This page features the moves of all characters in the upcoming fighting game SEGA vs. Capcom: Fighters of the Millennium. Characters who have previously appeared in a fighting game and therefore have their moveset retained from that game will not have their moveset written here, but only a brief description. Normal moves will not be listed here, only the special moves will be listed for each character.

Because of its very big size, the page is broken up into 3 parts, two of which contain 25 characters and one for the secret characters. Please click here for the rest characters.


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Arthur hails from the Ghost and Goblins series produced by Capcom. His fighting abilities are the same from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He is a keepaway character who focuses on using various projectiles in combination. His Hyper Combo gives him his Golden Armour while his third Hyper Combo has him summoning two dragons to swarm the screen. Arthur's theme is Arthur's Theme.


Hailing from the 2012 game Asura's Wrath, Asura is one of the most recent inclusions in the cast of the game. Asura's
gameplay style reflects his personality and that from his own game. He fights using his superhuman strength. His moveset consists of few command specials, but with incredibly high potential. They are somewhat slow to execute, but deal a lot of damage and knockback. His command normal are pretty much the same as the ones from the downloadable content of his game. Asura is a very efficient ground and air fighter and can lock on to the opponent very easily. One notable feature that is unique to Asura is that he does not have any Hyper Combo lower than Level 3 and he cannot activate any Hyper Combos when he is in his normal form. His Level 3 Hyper Combo enables him to transform into his six hand form, which makes him tremendously powerful and upgrades his moveset. While in his six hand mode, he gains an additional Hyper Combo. Asura can further upgrade into Mantra Asura, his ultimate form, which grants him even more powerful attacks and an additional Hyper Combo capable to wipe out completely the opponent's health bar. This, however, does come with a cost; Mantra Asura can only be activated when Asura is at Level 5 while he has used Mantra Combination at least 5 times and is the sole survivor of the team. Like Ryo Hazuki, Asura borrows the same mechanism from his game, where inputting a command normal when it appears on screen will enable Asura to either chain his attack combos once the opponent has fallen on the ground or to counter an attack, just like in a real-time event gameplay. These buttons will appear on screen only during specific occasions. Some of them are also part of Asura's command specials. Asura's theme is Theme of Asura's Wrath.
Move Name Input
Rocket Fist Airairair3AS Right+Attack h
Asura Smash Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Endless Arms Arcade Modifier TapAttack button, only in Six-Armed Vajra Asura
Asura Dive Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Asura Twister Arcade Stick CBAS Right+Attack button
Vajra Cyclone Attack button+Exchange button, only in Six-Armed Vajra Asura
Asura Destroyer AS QCB+Attack button
Raging Assault AS S+Attack button
> Six-Armed Berserker AS S+Attack button, only in Six-Armed Vajra Asura
Asura Quake 3eee3eee+Attack button
Mantra Combination 1 Attack medium, when opponent is lying on the floor
> Asura Somersault Attack medium
Mantra Combination 2 Attack h, when opponent is lying on the floor
> Asura Punisher Attack h
Mantra Combination 3 Exchange button, when shielding, counters attack
Six-Armed Vajra Asura (Lv.3) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG (permanent transformation)
Asura's Wrath (Lv.4) AS S+AA666DFRTG, different in each form
Mantra Asura (Lv.5) Must have used Mantra Combination at least 5 times, while having Level 5 Hyper Combo gauge and being the sole survivor of the team.


Beat is a 17 year old rudie and the protagonist of the 2000 Dreamcast game Jet Set Radio. Beat is an unusual fighter in
that his fighting style is completely original. He fights using exclusively a combination of kicks, whose power is boosted significantly by his skates. The attacks are easy to perform and can combo quite efficiently. Beat's Jet Set works similarly to Rocket Raccoon's Rocket Skates, enabling him to dash in any direction, including in the air. On foot, he is very fast and has exceptional aerial game. His appearance is that from the most recent title of the series Jet Set Radio Future. Beat's theme is Concept of Love.
Move Name Input
Jet Set Kick AS Right+Attack h
Jet Set Onslaught Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
Jet Set Flurry Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Jet Set Swing Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Jet Set Stinger Airairair3AS QCB+Attack button
Jet Set Thunder Airairair3AS S+Attack button
Jet Set Dropkick Arcade Modifier Air 3eee+Attack h
Jet Set Chopper Arcade Modifier Air AS Right+Attack h
Jet Set Attack button+Exchange button
Jet Set Madness (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Jet Set Groove (Lv.1) Arcade Stick HCB+AA666DFRTG
Jet Set Blitz (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG

ChuChu Rocket

The cat and the mice from SEGA's Dreamcast classic ChuChu Rocket! appear as a playable character under the name ChuChu Rocket! The cat is
called Kapu-Kapu and is always accompanied by at least 3 mice. The player may also summon additional mice, called ChuChu's but cannot control more than 6 simultaneously. The player basically controls the cat while the mice follow. The cat also does most of the fighting. Its' attacks comprise primarily of bites, kicks, rolls etc. It can also shoot rockets. The ChuChus largely contribute to increase the cat's powers; they can hinder the opponent's movements and perform small attacks, which is highly efficient due to their very small size. Once the ChuChus have immobilized the opponent, the cat can execute strong attacks. Furthermore, while both units can fight independently, most of their specials are performed as a team, such as the KapuKapu chasing after the ChuChus and biting the opponent in the process, etc.

ChuChu Rocket is a strategic fighter and its strategy follows that from its game. The player must focus on keeping his opponent away using the mice, as he plants rockets on the ground and filling them up with mice. Once filled, the player can input a command to have the rocket take off and blast on the opponent. The more mice inside, the stronger the attack. ChuChu Rocket's Hyper Combos involve it using the Roulette mechanizm from its game, granting it with various power-ups from its game, such as Mouse Mania, Slow Down, 30 Seconds Left etc. Each attack has different effects, which combined with his Special Commands can deal maximum damage, for instance, Mouse Mania can be used to fill up the rocket quickly while Cat Mania will destroy all rockets and clear the field while damaging the opponent as well. Slow Down will slow the opponent down while 30 seconds left will reduce the counter to 30 seconds and will make ChuChu Rocket very fast. ChuChu Rocket's level 3 Hyper Combo, ChuChu Rocket, is the most powerful Hyper Combo in the game and will only activate once a rocket has been filled up with enough mice using Mouse Mania. The cat's size has been severely maximized for fighting reasons while its overall appearance remains unchanged from its appearance in its game. Some aesthetic changes have also been made. ChuChu Rocket's theme is Race of Ages, a remix of the Space Harrier theme. Its theme changes when it activates its Hyper Combo.

Move Name Input
Eat LatestAttack light
Place Arrow Atlas2+Attack h
ChuChu Forward (1 mouse) Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
ChuChu Forward (3 mice) Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
ChuChu Forward (6 mice) Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Chase AS S+Attack light
Rocket Ride AS S+Attack medium
Rocket Shoot AS S+Attack h
ChuChu Order (1 mouse) AS QCB+Attack light
ChuChu Order (3 mice) AS QCB+Attack medium
ChuChu Order (6 mice) AS QCB+Attack h
ChuChu Defence AS RS+Attack button
ChuChu Summon Attack button+Exchange button
Place Rocket 3eee3eee+Exchange button
Rocket Take-off (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG * 


> Mouse Mania (Lv.1)

> Slow Down (Lv.1)

> Cat Mania (Lv.1)

> Place Arrow Again (Lv.1)

> 30 Seconds Left (Lv.3)


Attack light

Attack medium

Attack h

Exchange button

Attack button+Exchange button

ChuChu Rocket (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG, only after one of the rockets has been filled with mice
  • Rockets set by Place Rocket will take off and deal damage depending on the number of mice inside; maximum damage with maximum mice.

Father Balder

Father Balder is the main antagonist of the Bayonetta series. He is also the father of Bayonetta. True to his appearance in
the games, Balder possesses incredible speed and physical strength, being a Lumen Sage. Balder's most prominent characteristic in terms of gameplay is his ability to fly. He has undoubtedly the best aerial game than any other character in the game, being able to rapidly finish off the opponent in mid-air using complex combos. He basically floats all the time, even during his idle animation. He is also a lightweight. Balder fights primarily using magic. Nearly all of his attacks are magic based. For his command normals, he uses a sword-like weapon of light from his hand. For his specials, he uses a variety of attacks, namely balls of energy that arc around him, telekinesis etc. One of his Hyper Combos has him firing a satellite particle beam from space directly onto the field. His main drawback, however, is his large size. Multiple other attacks are based from the ones he had in Bayonetta 2. Hence, his gameplay remains true to that of his games. Balder's theme is Rodin Battle, which was used in the Boss Battle against him.
Move Name Input
Light Catastor Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
Tachyon Tempest Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Cosmic Dive Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Fortuna Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Archfire AS QCB+Attack button
Vulnus Innominatum AS S+Attack light
Sclopetarius Pellucidus Airairair3AS S+Attack medium
Caedes Airairair3AS S+Attack h
Into the Light Attack button+Exchange button
Desperation Arcade Modifier Air Qcd+Attack light
Rising Lumen Arcade Modifier Air Qcd+Attack medium or Attack h
Disable 9nbdd+Attack button
> Unforgiven LatestAttack button
Glide (Forward) Arcade Stick QCF+Exchange button can be directed
Glide (Backward) AS QCB+Exchange button can be directed
Fluctus Pennarum (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Divine Retribution (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
System 16: Cosmic Ray (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG

Felyne Fighter

This little cat warrior represents a class in the Monster Hunter series known as the Felynes. As in the Monster Hunter games, Felyne Fighter's
weapons and costumes are customizable, a unique trait to him. Most of them need to be unlocked. Costumes do not have any impact on the gameplay whatsoever, they merely serve as alternate skin. As a fighter, the Felyne Fighter uses weapons used in the Monster Hunter games, such as knives, hammers, spears, swords etc. Because of its very small size, the smallest of any other character in the game, Felyne Fighter is difficult to hit especially for larger characters like Jack Cayman. This, combined with the fact that it uses many different weapons, would make Felyne Fighter a character similar to Rocket Raccoon from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Felyne's Fighters theme is Monster Hunter - Main Theme.
Move Name Input
Bone Cat Pick AS Right+Attack h
Shock Trapper Arcade Stick DR3+Attack h
Negate Wind Atlas2+Attack h
Makiwari Cat Axe Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
> Diablos Cat Hammer Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light after Makiwari Cat Axe
Azuros Cat Club Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
> Boosted Hammer Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium after Azuros Cat Club
Bulldrome Cat Tusk Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
> Rhenoplos Cat Hammer Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h after Bulldrome Cat Tusk
Hyperdrive AS QCB+Attack button
Sanctioned Gunhammer AS S+Attack light
> Frozen Core Attack light after Sanctioned Gunhammer
Lily of the Valley Cat Rod AS S+Attack medium
> Red Bludgeon Attack medium after Lily of the Valley Cat Rod
Nibelsnarf Cat Hammer Gun AS S+Attack h
> Usurper's Thunder Attack h after Nibelsnarf Cat Hammer Gun
Critical Combo (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Battlefield Awakening (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Friendship (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG

Gilius Thunderhead

Gilius is an axe-wielding dwarf and one of the main characters of the Golden Axe series. He debuted in the first
installment of the series in 1989. Since then, Gilius has appeared in nearly all the games of the series including most SEGA crossover games. Gilius, although has a small size, is a heavyweight. Although he is slow on foot, his attacks are very strong and possesses great combo chains. Gilius fights primarily using his axe, but also uses his fists and some magic spells. He also has a projectile involving his axe. Overall, Gilius' traits make him a staple fighter in any team. Gilius' theme is Golden Axe - Main Theme.
Move Name Input
Forward Axe Spin Airairair3AS Right+Attack h
Shoulder Charge Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Rising Axe Airairair3AS S+Attack button
Viking Punches AS QCB+Attack button
Viking Axe Dive Arcade Modifier AirAS QCB+Attack button
Strike Raid 9nbdd+Attack button
Emerald Buster Attack button+Exchange button
Meteor Slash Arcade Modifier Air Qcd+Attack button
Emerthal (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Astrape (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Gotterdammerung (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


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Haggar is the protagonist of the widely acclaimed fighting game Final Fight. Haggar is a former wrestler turned mayor of Metro City. Hence, most of Mike's attacks are based on wrestling techniques. He is not very different from his counterpart of the previous games. He retains most of his attacks and traits. Haggar's theme is Haggar's Theme.

Kazuma Kiryu

The protagonist of the Yakuza series by SEGA. Kazuma first appeared in the first installment of Yakuza in 2005 and since then, he has become
one of the most prominent SEGA characters. Kazuma's normal attacks consist mostly of punches and kicks while his special commands invove him using random items to attack his opponents. He has the ability to pull out a variety of different weapons to execute powerful comboes by tapping the heavy button with the analog stick forward. The items he uses are all from the Yakuza series. For instance, Kazuma uses barrels, swords, rods, even post signs. In addition, he uses many different grab attacks, all of which derive from his games.  Because his games feature real-time battle sequences, as does Shenmue, by inputing certain commands when they appear on screen at certain ocassions will make Kazuma counter the opponent's attack and his back more powerfully. Kazuma's theme is Battle theme.
Move Name Input
Dagger Stab AS Right+Attack medium
Fore! Airairair3Attack h
Smasher AS Right+LatestAttack h x5
Gunfire Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Nunchaku Attack AS S+Attack light
Designated Hitter AS S+Attack medium
Drop Slam AS S+Attack h
Komaki Dragon King Arcade Stick RS+Attack button
Fence Kicker Arcade Stick HCB+Attack light+Attack light
Beater Arcade Stick HCB+Attack mediumLatestAttack medium
Burn Notice Arcade Stick HCB+Attack h+Attack h
Swinger: Wallbanger 9nbdd+Attack light
Swinger: Pole Smasher 9nbdd+Attack medium
Crash Test Dummy 9nbdd+Attack h
Komaki Sword Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down+Attack light
> Walf Blade AS Right+LatestAttack h x5 with Komaki Sword
Kali Attack Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down+Attack medium
> Ninten Kali AS Right+LatestAttack h x5 with Kali Attack
Hammer Attack Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down+Attack h
> Hammer Swatter AS Right+LatestAttack h x5 with Hammer Attack
Komaki Reversal Atlas2+Attack h when attacked to counter
> Turtoise Attack light
> Phoenix Attack medium
> Tiger Attack h
> Dragon Exchange button
Jumping Attack button+Exchange button
> Flying Knees Attack light
> Pole Dancing Attack medium
> Rolling Attack h
Drunken Tackle Arcade Stick QCF+Exchange button, can be charged
Terror (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Punisher: Crusher, Stomper, Knuckles, Kicker, Weapon, Hammer (Lv.1)


Hyper Komaki Dragon King (Lv.1) Arcade Stick RS+AA666DFRTG
Spin the Helmet (Lv.3) Arcade Stick HCB+AA666DFRTG, then LatestAttack button
> Finish off with Designated Hitter Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
> Finish off with Dragon Leap Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
> Finish of with Drunken Tackle Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h

Lau Chan

Lau Chan is a legendary, Chinese martial artist and chef, practitioner of Koen-Ken or Tiger Shallow Fist. He made his debut in
Lau chan
the 1993 fighting game Virtua Fighter, where he served as one of the leading characters. He has ever since retained that role in all Virtua Fighter games. Lau Chan fights predominantly using various techniques of the Tiger Shallow Fist fighting style, which is composed primarily from multiple combinations of punches and kicks. Like other fighters from his series, Lau Chan's commands are easy to learn by heart and input, hence being a suitable character for beginners. In contrast, however, to Akira and Sarah, Lau Chan's combos last more and can be chained more smoothly. Lau Chan lacks any projectiles, as the majority of the Virtua Fighter cast. He has decent speed and aerial game. Lau Chan is the oldest fighter out of all the characters in the game in terms of age. Lau Chan's theme is Great Wall.
Move Name Input
Chouhi Teishitsu AS Right+Attack h
Honten Rakutoutai 2dd+Attack h
Tenshin Soukoshou Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
> Senkyaku Renkan Sakurokushou 6frrrrr+Attack button after Tenshin Soukoshou
>> H'ien Senpukyaku AS QCB+Attack button after Senkyaku Renkan Sakurokushou
Renshou Tenshin Soukyaku AS S+Attack button
> Renshou Haitenkyaku 6frrrrr+Attack button after Renshou Tenshin Soukyaku
>> Honshin Hekiken AS QCB+Attack button after Renshou Haitenkyaku
Rigou Sensou Arcade Stick HCF+Attack button
Touku Kosenkyaku Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Tenshin Engekishou Attack button+Exchange button Can be charged
Renkan Ko'enshou Latest3+Attack button
Ryusha Senten (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Daichi Toushu (Lv.1) Latest3+AA666DFRTG
Koen-Ken Senshi (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG

M. Bison

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M. Bison is one of the main antagonists of the Street Fighter series. He has appeared in nearly every game of the series.
M bison
His moveset stays largely the same from Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, although he has received some improvements such as the addition of some attacks from his games. M. Bison's theme is Theme of M. Bison.


In the Phantasy Star series, at the beginning of the game, the player chooses an avatar to play as. The avatar can be of various Classes, for
example, robot, beast, elf, human etc. It can either be male or female. Based on this concept, the character Micah represents all of the avatars of the Phantasy Star series. He is human Class and comes in male and female variants. Hence, Micah's name is used for both males and females. Micah's design is not from any specific game of the series, but his\her design is closest to that of the characters Sail and Lutia from Phantasy Star Nova, the most recent game of the series. Micah's attacks are all based on attacks used by different avatars in the series. The male Micah uses a sword with lightning based attacks while the female Micah uses a staff with magic based attacks. Nevertheless, both are clones of each other, with minor differences in their moveset making them a single character sharing one slot in the roster. As a fighter, Micah relies mostly on chaining his simple commands with his specials.
Move Name Input
Quantum Sever Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
> Excell Quantum Sever Attack light
> Ultimate Ultimate Quantum Sever Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light after Spell of Halo
Quantum Charge Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
> Excell Quantum Charge Attack medium
> Ultimate Quantum Charge Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium after Spell of Halo
Quantum Ultimatum Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
> Excell Quantum Ultimatum Attack h
> Ultimate Quantum Ultimatum Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h after Spell of Halo
Quantum Rise AS S+Attack button
Quantum Vengeance Arcade Stick HCF+Attack button
Quantum Leap AS QCB+Attack button
> Quantum Assault Attack button+DPAD2 to control
Spell of Halo Attack button+Exchange button
Quantum Timeracer (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Gigantes (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Quantum Entanglement (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG

Joe Musashi

Joe Musashi is the protagonist of the Shinobi game, released in 1987. Now, he returns as a representative of the Shinobi series. He fights using his
sword Hazy-Moon. As a swordfighter, Joe's moveset is overall sword-based, consisting of swift and quick attacks, which can chain with one another quite well. Although they are not very powerful, Joe can surprise attack his opponent by leaping up into the air and wall clinging. He also uses shurikens as projectiles. He relies mostly on his normal commands, with his special commands serving as effecting finishers. In his level 3 Hyper Combo, Joe summons Hibana from Nightshade and together they deliver multiple stabs and slashes to the opponent.
Move Name Input
Haywire Slash Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
Cyan Wavemaker Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Sun Sprinkle Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Shooting Shadow Airairair3AS S+Attack button
Corona Radiata Airairair3AS QCB+Attack button
Moonrise Haze AS RS+Attack button
Shuriken Airairair39nbdd+Attack button
Spinning Shuriken Slash Arcade Stick CDU+Attack button
Wall Cling AS QCB+Exchange button
> Surprise Attack Attack button during Wall Cling
> Bounce DPAD2 to control direction
Moon Cataclysm (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Way of the Ninja (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Nightshade (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


Main article: [[4]]
Nemesis makes a comeback from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, again as one of the representatives of the Resident Evil
series, together with Chris Redfield and Wesker. Nemesis is a heavyweight with slow attacks but highly effective in dealing vast amounts of damage. He also has a projectile. Nemesis' Hyper Combos remain the same as they were in the former game. Nemesis' theme is Nemesis' Theme.


Nilin comes from one of Capcom's newest titles; Remember Me in 2013. In this game, Nilin is a memory hunter who harvests
memories from enemies she fights and uses them to her own advantage. In a very similar manner, Nilin retains this ability in her fighting style. She possesses the unique ability to steal memories from fighters by inputting a special command, which upon activating while countering an attack will cause the screen to freeze, negate the attack and Nilin will gain the memory of the negated attack. Nilin can use this command many times in order to remember many of the opponent's attacks. With these memories, Nilin grows stronger in two ways. First, Nilin can use Remembrance to replay that memory by summoning a projection of the opponent and attacking with that same attack she had negated. Second, she can use the stolen memories to strengthen her Lv. 3 Hyper Combo. Nilin uses Remembrance to replay all stolen memories, but in the same time, she adjusts them so that she evades her opponent's attacks and she attacks first. The more memories she has stolen, the more powerful her Lv. 3 Hyper Combo becomes. Nilin's memory hunting ability makes her a unique addition to the roster. Aside from that, she has few command specials, so she must rely mostly on her normal commands to inflict damage. Nilin's theme is Nilin the Memory Hunter.
Move Name Input
Sensen Fury Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Sensen Camo AS S+Attack button
Pressen Flash Kick Airairair3AS QCB+Attack button
Logic Bomb 9nbdd+Attack button
Sensen Spammer Airairair36frrrrr+Attack button
Memory Hunt AS QCB+Exchange button when attacked
Remembrance Arcade Stick QCF+Exchange button
Sensen RIP (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Overload (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Stolen Memories (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


One of the main characters of the Breath of Fire series. Her design is that of the upcoming Breath of Fire 6. Nina plays as a defensive character; many of her specials prevent her opponent from
accessing her zone, such as creating barriers, orbs that float in mid-air and serve as projectiles etc. She also has the ability to increase her health bar, which combined with her defensive play, can take long for her to be defeated. Nevertheless, her attacks, which are exclusively magic based and derived from her games, are very limited and weak, with not enough ways to chain them effectively. Another drawback is that she loses health very quickly and some of her attacks might even diminish her life bar as a cost. This makes her overall a very fragile character, but an efficient assist character. Nina can also fly.
Move Name Input
Barrier Atlas2+Attack h
Iceblast Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Jolt Airairair3AS S+Attack light
Inferno Airairair3AS S+Attack medium
Ressurect AS S+Attack h
Inspire Airairair3AS QCB+Attack button
Fly AS QCB+Exchange button
Rejuvenate 3eee3eee+Attack button
Vitalise (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Heal (Lv.1) Airairair3AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Angel Wings (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


Oichi debuted in Sengoku Basara 2 and has been since then a recurring character in the series. As in the games she appears in, Oichi fights using
two naginata connected by a cord. This provides her with very long range attacks. However, most of her special commands involve her using the hands of darkness, which she controls. Using the powers of darkness, she can grab opponents from afar and combine her attacks efficiently. She can also immobilize them from a distance or sink them in the ground. Combined with her shadow manipulating powers and her long range naginata attacks, Oichi largely relies on attacking from a distance and keeping a safe zone. Oichi's theme is Theme of Oichi.
Move Name Input
Embrace my Chest Airairair3AS Right+Attack h
> Tremble LatestAttack h
Painful Dream Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
Forgotten Sins Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Hollow Moon Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Deep Scars AS QCB+Attack button
Lifeless Song AS S+Attack light
> Night Hands LatestAttack button
Devour Those Intestines AS S+Attack medium + Attack medium
Corrupt Hands AS S+Attack h
> Shadow Hands AS S+Attack h after Corrupt Hands
Darkness of the Netherworld 9nbdd+Attack button
Ocean Wisps Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Dancing Dead (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Flower of Death (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Open Netherworld  (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


The class Shogun from Total War: Shogun appears as a playable character. Specifically, he is the character appearing at the
boxart of the game. The Shogun has a very basic fighting style without many complexities. He is a heavyweight, with slow walking pace. He fights primarily with close range melee attacks. Even though he carries a large katana with him, he never actually uses it in battle or in any of his moves. For his Hyper Combos, Shogun summons his army to attack the opponent directly. He has two level 1 hyper combos, which involve him summoning his archers to shoot arrows at the opponent. This can be executed either horizontally or vertically, similarly to Taskmaster's Hyper Combo. His Level 3 Hyper Combo has him summoning his entire army, which charges on the opponent as the Shogun watches from afar. Shogun's theme is Total War: Shogun - Main Theme.
Move Name Input
Shogun Bash Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Shogun Rush AS S+Attack button
> Shogun Swipe LatestAttack h
Shogun Vengeance AS QCB+Attack button
Shogun Shadow Airairair36frrrrr+Attack button
Shogun Dive Arcade Modifier AirExchange button
Shogun Charge Arcade Stick CBAS Right+Attack button
Sea of Arrows (Horizontal) (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Sea of Arrows (Vertical) (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
With the Backs to the King (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


Silver is by far, the most complex fighter of all. He fights using his psychic powers. With this said, Silver fights by keeping a distance from the enemy, always attacking from afar while creating a safe zone around him. Hence,
nearly all of Silver's attacks have insanely long range, able to manipulate the enemy while from the opposite side of the screen. Silver does not rely on close combat so should his distance zone be bypassed, he could be knocked out very quickly since he does not even posses as many melee attacks as projectiles. It takes great skill and expertise to master a character such as Silver, as one must memorize his vast amount of command specials to chain them efficiently. He has many combo capabilities, he can levitate, dash onto the opponent and follow with more attacks and immobilize the opponent using his Psychoshock attack. He also sports good defense.

Another unique capability to Silver is his ability to enter a state of Psychokinesis. This costs 1 Hyper Combo bar. Once Silver enters this state, his gameplay changes dramatically; he gains an all new set of moveset with upgraded psychic attacks, enabling him to do manipulate projectiles, pick up the opponent, immobilize him or toss him around etc. Silver can also upgrade all of his previous attacks to deal much more damage. He also flies permanently and, most importantly, gains a set of additional, empowered Hyper Combos, which, in conjunction with the ones he already possesses, he can become quite deadly. This, however, comes with a cost, as this mode lasts long enough depending on a Psychic bar, which is located above Silver's Hyper Combo bar and indicates his Psychic energy. The more Psychic, energy Silver has, the longer Psychokinesis will last until he returns back to his normal state. This bar fills up as long as Silver uses his Psychic command specials. Another drawback is that his speed decreases and he becomes more vulnerable, since all of his close combat attacks are replaced with psychic manipulation attacks. His Grab All special will allow him to lift all objects nearby, including the opponent, but if he fails to lift the opponent, he becomes open for an attack. Therefore, Silver must rely on one major thing: to weaken his opponent and then immobilize him with Psychoshock before lifting him.

To top it all off, Silver has the most Hyper Combos than any other character in the game, with a total of 8. However, they cannot all be conducted while Silver is in his normal state. Furthermore, most of his Hyper Combos follow a sequence. That is, one must precede the other in order to reach its full potential. For example, Psychic Armageddon, Silver's most powerful Hyper Combo, although technically being a level 1, it requires that the player be in Psychokinesis mode, which costs 1 Hyper Combo bar, then activating 3 Hyper Psychic Sword, each being a Level 1 Hyper Combo and then following with a Disable and Grab All, making it a Level 4 Hyper Combo. Silver, like Phoenix Wright, has two themes, one for his normal state and one for when he enters Psychokinesis. Kingdom Valley and Crisis City respectively.

Normal Mode: This is Silver's command list during his normal state, before he enters Psychokinesis.

Move Name Input
Psychic Knife Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
Psychic Ray Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Psychic Pulse Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Psychic Attraction AS QCB+Attack light
Psychic Repulsion AS QCB+Attack medium
Psychic Disorientation AS QCB+Attack h
Teleport Dash Airairair3AS S+Attack button
Psychic Sword Airairair3Qcd+Attack button
> Throw Sword AS Right+Attack h
Psyshock Attack button+Exchange button
Psychic Shield AS RS+Attack button
Psychic Orbit 9nbdd+Attack button
Psychic Buster Arcade Stick CBAS Right+Attack button
Vanish (Forward) Arcade Stick QCF+Exchange button
Vanish (Backward) AS QCB+Exchange button
Psychokinesis (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG, enters Psychokinesis Mode
Hyper Psychic Sword (Lv.1) 6frrrrr+AA666DFRTG, only after Psychic Sword
Psychic Rain (Lv.1) Arcade Modifier AirQcd+AA666DFRTG
Psychic Soul Surge (Lv.1) AS RS+AA666DFRTG
Psychic Cube (Lv.1) Arcade Stick CBAS Right+AA666DFRTG

Psychokinesis Mode: These are Silver's additional commands he gains once he enters Psychokinesis. While he is still able to use most of command specials from his normal state, some are replaced with new, more powerful moves while others are upgraded. In Psychokinesis Mode, Silver, by activating his Grab All special, can damage opponents on the other side of the screen while he performs close combat attacks. He increases his Hyper Combos from 5 to 8.

Move Name Input
Disable AS Right+ Hold Attack button+Exchange button, can stop projectiles
> Backfire Airairair3AS RightAS Right+Attack h
> Psychic Eruption Airairair3Arcade Stick CDBArcade Stick Delta+Attack button
> Psystorm Airairair3Attack button+Exchange button + DPAD2 to control
Grab All Arcade Stick QCF+Exchange button
> Downward Throw 3eee+Attack button
> Backward Throw 2dd+Attack button
> Forward Throw AS Right+Attack button
> Psychic Breakdown Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
> Psychic Confusion AS S+Attack button
> Psychic Distortion Arcade Stick CBAS RightArcade Stick LR+Attack button
> Psychic Catapult 9nbdd+Attack button
> Psychic Crush Attack button+Exchange button + DPAD2 to control
Psychic Fortress 2dd+Attack button
Psychic Dragon (Lv.2) Airairair3AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Psychic Wave (Lv.2) 9nbdd+AA666DFRTG
Psychic Armageddon (Lv.1) Hyper Psychic Sword (3 times) + Disable + Grab All +AS S+AA666DFRTG

Sir Pepper

Sir Pepper is the protagonist of the 1995 game Clockwork Knight. He is a brave, yet clumsy knight toy. Gameplaywise, Sir Pepper is very slim but
has more than average weight for his medium height, because of his armour. His walking animation is also stiff. Sir Pepper fights using primarily his sword, which resembles a keyblade. In addition, he may summon toys to help him in battle. He can swarm the field with presents and jack in a box's. A unique feature to Sir Pepper is that his attacks become immensely stronger and faster depending on how well his winder key is winded, enabling him to take out enemies very efficiently. By inputing a special command, a toy will appear behind him and wind his key. As long as it is held down, Sir Pepper is immobilized and cannot attack. The more he is winded, the more powerful his attacks become; he also becomes much faster. This effect however, diminishes in time, bringing his attacks back to normal. If, however, Sir Pepper is not winded at all during the fight, he will be immobilized, hence, winding Sir Pepper's key is a necessity. Nevertheless, Sir Pepper's strong defensive game using his toys and swarming strategy helps him to wind quickly.
Move Name Input
Wind-Up Kick Arcade Stick DR+Attack h
Wind-Up Thrust Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
Wind-Up Slash Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Wind-Up Roulette Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Wind-Up Meister AS S+Attack button
Jack in a Box Airairair3AS QCB+Attack button
> Surprise!!! AS QCB+Attack button after Jack in a Box
Wind-Up Defender AS RS+Attack button
Wind-Up 3eee3eee+Attack button
Toy Throw Taunt + Attack button
Toy Parade (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Surprise Jacker (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
March of Friends (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


Ulala made her debut in the 1999 Space Channel 5 game during the Dreamcast era. She has made, since then, numerous other appearances in
other SEGA games. Ulala's fighting style is rather unorthodox and her moves largely consist of dancing moves; she fights by dancing, as she derives from a music game. Most of her special commands involve her sending out characters from other SEGA games to attack, similarly to how she fought in Project X Zone. For instance, Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone, Harrier from Space Harrier, Scooter from Alien Storm etc. Nevertheless, she posseses her trademark pistols with which she can zap the opponent. These guns have various effects depending on the commands, such as immobilize or deal knockback. Her Hyper Combos have her dancing around with her fellow dancers and dealing a lot of damage. Her theme is Space Channel 5 Theme.
Move Name Input
Chu Beam AS Right+Attack medium
Bomber Swing Airairair3AS Right+Attack h
Opa-Opa AS S+Attack light
Space Harrier AS S+Attack medium
Scooter AS S+Attack h
Morolian Hit Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
Morolian Swing Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Morolian Dance Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Ecco Airairair3AS QCB+Attack button
Taro AS RS+Attack button
Tension Blaster 9nbdd+Attack button
Shoot Attack button+Exchange button
Hey! (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Let's Dance! (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Ulala's Swinging Report Show (Lv.3)

AS S+AA666DFRTG, then tap the buttons appearing on the screen

Frank West

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Frank West returns from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He retains his unorthodox but unique fighting style. Like in the previous fighting game, Frank fights using various items he would acquire in his games. This time, he also has a stage representing his series; the Mall. Frank's theme is Frank West's Theme.

Phoenix Wright

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Phoenix Wright makes a comeback, with his fighting style being unaltered from his previous fighting game appearance. Like in the previous game, Phoenix Weight is a defensive fighter who grows strong during battle. He has 3 modes: Investigation, Trial and Turnabout, each comprising of a different moveset. Phoenix is the only character who does not use any violence in his attacks. Phoenix Wright has 2 theme songs. The first, Objection, playing during his Investigation mode. When he activates Bridge to the Turnabout and enters Trial Mode, his theme switches to Investigation - Cornered.

Zack & Wiki

Zack and his monkey helicopter friend appear as a playable fighter. They come from the 2007 puzzle game Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure. Zack does most of the fighting, consisting primarily of punches, kicks and the use of various devices, items and contraptions that he used in
his game, such as treasure chests, levers, traps, totem poles etc. Some of his attacks are borrowed from Ruby Heart from Marvel vs. Capcom 2, since both characters are pirates.

Zack and Wiki's first Hyper Combo, Treasure Chest of Ghosts, has him summoning a large treasure chest which releases many ghosts. His second level 1 is Totem Pole. Zack summons a totem poll that falls perpendicular to the ground. If it hits the opponent, it will hit him multiple times with its hands as the opponent ascends upwards. Million Conraptions is his level 3 Hyper Combo. Zack and Wiki trap the opponent into a machine and deliver multiple blows to him, until Wiki pulls a lever and hits the opponent's haed with a wrecking ball.

Move Name Input
Golden Swing AS Right+Attack medium
Viper Jar AS Right+Attack h
Centi-saw Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Ghost Chest AS S+Attack button
Booby Trap AS QCB+Attack button
Slither Gripper AS RS+Attack button
Helicopter Wiki AS QCB+Exchange button
Treasure Chest of Ghosts (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Totem Pole (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Million Contraptions (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


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Zero returns as a representative of the Megaman series, along with X. Zero remains overall unchanged in his attacks from Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He
is a fast and versitile player who uses both a sword and projectile weapons. His combos are very powerful and can defeat an opponent "in a nanosecond"! Zero's theme is Zero's theme.
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