paralyze Arcade Stick CDBArcade Stick Delta+Attack button
> Shaddow Massacre Arcade Modifier TapExchange button
>> Assassin's Kick Arcade Modifier TapAttack h
Neck Cracker Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Burning Phlegm Arcade Modifier AirAS QCB8ijkj+Attack button
Fly Arcade Stick QCB+Exchange button
Devil's Strings (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick S+AA666DFRTG
Darkness Shuriken (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCB+AA666DFRTG  
Mind Control (Lv.3) Attack hAttack lightArcade-Stick-DownAttack lightAttack h


How to Unlock: Unlock 75 Achievements.
Megaman unlocked

Wait a minute.... This isn't Megaman. He doesn't look like him at all. He's just an obese man in a Megaman costume; who is he? This is the infamous Bad Box Art Megaman. He was created as a joke character based on the Megaman that appears on the US cover of the first Megaman video game. Since then, he has been featured in numerous video games and other media, his most notable appearance being in Street Fighter x Tekken. While he is simply known as Megaman in the game, he is actually depicted as an overwright man wearing a Megaman jumpsuit and carrying a Mega Buster. While he is portrayed as a cowardly, goofy, yet athletic man, he has a strong sense of justice and shows commitment to his duties and to Roll's demands. Megaman has been severely buffed from his Street Fighter x Tekken counterpart. He now possesses more attacks and thus more combinations. Also, his combos can now be performed smoother and faster akin to Marvel vs. Capcom. He fights with punches and kicks; he has some attacks borrowed from the original Megaman such as the Mega Upper. He uses his Mega Buster for most of his Hyper Combos. He also gains an additional Hyper Combo. Megaman's theme is Megaman's Theme from Street Fighter x Tekken.

Move Name Input
Roundhouse Kick AS Right+Attack h
Slide Arcade Stick DR+Attack h
Mega Buster Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button Can be charged
Ice Slasher Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button
Thunder Beam Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Mega Uppercut Arcade Stick S+Attack button
Hyper Mega Buster (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Courageous Call (Lv.1) Arcade Stick S+AA666DFRTG
Mega Cannon (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCB+AA666DFRTG

Mori Motonari

How to Unlock: Find and defeat Mori Motonari in one of the squares of the 2nd level in Fighters of the Millennium.
Motonari unlocked

Mori Motonari is a very skilled fighter. His attacks are very fast and unpredictable. His main way of attacking is his main weapon, a ring blade, which can be split into two. Like in his games, Mori's moveset focuses on setting traps. These traps can either be set on the ground, in the air or directly on the opponent and they have different effects.

Move Name Input
Spinning Hand "Sphere" Hold AS Right+Attack h
Shooting Hand "Wave" Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Preceding Hand "Depart" Airairair3Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button
Reversal Hand "Turn" Arcade Stick S+Attack button
Repelling Hand "Wall" Arcade Stick RS+Attack button
Extracting Hand "Ardent" Arcade Stick HCF+Attack button
Sealing Hand "Bossom" Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Shining Hand "Blossom" (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Hyper Extracting Hand "Ardent" (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick HCF+AA666DFRTG
Forbidden Hand "Bind" (Lv.3) Arcade Stick S+AA666DFRTG


How to unlock: Clear Story number 1.

NiGHTS is the protagonist of the 1996 game NiGHTS into Dreams, as well as its sequel. (S)he is a rebellious jester from
Nights unlocked
Nightopia, a world in dreams. Most of NiGHT'S moves are directly taken from his/her games. NiGHTS is one of the lightest characters in the game. (S)he floats instead of standing and has one of the best aerial games, able to perform acrobatic like combos in air. NiGHTS does not possess much strength and has few command specials. His/Her main unique characteristic is her shapeshifting ability. NiGHTS can transform into multiple creatures and objects, such as a dragon, a dolphin, a rocket, a bobsled and even a roller coaster, which serve as command specials or Hyper Combos. In addition, NiGHTS possess projectiles such as Dream Diamond and Energy Bolt Projection. While NiGHTS can approach the opponent very efficiently using primarily his/her Drill Dash and Paraloop, he/she has weak attack power and is somewhat floaty. Nevertheless, in the hands of an experienced player, NiGHTS can become a very versatile fighter. NiGHTS is the first SEGA character to be unlocked. NiGHT's theme is NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.
Move Name Input
Dream Diamond Frt+Attack h
Drill Dash Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Fish NiGHTS Airairair3AS S+Attack light
Roller Coaster NiGHTS Airairair3AS S+Attack medium
Dragon NiGHTS Airairair3AS S+Attack h
Shleep AS QCB+Attack button
Energy Bolt Projection Attack button+Exchange button
Paraloop Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick 360+Attack button
> Mid-Aerial Kick Attack button during Paraloop
Flight AS QCB+Exchange button
Rocket NiGHTS (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Starfall (Lv.1) Airairair3AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
NiGHTS into Dreams (Lv.3) Airairair3AS S+AA666DFRTG

Pai Chan

How to Unlock: Clear Arcade with Akira on Normal difficulty or higher without using any Continues.

Pai Chan is a martial artist from China and
Pai chan 2
daughter of Lau Chan. She is one of the protagonists of the Virtua Fighter series. Pai Chan's gameplay is not much different from that of the rest Virtua Fighter cast. She fights with martial arts techniques directly borrowed from the games she has appeared in. Pai Chan has a Millennium Hyper Combo together with Akira and another together with Chun-Li. She is the second SEGA character to be unlocked, following NiGHTS. Pai Chan's theme is Theme of Pai Chan.
Move Name Input
Souka Raigekishou Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Souka Engeki Arcade Stick CDBAS Right+Attack button
Tenshin Rengeshou Arcade Stick CDBArcade Stick DR - Αντίγραφο+Attack button
Choucho Soukasui Arcade Stick CDBArcade Stick DR+Attack button
Bokutai - Zensou Taitokyaku AS QCB+Attack button
Honshin Choutankyaku AS Right+Attack h (while running)
Ensen Shoutai AS S+Attack button+Attack button
Meishouho Atlas2+Attack button+Exchange button
> Meishouho Gekiryuha Arcade Modifier TapAttack light
> Meiho Zensoutai Arcade Modifier TapAttack medium
> Meishougei Enshi Renshou Arcade Modifier TapAttack h
Sei'en Katou (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Hyper Choucho Soukasui (Lv.1) AS S+AA666DFRTG
Raku'en Katou (Lv.3) Arcade Stick RS+AA666DFRTG

Rub Rabbits Leader

How to Unlock: Clear Arcade with all 25 starter SEGA characters on Normal difficulty or higher, without using any Continues.

This peculiar hero with rabbit ears, although not very popular derives from Feel the Magic: XY/XX (Project Rub in
Europe), one of SEGA's very first entries into the Nintendo DS 10 years ago. There, he leads a super performance group called the Rub Rabbits. They do all sorts of crazy things that are never made explicitly clear in the game. His main role in the game is to help a young man impress a girl he has fallen in love with by giving him various stunts and performances to perform. He himself appears out of nowhere in dead-end circumstances to assist the main character of the game whenever he is in trouble by either giving him hints, objects, which he seemingly pulls out of nowhere, or more performances.

These traits are reflected on his gameplay style. The Rub Rabbits Leader is a rushdown character and fights in a very unorthodox manner using a variety of items he pulls out of nowhere, such as a monocycle, a shovel and a fish bowl with a goldfish inside. Most of attacks are characterized by clumsiness, as he fights without actually fighting. Nearly all of his command normals and specials are directly taken from mini-games present in the game he derives from, in a similar way to how Mr. Game & Watch fights in Super Smash Bros.. For this reason, the names of his attacks are that of the minigames the attack is derived from. Poke has him poking the opponent, Wish has him digging a pile of flowers in front of the opponent while Candle has him blowing a cloud out of his mouth, which floats over the opponent's head inflicting them damage. In Reverse, Rub Rabbits Leader runs up a downward moving escalator and then falls on the opponent. Rub Rabbits Leader can combine his attacks quite efficiently, using each item after the other to create different kinds of combos. For example, chaining Bonfire with Spray or Fire with Spray will cause an explosion in front of the opponent. This strategy can be used once the opponent is on the floor to continue the combo.

Rub Rabbits Leader has 2 level 1 Hyper Combo and 2 Level 3 Hyper Combos. His level 1 Hyper Combo, Super Performance: Magic Variety has him pulling a box out of nowhere and immediately tripping. If the attack connects, Rub Rabbits Leader will fall to the ground causing a series of goofy items to fall out of the box and hit the opponent, one after the other, similarly to Arthur's Goddess' Bracelet but in an arch. If the attack doesn't connect, Rub Rabbits Leader will still fall to the ground, but all items will come out simultaneously from the box and hit the opponent, again in an arch. This however, does much less damage than the connected one. His second level 1 Hyper Combo is called Feel the Magic. The Rub Rabbits Leader assumes a position and then fires a multitude of silhouettes of himself taking silly poses such as tripping, getting slapped by a lady, riding a unicycle, pulling down his pants etc.

His 1st level 3 Hyper Combo, Super Performance: Bus Stop, has him summoning two Rub Rabbits and closing the opponent inside a bowling ball. This bowling ball inexplicably becomes small enough to fit inside Rub Rabbit Leader's palm as he uses it to knock over bowling pins across a street. His second level 3 Hyper Combo is called Goldfish and it is an altered version of the game's opening sequence, in which the Rub Rabbits Leader throws the opponent a fish bowl with a goldfish inside. Once the opponent catches it, another Rub Rabbit runs and accidentally collides with the opponent, which causes them to throw the glass bowl into the air. The opponent fails to catch it and it breaks in their head while they swallow the goldfish. Rub Rabbits Leader does not speak. Instead, he makes various noises and sounds that are used in his game. Rub Rabbits Leader's theme is Feel the Magic - Main Theme, a theme reflecting his outrageousness.

Move Name Input
Poke Arcade Modifier TapAttack medium
Slap Arcade Modifier TapAttack h
Microphone AS Right+Attack h
Fire Atlas2+Attack h, can be directed
Wish Arcade-Stick-DownAttack h
Blowgun Arcade Stick DR - Αντίγραφο+Attack medium or Attack h
Monocycle Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack h
Antlion Arcade Modifier Air3eeeqw+Attack h
Bonfire Arcade Stick DR+Attack h
Bird Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
> Plant Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button after Bird
Catapult Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Candle Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Parachute Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Foodstuffs Arcade Stick S+Attack button
Item Throw Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button
Stealth Arcade Stick RS+Attack button
Spray Attack button+Exchange button
Super Performance: Magic Variety (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Feel the Magic (Lv.1) Arcade Stick RS+AA666DFRTG
Super Performance: Bus Stop (Lv.3) Arcade Stick 360+AA666DFRTG
Goldfish (Lv.3) Arcade Stick S+AA666DFRTG

Segata Sanshiro

How to Unlock: To unlock Segata Sanshiro, one must go to the Options of his/her system and set the date either July 8, May 11 or November 24 depending on weather he/she lives in Europe, America or Japan respectively. Then, on that date, he/she must find and defeat Segata Sanshiro in one of the squares in the 3rd level of Fighters of the Millennium. Segata will only appear on that specific square on that particular day. Alternatively, the player may simply wait for that date to come. The dates correspond to the dates the SEGA Saturn was released in the respective regions.
Segata unlocked

He is a fast, middleweight fighter with some porjectiles. Most of his attacks, however utilize his kung-fu and martial arts. Segata Sanshiro's fighting style incorporates moves from his commercials, as well as from various Virtua Fighter characters. Notable ones include Change Player! where he throws a soccer player to the opponent. Works like Frank's Hammer Throw. Use Your Head! has Segata breaking a series of ceramic plates with his head, hitting the opponent in the process. This causes a very strong knockback, similarly to Wesker's Ghost Butterfly. Segata Sanshiro has 3 Hyper Combos. Everyone Attack! has him summoning multiple copies of himself and attacking the opponent directly with a series of kung-fu moves. Bomberman is arguably his most infamous one from the homonymous title. He grabs the opponent and throws him to the ground. Upon hitting the ground, the opponent explodes as Segata walks heroically towards the screen. Last Commercial is a spoof of Segata Sanshiro's last commercial. Segata Sanshiro tries to stop an incoming rocket but ends up riding it. The rocket, together with Segata crash on the opponent causing a massive explosion. Segata Sanshiro is the only character who does not derive from any game and the only one to exist in reality. His theme song is Theme of Segata Sanshiro.

Move Name Input
Play SEGA Saturn! AS Right+Attack medium
Use Your Head! AS Right+Attack h
Mashing the Buttons Arcade Modifier TapArcade-Stick-Down+Attack h
Change Player Arcade Stick CBAS Right+Attack h
Soccer Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light or Attack medium
Home Run Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Kaikyu Suizan Arcade Stick S+Attack button
> Haisenkyako Attack h during Kaikyu Suizan
Shazen Tenshin Kaikyaku Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button
Chest Shield Arcade Stick RS+Attack button
Everyone Attack! (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Bomberman (Lv.2) Arcade Stick HCB+AA666DFRTG
Last Commercial (Lv.3) Arcade Stick S+AA666DFRTG


How to unlock: Clear Arcade with Sonic, Knuckles and Silver on Normal difficulty or higher, without using any Continues.

Shadow uses the power of Chaos for nearly all of his special attacks. Notable ones include his teleportation ability, which
Shadow unlocked
gives him a huge advantage to instantly disappear in front of the opponent and appear right behind him, and vice versa, and to follow with a powerful chain attack, such as Chaos Burst. This technique functions very rapidly and can be done continuously. Shadow can swarm the field with numerous projectiles, such as Chaos Spear, Chaos Control Sphere and Roaming Chaos, then follow with Chaos Magic to elicit various effects depending on the number of the projectiles on the field, such as explosions. Shadow Dash is a move which can counter physical attacks. Once inputted, Shadow will warp through space and appear right behind his opponent, then finish off with a powerful attack. The move must be correctly timed in order to work and is cinematic, similarly to a Hyper Combo. He also possesses the Spin Dash and Homing attack, just like Sonic, though Homing attack functions differently. Because of the unexpected nature of his attacks and overall gameplay, Shadow is a character who can dominate the entire field. Like Sonic, Shadow's level 2 Hyper combo has him transforming into Super Shadow, granting him with 1 additional Level 5 Hyper Combo. His Level 1 is the Chaos Blast from Shadow the Hedgehog (2005) and has a short start lag; his level 2 Hyper combo, Chaos Control, freezes time for a few seconds. It is considered one of the most effective Hyper Combos in the game. Shadow's theme is I Am... All of Me.
Move Name Input
Homing Attack Arcade Modifier AirExchange button+DPAD2 to control
Chaos Upper AS Right+Attack medium
Roaming Chaos Hold AS Right+Attack h+DPAD2 to control
> Chaos Rift Attack button+Exchange button after Roaming Chaos
Spin Dash Hold Arcade-Stick-Down+Attack h, then release, can be charged
Air Burst Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack h
Chaos Combination Arcade Modifier Air Arcade Modifier TapAttack light
Chaos Spear Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Inverted Roundhouse Kick AS S+Attack button
> Teleport Attack h after Inverted Round house Kick
Teleport AS QCB+Attack button
> Chaos Burst Attack button after Teleport
Chaos Control Sphere Arcade Stick RS+Attack button
Chaos Magic Attack button+Exchange button, can be charged
Chaos Nightmare Arcade Stick CDU+Attack button
Shadow Dash Arcade Stick QCF or AS QCB+Exchange button, counters attack
> Chaos Burst Attack button after Shadow Dash
Chaos Blast (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Chaos Control (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick 360+AA666DFRTG
Super Shadow (Lv.1) Airairair3AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
> Chaos Endgame (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG
Chaos Legend (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


How to Unlock: Find and defeat Σigma in one of the squares in the second level of Fighters of the Millennium.
Sigma unlocked

Σigma is the main antagonist of the Megaman X series. As a fighter, Σigma possesses a wide range of attacks and techniques that although not very combinable with each other, they give him the advantage of adapting to various circumstances, able to play with very strong defensive strategy, but also to swarm the field with projectiles, most notably his Maverick Beam and his scythe. Σigma primarily fights using his scythe, the one he held in Megaman X5. He possesses a technique in which he can throw the scythe as a projectile and stab it on the ground or on the wall. Depending on the commands inputted, Σigma can then either make the scythe come back to him or it can serve as an "antenna" to emit projectiles, such as viruses and cover the field. If Σigma's scythe remains stabbed on the ground, he will pull out an electric saber, which he also used in the games and substitute his scythe until he gets it back. The saber can perform the same attacks, but with different effects. Saber stuns the opponent every time it hits them by electricity, making it an even more powerful weapon than the scythe.

In addition, Σigma can perform an endless Wall jump, similarly to Strider, but can do it repeatedly to reach very high altitudes. Then, he can follow up with multiple attacks and stun the enemy. Σigma's Vision Beam also serves as a great projectile to keep away the opponent. Maverick Beam comes in three variants; horizontal, vertical and vertical moving. Σigma summons a satellite-like structure either in front of him or above the opponent and shoots a powerful laser beam. Multiple of these can be summoned repeatedly as they remain on the field for some seconds until they disappear. Finally, Σigma has 3 Hyper Combos, two level 1 and one Level 3. His Level 1 Hyper Combo, Viral Desensitization, has him emitting multiple copies of himself towards the player in all directions by forming a green sphere around him. His second one, Dreadscythe Raid, is an upgraded version of Scythe Raid and works similarly to Trish's second Hyper Combo from Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He throws his scythe against the opponent like a boomerang, which keeps encircling the opponent. In his level 3 Hyper Combo, Cyber Angel, Σigma combines all of his special attacks and grows purple wings to trap the opponent into a net of beams and stab him with his scythe.

Move Name Input
Abyssal Harvester Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Σyber Σlicer AS S+Attack button
Maverick Beam (Vertical) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCB+Attack light
Maverick Beam (Horizontal) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCB+Attack medium
Maverick Beam (Vertical, Moving) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCB+Attack h
Σcythe Raid Airairair3Arcade Stick HCF+Attack button
> Bring back scythe Airairair3Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
> Stab in place Airairair3Attack button
> Release electricity Arcade Modifier TapExchange button+Attack button
Wall Jump Arcade Stick QCF+Exchange button
> Move to opposite side Arcade Stick QCB+Exchange button
> Dive Attack light
> Kick Attack medium
> Meteor Smash Attack h
Viral Desensitization (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Dreadscythe Raid (Lv.1) Arcade Stick HCF+AA666DFRTG
Cyber Angel (Lv.3) Arcade Stick RS+AA666DFRTG

Sketch Turner

How to Unlock: Find and defeat Sketch Turner in one of the squares in the 3rd level of Fighters of the Millennium.
Sketch unlocked

Courtesy of [Andrii Shafetov]

Sketch Turner hails from the 1995 arcade and SEGA Genesis game Comix Zone. As a fighter, his moves are largely derived from those from his game. He fights using raw melee attacks, primarily punches and kicks. He is a fast and agile character but slightly heavy. He also uses multiple items that he would find throughout the game such as dynamites, bombs, combustible containers and his rat. The rat can disable the opponent. The best way to use Rat Throw is to disable the opponent, then place a dynamite close to him and a combustible container. This will cause a huge explosion that can take out almost half of the opponent's health bar.

He has 3 Hyper Combos. Superhero Finish has him being transformed into a big superhero and punching the ground with his fist causing a shockwave to be released and damage the opponent. The shockwave propagates from both sides and can damage the opponent while on the ground. Sketch Hand Punch works like this: A hand appears from behind Sketch and punches the opponent very powerfully. Comix Zone, Sketch's 3rd Hyper Combo is a level 3 Hyper Combo. He teleports the opponent and himself into a panel from Comix Zone. The hand appears and draws multiple Sketch Turners who proceed in a barrage of attacks consisting of punches and kicks against the opponent.

Overall, Sketch is a character that could fit in in any fighting game. When he deals damage, written words appear on screen such as POW! or BAM! as in the comics. Moreover, every now or then, a woman will appear inside a speaking bubble on the top right corner of the screen to give tips or to encourage Sketch, just like in the game. The animation of the explosions from the bombs or dynamites he throws are more similar to that from comics. Sketch Turner's theme is Theme of Final Battle.

Move Name Input
Shoulder Bash AS Right+Attack medium
Don't Blow It! AS Right+Attack h
Combustible Container Atlas2+Attack h
Uppercut Arcade Stick CDBArcade Stick DR - Αντίγραφο+Attack h
Rat Throw Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
Bomb Throw Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Lambda Kick Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Dynamite Arcade Stick S+Attack button
Sketch Kick Arcade Stick QCB+Attack light
Double-Edge Kick Arcade Stick QCB+Attack medium
Spinning Jump Kick Arcade Stick QCB+Attack h
Bottom's Up! Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down+Exchange button
Superhero Finish (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Sketch Hand Punch (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCB+AA666DFRTG
Comix Zone (Lv.3) Arcade Stick S+AA666DFRTG


Main article: [[3]]
How to Unlock: Clear Arcade on Hard difficulty, without using any continues.

SonSon was one of the 4 original Capcom characters introduced in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. She is based on the character SonSon from Capcom's 1984 game with the same name. As a fighter, SonSon remains largely unchanged from her Marvel vs. Capcom counterpart. The following changes have been made to her playing style. Her Hyper Combo Monke


The male SonSon is one of SonSon's alternate costumes.

y King is now a Level 3 Hyper Combo instead of Level 1 and is cinematic. The Monkey King also looks quite differently, resembling more a samurai than a beast. POW, SonSon's other Level 1 Hyper Combo is also cinematic.

Another major difference is that SonSon has now a male variant, similarly to Micah. The male variant acts as one of SonSon's alternate costumes. His moveset is exactly the same but has a different voice actor. SonSon is the last Capcom character to be unlocked. She is unlocked by completing Arcade mode on Hard difficulty with any character without using any continues. Note that the difficulties of the game are Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert. SonSon's theme is a remix of SonSon Main Theme.

Move Name Input
Wind Slicing Slash Airairair3Arcade Modifier TapAttack h
Child Monkey Dance Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Equaling Heaven Chain Attack Airairair3AS S+Attack button
Wall Walk AS QCB+Attack button
> Kick-off Attack button during Wall Walk
Gourd of Gold and Silver Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Crawling Forward Arcade Stick HCF+Attack button
Passing Through Heaven and Earth (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
The Monkey King (Lv.3) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG

Steel Battalion

How to unlock: Find and defeat Steel Battalion in one of the squares in the first level of Fighters of the Millennium.
Steel battalion unlocked

Steel Battalion is a character who is based on one of the mechs the player takes control of in the Steel Battalion series, and specifically the Decider Volcanic model. The character goes by the name Steel Battalion, although in the games it is nameless. Steel Battalion is a very awkward character to fight as, with many peculiarities. While very large in size, it is a middle weight. Its walking speed is average but its attacks are disgustingly slow to execute and can therefore be severely punished if missed. However, Steel Battalion does not receive any knockback when executing them, nor when attacked with a weak command normal, a huge advantage over the rest of the cast, though he is not the only one to possess that ability.

Steel Battalion's command specials are faster to execute than his command normal, hence being more useful. Its primary means of attacking are its two cannons embedded on each of its shoulder. These cannons serve as its command specials and its Hyper Combos. These cannons come in three variants: Gatling Gun, Bazooka and Missile. Steel Battalion will always start the battle with two Gatling Guns on each shoulder. They can be fired by rotating the joystick like a rquarter circle clockwise and inputting any button. After multiple usage, once depleted, the weapons will be discarded from its shoulder and Steel Battalion will remain without them, onlt with his normal guns embedded on its arms. To reload them, Steel Battalion must perform combos. Short combos will give it the Gatling gun, while longer combos will grant it with a Bazooka and finally with a Rocket launcher. The stronger the weapon, the less ammunition it has and therefore the more limited its use is. For example, the Gatling gun has 5 tries, the Bazooka has 3 and the Rocket launcher has only 1. In addition, the weapons can be fired at different angles depending on the Light, Medium or Heavy button. Light hits with a downward angle and hits on the ground (OTG), medium hits horizontally and heavy hits with an upward oblique angle. Also, because different command specials control its left and right weapon, the two weapons on its shoulders will be discarded and reloaded independently form one another. Depending on the type of weapon, Steel Battalion's level 1 and 2 Hyper Combos grow stronger and more menacing.

By far Steel Battalion's greatest potential are its three interchangeable weapons, where its key to victory lies. Of course, it possesses other attacks such as Battalion Rush, which allows it to get close to the opponent. Steel Battalion's level 3 Hyper Combo, Steel Battalion, has it summoning the player in the middle of a battlefield where multiple other mechs as well as the airplanes from 194X appear to bombard the entire area.

Move Name Input
Ground Shot Arcade Stick DR+Attack h
Battalion Gunfire  Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Heavy Battalion Gunfire AS QCB+Attack button
Battalion Rush Airairair3AS S+Attack button
Battalion Assault Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Battalion Gun Spray (High) Arcade Stick QCF45+Attack button
Battalion Gun Spray (Low) Attack button+Exchange button
Battalion Launcher Arcade Stick HCF+Attack button
Battlegun Vulcan (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Machine Machine (Lv.1) AS S+AA666DFRTG
Steel Battalion (Lv.3) Arcade Stick HCF+AA666DFRTG


Main article: [[4]]
How to unlock: Clear Story number 2.
Strider unlocked

Strider makes a comeback, this time as an unlockable character. He sports the same traits as in the previous fighting games he had appeared in. He is a fast, agile character and a staple in almost any team, with great combos and Hyper Combos. Strider is the first Capcom character to be unlocked. Strider's theme is Strider's Theme.


Main article: [[5]]
How to unlock: Clear Arcade with at least 33 different Capcom characters on Normal difficulty or higher, without any continues.

Vergil is Dante's twin brother, the protagonist of the Devil May Cry series. Vergil's gameplay remains largely the same as it was in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Vergil's theme is Vergil's Theme.


How to unlock: Find and defeat Vyse in one of the squares in the first level of Fighters of the Millennium.

The protagonist of the 2000 game Skies of Arcadia; he is a representative of the Dreamcast era. True to his game
Vyse unlcoked
counterpart, Vyse fights using his twin cutlasses in a very similar manner to Strider. His entire gameplay tends to mimic that of Strider's; he has very fast paced combos that when inputted correctly can leave the opponent unable to respond. He has great aerial game, speed and flexibility, similarly to Zero. On the downside, most of his attacks do not deal a lot of damage on their own, so he must rely on chaining in attacks. Vyse can be unlocked in the Fighters of the Millennium mode, on the first level. Since the mode functions like a board game, one of the squares hides Vyse. When the player stands on that particular square, Vyse will appear and challenge the player to a fight. Defeating him will unlock Vyse as a playable character. Vyse is the third SEGA character to be unlocked, following NiGHTS and Pai Chan. Vyse's theme is Rogue's Landing.
Move Name Input
Sharp Edge Bite AS Right+Attack h
Razor Bird Flight Arcade Stick CDBArcade Stick DR - Αντίγραφο+Attack h
Cutlass Strike Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Raven Slash Airairair3AS S+Attack button
Pirate Assault AS QCB+Attack button
Counterstrike AS RS+Attack button
Rogue's Play Arcade Modifier AirQcd+Attack button
Cutlass Fury (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Rain of Swords (Lv.1) Qcd+AA666DFRTG
Pirate's Wrath (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


How to Unlock: Find and defeat Yami in one of the squares in the 3rd level of Fighters of the Millennium
Yami unlocked

Yami is the main villain of the Okami series. He is a giant, metallic sphere covered with ancient markings. His true form is a small, black fish inside a glass ball of water, residing inside the sphere. Yami's unique characteristics that distinguish him from the rest of the fighters are the following: He is enormous; the largest character of all. He levitates at all times but can also fly. He has 3 different forms, each of which comes with a completely different moveset for Yami, including different Hyper Combos. Yami always starts the fight with his first form. It is the same as in Okami. In this state, Yami is stalled normally whenever he receives a hit, just like any other character in the game. His attacks are directly borrowed from his Tatsunoko vs. Capcom counterpart. Moreover, his attacks are relatively quicker than those of his other counterparts. Notable ones include Hammer Strike and Single Saw Swipe using a hammer and a chain saw respectively.

Yami's second form is a mix of his second, third and fourth forms from the game. In this state, Yami can only be flinched whenever he receives damage from a strong attack e.g. Wesker's Ghost Butterfly or Hyper Combos. Otherwise, he is immune to attacks. Yami now grows a pair of legs and tentacle-like arms, which serve as his command normals. He gains additional Hyper Combos, such as his Slot Machine Projectiles. Yami also gains the ability to dismantle into multiple disc-shaped platforms and attack directly. He may then reassemble. Again, all of his attacks in this form and directly borrowed from his game counterpart.

His final form is the one where he grows a giant arm. This becomes his primary means of attacking. As Yami now becomes completely invulnerable to any attacks, his attacks become very slow to execute, almost similar to a final boss. He gains a completely new and revamped moveset with immensely powerful hyper combos. He can summon a myriad of projectiles, including meteors, lightning, fireballs, laser beams and even missiles. Some of his attacks are similar to Master Hand's and Crazy Hand's from the Super Smash Bros.. Overall, Yami's gameplay centers on two things; constantly upgrading his form to become stronger and utilizing his numerous Hyper Combos. To do this, the player must ensure a high Hyper Combo bar. Yami will always utilize one bar to transform to his higher form (it acts as a level 1 Hyper Combo, basically) and some of his Hyper Combos need 3. Hence, the player must perform good combos with him, or, switch to Yami whenever his bar fills up.

Yami possesses 8 different Hyper Combos, only 2 of which are retained during his transformations. Transform, which allows him to transform at the cost of 1 bar and Spiral Saw Slash, which is available in his 1st and 3rd form but not in his 2nd. It works the same way it did in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Burning Body makes Yami covered in fire and gives him temporary invincibility. Anything he touches is flinched and damaged. In Electric Hand, Yami grabs the opponent and zaps him multiple times. Ark of Despair is one of Yami's most deadly attacks. It can only be activated during Dismantle. Yami sends his disc-like projectiles to cut the opponent multiple times. They then align vertically and trap the opponent inside. They zap the opponent multiple times with electricity, then they assemble and crush the opponent during the process. Ninestrike Laser and Hyper Asteroid Summon work as powerful projectiles that span the entire area, while Slot Machine Projectiles has him transformed into a giant slot machine. Depending on the result, he swarms the field with either fireballs, lightning, ice or darkness.

Yami does not speak; instead, he makes screaming noises. He is the second to last Capcom character to be unlocked. He is unlocked in the Fighters of the Millennium mode, where he can be fought in one of the squares in the 3rd level. He serves as a mini-Boss. Yami has 3 theme songs, depending on his form. These are Yami - 1st form, Yami - 2nd form and Yami - 3rd form.

1st Form

Move Name Input
Single Saw Slash AS Right+Attack medium
Hammer Strike Airairair3AS Right+Attack h
Crushing Jump Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack h
Laser Blast Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Mad Rotation Arcade Stick S+Attack button
Missile Launch Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button
Fly Arcade Stick QCB+Exchange button
Spiral Saw Slash (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Transform (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCB+AA666DFRTG
Burning Body (Lv.1) Arcade Stick S+AA666DFRTG

2nd Form

Move Name Input
Hand Sweep AS Right+Attack h
Crushing Jump Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack h
Laser Blast Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Shuffle Arcade Stick S+Attack button
Dismantle Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button
> Burning Pieces Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button during Dismantle
> Striking Pieces AS Right+Attack h during Dismantle
> Reforming Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button during Dismantle
Striking Star Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick S+Attack button
Fly Arcade Stick QCB+Exchange button
Electric Hand (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Transform (Lv.2) Arcade Stick QCB+AA666DFRTG
Ark of Despair (Lv.3) Airairair3Arcade Stick S+AA666DFRTG during Dismantle

3rd Form

Move Name Input
Finger Thrust AS Right+Attack medium
Hand Sweep Airairair3AS Right+Attack h
Cyclone Creation Frt+Attack h
Hand Slam Arcade-Stick-Down+Attack h
> Hand Crush Arcade Modifier TapAttack h
Crushing Jump Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack h
Ramming Rush Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
Missile Launch Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Lightning Projectiles Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Spider Walk Arcade Stick S+Attack button
> Snap Attack Attack h during Spider Walk
Darkness Summon Arcade Stick QCB+Attack button
Spasm Arcade Stick RS+Attack button
Asteroid Summon (Arcade Modifier AirAS QCB8ijkj+Attack button
Hand Grab Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Fly Arcade Stick QCB+Exchange button
Spiral Saw Slash (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Hyper Asteroid Summon (Lv.1) Airairair3AS QCB8ijkj+AA666DFRTG
Ninestrike Laser (Lv.2) Airairair3Qcd666+AA666DFRTG
Slot Machine Projectiles (Lv.3) Arcade Stick S+AA666DFRTG
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