This page features the moves of all characters in the upcoming fighting game SEGA vs. Capcom: Fighters of the Millennium. Characters who have previously appeared in a fighting game and therefore have their moveset retained from that game will not have their moveset written here, but only a brief description. Normal moves will not be listed here, only the special moves will be listed for each character.

Because of its very big size, the page is broken up into 3 parts, two of which contain 25 characters and one for the secret characters. Please click here for the rest characters.


Akira is the protagonist of the highly acclaimed fighting series Virtua Fighter produced by SEGA. He, along with Ryu, are the simplest characters in the game, suitable for beginners to start with. He is a balanced character, middleweight with many similar traits with Ryu. His moveset overall is based on his moveset from the Virtua Fighter games and from Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. He has many attacks that can combo very quick and efficiently in the hands of a skilled player, while his speed and air play are mediocre. Akira's theme is Akira's theme from Virtua Fighter V.
Move Name Input
Sayu Kaukyu AS Right+Attack medium
Souka Housui Arcade-Stick-Down+Attack medium
Touku Rakushou Arcade Modifier AirAttack medium
Chouzan Housui AS Right+Attack h, can be charged
> Daiden Housui Attack h
Maho Shoukou Arcade-Stick-Down+Attack h, can be charged
Tankyaku Arcade Modifier Air2dd5+Attack h,
Mouko Kouhazan Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
Byakko Soushouda Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Renkantai Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h,
Shura Haoh Koukazan AS S+Attack button
Jouho Senshou AS QCB+Attack light
Koboku AS QCB+Attack medium, can be charged
Fujin Chuten Hekirekichu AS QCB+Attack h
> Kaiko Attack h
Youhou AS RS+Attack button
Hougeki Unshin Soukoshou (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Yuki-ryu Hakkyoku-ken Hiden Guren Hozan (Lv.1)  AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Shin Tetsuzankou (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG

Alicia Melchiott

The protagonist of Valkyria Chronicles, having made an appearance in all 4 games of the series, starting with the 2007 PS3 game Valkyria
along with Selvaria Bles. Both represent the Valkyria Chronicles, a relatively new title, produced by SEGA. Alicia Melchiott's fighting style involves the usage of various firearms, such as her grenades, missiles, rifles, hammers etc, which are a core concept in her games. As such, Alicia focuses primarily on projectiles. In her Hyper Combo level 1, Alicia summons her fellow troops to attack with a barrage of gunfire. Hyper Combo level 2 has her summoning a tank and firing three shots. The shots can be directed by moving the analogue stick. In her level 3 Hyper Combo, Alicia acquires the Valkyur Spirit. She gains a powerful sword and shield, much like Selvaria, and delivers a series of attacks, finishing off with a beam from her sword. Alicia's theme is Valkyria Chronicles - Main Theme.
Move Name Input
Double Movement AS Right+Attack h
Mortar Lance Hold Attack h
Mine Arcade Stick DR+Attack h
Anti-tank Rifle Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
Flamethrower Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Submachine Gun Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Anti-tank Lance AS S+Attack button
Military Wrench AS RS+Attack button
Anti-Intercept Grenade AS QCB+Attack button
Evasion Boost Attack button+Exchange button
Lancaar Arcade Stick HCBAS Right+Attack button
Squad 7 Battlestations! (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Unevadable Shot (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Scarlet Valkyrie (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


Main article: [[1]]

Amaterasu comes from the Okami series, produced by Capcom. Amaterasu is a goddess in wolf form, hence, her attacks are very powerful. Her moveset remains the same as it was in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, with some minor improvements. Her theme is Theme of Amaterasu.

Axel Stone

When Streets of Rage was released by SEGA in 1991, the game became an instant success and over the years it spanned numerous sequels,
now considered as cult-classics. Axel Stone, the protagonist of all of the games in the series, appears as a playable fighter. Axel's fighting style resembles much that of his rival's, Cody Travers. Many of their attacks are similar, but Axel's are more fire based. He also draws some attacks from his games. In addition, Axel shares an identical move with Cody using a knife. The knife can be picked up and thrown at any time and Axel can pick up Cody's knife and vice versa. Axel retains his trademark Grand Upper, which also serves as his Level 1 Hyper Combo in an upgraded form.
Move Name Input
Dragon Dash AS Right+Attack medium
Roundhouse Kick AS Right+Attack h
Dragon Smash AS S+Attack light or Attack medium, then LatestAttack button
Dragon Kick AS S+Attack h, then LatestAttack button
Dragon Wing Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light or Attack medium
Grand Upper Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Knife Pick-up Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down+Exchange button (Can also pick up Cody's knife and vice versa.)
Knife Throw AS QCB+Attack button
Backhand Punch 3frAS Right+Attack button
Dragon Leap AS QCB+Attack button (while not holding Knife)
Touchdown 9nbdd+Attack button
Grand Hook (Lv.1) AS S+AA666DFRTG
Flurry Attack (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Hyper Grand Upper (Lv.3) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG


Bayonetta is one of the most recent titles of SEGA and one of the most successful. The protagonist of the game, Bayonetta, appears as a playable
character here, having previously appeared in a fighting game called Anarchy Reigns, also produced by SEGA. Therefore, many of her moves are directly borrowed from there. Bayonetta is a middleweight fighter and her moveset mirrors that of Dante. She is fast, agile and her attacks are nimble, but inflict a lot of damage. She has a very versatile moveset, using a wide arsenal of weaponry and magic, but also punches and kicks for close combat. Like Dante, most of her attacks combo very well with each other. Her arsenal comprises of Kulshedra, a Shuraba, Scarborough Fair, Odette, Chernobog, Sai Fung, Durga her trademark hair attacks termed Wicked Weaves and many more, including herTorture attacks. Overall, Bayonetta is a very dangerous fighter with a huge number of commands. Bayonetta's theme is Fly Me to the Moon.
Move Name Input
Scarborough Fair Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light
> Love is Blue LatestAttack light
>> Wicked Weaves Attack light+Exchange button, can be directed
> Bazillions LatestAttack medium x5
>> Wicked Weaves Attack medium+Exchange button, can be directed
> Onyx Roses LatestAttack h x5
>> Wicked Weaves Attack h+Exchange button, can be directed
Shuraba Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
> Rakshasa LatestAttack medium x5, can be directed
>> Wicked Weaves Attack medium+Exchange button, can be directed
Kafka Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
> Salamandra LatestAttack h x5, can be directed
>> Wicked Weaves Attack h+Exchange button, can be directed
Kulshedra AS S+Attack light
> Alruna LatestAttack light x5, can be directed
>> Wicked Weaves Attack light+Exchange button, can be directed
Chernobog AS S+Attack medium
> Dark Moon Scythe LatestAttack medium x5, can be directed
>> Wicked Weaves Attack medium+Exchange button, can be directed
Undine Airairair3AS S+Attack h
> Urban Climax LatestAttack h x5, can be directed
>> Wicked Weaves Attack h+Exchange button, can be directed
Wheel of Torture Latest3+Attack light, can be charged
Sai Fung Wheel Latest3+Attack medium, can be charged
Umbral Helicopter Latest3+Attack h, can be charged
Sai Fung Airairair3AS QCB+Attack light
> Stunch Performance Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light during Sai Fung
>> Gun-chuk AS S+Attack light during Stunch Performance
>>> Wicked Weaves Attack light+Exchange button, can be directed
Lt. Col. Kilgore AS QCB+Attack medium
> Cannon Dancer Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium during Lt. Col. Kilgore
>> Cannon Combination AS S+Attack medium during Cannon Dancer
>>> Wicked Weaves Attack medium+Exchange button, can be directed
Durga AS QCB+Attack h
> Durga Alt. Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h during Durga
>> Durga Exploit AS S+Attack h during Durga Exploit
>>> Wicked Weaves Attack h+Exchange button, can be directed
Odette AS RS+Attack light
> Storming Odette LatestAttack light x5, can be directed
>> Ice Cocytus AS S+Attack light during Storming Odette
>>> Wicked Weaves   Attack light+Exchange button, can be directed

Pillow Talk

AS RS+Attack medium
> Pillow Unleash LatestAttack medium x5, can be directed
>> Rodin AS S+Attack medium during Pillow Unleash
>>> Wicked Weaves Attack medium+Exchange button, can be directed
Takemikazuchi AS RS+Attack h
> Accolade LatestAttack h x5, can be directed
>> Harmonious Lightning AS S+Attack h during
>>> Wicked Weaves Attack h+Exchange button, can be directed
Witch Time Airairair3AS QCB+Exchange button (counters an attack, freezes time temporarily)
Wicked Palm Thrust (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Guillotine (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Treadmill of Blades (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


In the Phantasy Star games, you are given the opportunity at the start of the game to create your own character by selecting a class. Classes range
between Humans, Dumans, Elves etc. One of them is Beast. Here, the male Beast avatar appears as a playabe character, representing the Phantasy Star series. His appearance is that of the male Beast from Phantasy Star Portable II. The Beast battles using raw force and close combat attacks using his artificial claws, which can also emit electricity and fire. His gameplay is similar to that of Wolverine from Marvel vs. Capcom. His theme is Ignite Infinity.
Move Name Input
Diving Nail Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack h
Silver Cyclone Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
> Critical Slash LatestAttack button during Silver Cyclone
>> Crimson Phantom Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button after Silver Cyclone
Rising Claw AS S+Attack button
Surging Sweep AS QCB+Attack button
Wings of Blade Arcade Modifier AirAS QCB+Attack button
Vanguard of the Beast AS RS+Attack button
Nanoblast Attack button+Exchange button
Photon Arts (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Rainbow Arrow (Lv.1) Airairair3AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Super War-Lion (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG

Sarah Bryant

Sarah Bryant is a deuteragonist of the Virtua Fighter series. Her moveset is based on that from the previous games she appeared in. Like Akira,
Ryu and Chun-Li, she is a balanced character suitable for beginners. Sarah's most advantageous play is her grabing attacks. Her theme song is Aurora.
Move Name Input
Stiletto AS Right+Attack h
Step to Flamingo Frt or Arcade Stick DR3+Attack h
Angel Stomp Arcade-Stick-Down+Attack medium
Serpent Frenzy Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Blizzard Kick AS S+Attack light
Valkyrie Strike AS S+Attack medium
Valkyrie Rage AS S+Attack h
> Requiem Attack h during Valkyrie Rage
Heel Kick Moonsault 9nbdd+Attack light
Leg Hold Throw 9nbdd+Attack medium
Gatling Roundup Somersault Beat 9nbdd+Attack h
Queen Bee Needle AS QCB+Attack button
Double Rise Kick 3frAS Right+Attack button
Dancing Shadow (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Forward Combo Somersault Kick (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Storm Combination (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG

Jack Cayman

Jack is the only character, along with CAPCOM's Cody, who hails from two different universes. These are MadWorld, a game produced by SEGA
for the Wii and Anarchy Reigns, a 2012 beat 'em up game, also produced by SEGA. Jack is a heavyweight and fights with his bare hands on his normal attacks. He uses a chainsaw for his special attacks. Many of his attacks and combos derive from Anarchy Reigns. His attacks in general and slow, but deal a lot of damage. Jack's theme is Ending Theme.
Move Name Input
Side Slash AS Right+Attack h
Uppercut Slash AS QCF+Attack light
Jaw Jab Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Neck Cracker Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Amputator 3frAS Right+Attack button
Ragdoll Slam AS S+Attack light+Attack light
Chainsaw Cannon AS S+Attack h+Attack h
Impaler AS S+Attack medium+Attack medium
Vertical Slash Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick DR+Attack medium
Jugular Saw AS QCB+Attack light
Head Stomper AS QCB+Attack medium
Spine Snapper AS QCB+Attack h
Giant Swing 9nbdd+Attack button
Aerial Backbreaker Arcade Modifier AirArcade Modifier TapAttack medium or Attack h
Chainsaw Splitter (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Heart Surgery (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Ghetto Guillotine (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG



Cody debuted in the Final Fight series where he served as one of the protagonists from the very first game of the series, when eventually he became a cast of the Street Fighter games. In the game, he appears as a representative of his original title, the Final Fight series. His moveset is directly borrowed from Street Fighter x Tekken, with some added improvements and additional Hyper Combos. His theme is Theme of Cody Travers.

Move Name Input
Bad Stone/Knife Throw AS QCF+Attack button
Ruffian Kick AS S+Attack button
Criminal Upper AS QCB+Attack button
Bad Spray Arcade-Stick-Qcbd+Attack button
Zonk Knuckle Hold Exchange button+Attack button and release
Knife Pickup Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down+Exchange button
Dead End Irony (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Final Destruction (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Last Dread Dust (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


Main article: [[2]]

Chun-Li reappears as one of the representatives of the Street Fighter series. As usual, her moveset remains unchanged from her past games. She is overall a balanced fighter with some notable advantages and disadvantages. Chun-Li's theme is Chun-Li's theme.


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Dante comes from the Devil May Cry series, also produced by Capcom. Like the rest Capcom characters that appeared previously in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, his moveset remains basically the same as it was in Marvel vs Capcom 3. He is notable for having the most versatile moveset of all characters in the game and his gameplay is similar to that of Bayonetta from SEGA's side. Hence, they are rivals. Dante's theme is Dante's theme.


Date hails from the Sengoku Basara series produced by Capcom where he serves as the protagonist. Date is a very fast character, able to execute
swift combos one after the other with his sword. His moveset functions slightly different than the rest characters where pressing simple commands allows Date to enter a combo state, similarly to how Hayato could execute his combo attacks in Marvel vs Capcom 2. Date can enter this state provided the player holds the analog stick backward and then forward while pressing the appropriate buttons.

In addtion to his sword, Date uses other minor weapons. A unique feature of Date is his ability to access a 6-sword mode where he uses all of his 6 swords at once for his attacks. His moveset does not change, but his attacks become much stronger and gains additional combos, in a similar manner to Frank West. This can happen only once the player's gauge fills up, which is located at the bottom corner of the screen, similarly to Phoenix Wright's Trial mode. Once the meter fills up, the player can input the command. This special command can be used continuously to increase Date's swords by 1 each time it is inputed. Once Date draws all 6 swords, the move cannot be used again The meter can be replenished by performing combos. The longer the combo, the quicker the meter fills. Date's theme is Date's Theme.

Move Name Input
Jet-X Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
> Wyvern Tear LatestAttack button  during Jet-X
Death Fang AS QCB+Attack button
> Dragon Fang LatestAttack button  during Death Fang
Phantom Dive AS S+Attack button
> Ouroboros Attack button after Phantom Dive
6-Sword Mode Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down+Exchange button, will increase Date's sword by one
Magnum Step 2ddAS Right+Attack lightAttack lightAttack lightAttack mediumAttack hAttack button+Exchange button
Hell Dragon 2ddAS Right+Attack mediumAttack hAttack mediumAttack hAttack mediumAttack hAttack mediumAttack button+Exchange button
Crazy Storm 2ddAS Right+Attack lightAttack mediumAttack hAttack lightAttack mediumAttack hAttack lightAttack mediumAttack hAttack button+Exchange button
Magnum Strike 2ddAS Right+Attack hAttack mediumAttack lightAttack hAttack mediumAttack lightAttack hAttack mediumAttack lightAttack button+Exchange button
Death Bite 2ddAS Right+Attack lightExchange buttonAttack mediumExchange buttonAttack hAttack button+Exchange button
Crazy Stream 2ddAS Right+Attack lightAttack lightAttack hAttack mediumAttack mediumAttack hAttack hAttack hAttack button+Exchange button
Testament (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Jumping Jack Breaker (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
War Dance (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG (functions differently in 6-sword mode)

Sam Gideon

From Vanquish, a 2010 shooter game by SEGA. Sam battles in his armour and primarily uses state-of-the-art firearms. He has a special where he
can change weapons to execute different attacks. In addition to his long range projectiles, Sam has the ability to boost. Many attacks can combo with this boost, e.g. once he reaches the opponent, he can either knock him back or follow up with a strong special attack. Sam Gideon relies havily on weaponry but he does have some close melee attacks. Sam's theme is Final Battle.
Move Name Input
Boost Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
> Backward Leap Frt+Attack button
>> Big Shot Arcade Modifier AirLatestAttack light
>> Raptor Dive Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
>> Blade Dive Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick QCF+Attack h
> Combination Punch Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
>> Finishing Punch LatestAttack h
> Forward Kick Attack light
> Boost Kick Attack medium
> Weapon Smash Attack h
Weapon Switch Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down+Exchange button
Shot Barrage AS RS+Attack button
Somersault Kick AS QCB+Attack button
Chaos Cannon AS S+Attack button
Heavy Machine Gun (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Operation: Argus (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Operation: Vanquish (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


Knuckles debuted in the 1994 game Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and since then, he has been part of the main cast of the Sonic franchise. Knuckles is a
fighter who relies mostly on raw power. While Knuckles does have some original attacks, some of his moveset is taken from Sonic Battle. He mainly attacks with punches that are slow, but deal lots of damage and can be comboed well enough. Knuckles can dig underground and attack from below, glide and charge some of his attacks. His walking speed is slow and is heavy but his small size makes up for this. Knuckles' theme is With Me.
Move Name Input
Knuckles Dash Arcade Stick DR+Attack h
Headbutt AS Right+Attack medium
Meteor Punch Hold AS Right+Attack h to charge
> Gigantic Knuckle Attack h during Meteor Punch
Enrage LatestAttack light
Super Fist AS QCF+Attack light
Deep Impact Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Megaton Hook Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Rock Free Fall AS QCB+Attack button
Heat Knuckle AS S+Attack button
Dig Exchange button+Attack button
> Major Eruption Attack button after Dig
Force Breaker 3frAS Right+Attack button
Surging Knuckle (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Fist Fiesta (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Sacred Treasures of the Brotherhood (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG


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Morrigan is one of the main characters of the Darkstalkers series by Capcom. Her moveset is directly borrowed from the previous games she has appeared in. She shares a Millennium Hyper Combo with some hidden characters of the game. Her theme is Morrigan's Theme.

Ryo Hazuki

Ryo Hazuki, the star of Shenmue, one of the most prestigious games of the Dreamcast, makes his fighting debut. Ryo is a defensive fighter, a counter master possessing the most special and normal commands that can counter, than any other character in the game. 
Taunt and Hurling act as normal commands that can counter any attack, except projectiles. In Comeback Counter, Ryo can chain with a counter attack, though the timing has to be precise. Ryo even has a counter attack when he is lying on the floor defenseless. When the S button appears on the screen, the player can tap it to have Ryo perform Reversal. He has average speed, weight and KO capabilities, placing him somewhere in the middle of the tier list. Ryo does not possess any projectiles.

Ryo has 3 Hyper Combos, 2 level 1 and 1 level 3 hyper combos. Forklift gives Ryo the advantage of starting an air combo right after the Hyper Combo finishes. Ryo summons his trademark forklift and drives forward. The attack can also hit the opponent while on the ground. In the end of the move, the forklift lifts the opponent in the air. In Arcade, an arcade booth falls on top of the opponent. If the move succeeds, Ryo will approach the arcade and will press buttons and move the joystick as if he's playing an arcade game. The duration and power of the move can be increased by button mashing. Then, the arcade explodes and deals additional damage. Martial Art Combination is Ryo's level 3 Hyper Combo. It is a counter attack. Ryo's theme is Shenmue - Main Theme.

Move Name Input
Elbow Hook Airairair3AS Right+Attack h
Hurling Atlas2+Attack medium
Taunt Atlas2+Attack h
Gliding Knee Arcade Stick DR+Attack h (hits OTG)
Hang-On AS QCF+Attack button, (AS QCF+Attack button, to get off Hang-On)

Arcade Modifier AirAS QCF+Attack button (hits OTG)

Knock Down AS S+Attack button+Attack button
Comeback Counter AS QCB+Attack button
> Flying Mantis Attack light during Comeback Counter
> Spinning Dolphin Attack medium during Comeback Counter
> Raging Bull Attack h during Comeback Counter
Python Step Arcade Stick RS+Attack button
Reversal Exchange button when lying on the ground
Jab Spin Kick Exchange button+Attack button
Forklift (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG (hits OTG)
Arcade (Lv.1) AS S+AA666DFRTG
Martial Art Combination (Lv.3) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG, then press the buttons apearing on the screen at the correct timing, counters

Chris Redfield

Main article: [[5]]

Chris Redfield is the protagonist of the Resident Evil games produced by Capcom. His gameplay remains largely the same as it was in Marvel vs Capcom 3. He does have some new buffs and nerfs but tend to compensate each other. Chris' theme is Chris' theme from Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of 2 Worlds.


Main article: [[6]]

Ryu's moveset remains largely the same as it was in Marvel vs Capcom 3. He is a balanced character, who shares many gameplay elements with Akira. Ryu has good combo capabilities, average speed and good aerial game, as some of his special attacks are activated only in mid air. Ryu's theme song is Ryu's theme from Street Fighter IV.


A swordwielder, heiling from the Sakura Wars, a series of role-playing/ dating sim games produced by SEGA. She is a 17 year old girl and member
of the Flower Division of the Imperial Assault Force. As a fighter Sakura is a very straight forward character with her attacks primarily being based on her sword. Her specials and assists involve her steam mech. She is a mediocre fighter, with good combos and aerial game, but also some notable drawbacks, such as her easily punishable moves and lack of projectiles. Nevertheless, Sakura can be easily mastered by a novice player. Sakura's theme is Opening theme of Sakura Taisen.
Move Name Input
Kokon Musou Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Shiden Issen AS S+Attack button
> Ouka Ranman LatestAttack button during Shiden Issen
Musou Teni AS QCB+Attack button
Sanjin Seiko Arcade Modifier AirArcade Stick QCF+Attack button  
Hyakka Ryoran Arcade Stick RS+Attack button  
Tenchi Ishi Arcade Stick CBAS Right+Attack button  
Oufuku Binta Latest3 +Attack button
Dedication to Training (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Power Charge (Lv.2) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
The Blood of Haja (Lv.3) AS S+AA666DFRTG

Sanada Yukimura

A deuteragonist of the Sengoku Basara series and a strong rival of Date, Yukimura's battle style reflects largely his philosophy; to walk the path of
the warrior. His attacks as fierce, fast, nimble and can combo neatly with each other. He battles using his two Cross Spears. Many of his attacks are directly borrowed from the games he has appeared in. He has a Millennium Hyper Combo with Date. His theme is Yukimura's Theme.
Move Name Input
Senryo Hanabi Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light or Attack medium
Bloodtooth Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Rekka AS S+Attack light
> Dairekka LatestAttack button during Rekka
Daisharin Airairair3AS S+Attack medium
Gurenkyaku AS S+Attack h
> Horizontal Spin AS Right+Attack h after Gurenkyaku
> Oblique Thrust Arcade Stick DR or Arcade Stick DR - Αντίγραφο+Attack h  after Gurenkyaku
> Vertical Thrust Arcade-Stick-Down+Attack h after Gurenkyaku
Suzakusho Airairair3AS QCB+Attack button
Kaenguruma Exchange button+Attack button
> Frenzied Dance DPAD2 to control, after Kaenguruma
Hibashiri (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Koen (Lv.2)


Ouhoraku (Lv.3) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG

Selvaria Bles

One of the main antagonists of the Valkyria Chronicles, having made an appearance in all 4 instalments of the series. Selvaria Bles wields a large,
bulky sword, which she uses for most of her attacks, and a shield, which does not have much use. Her moveset is largely based on that from Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, where she made her fighting debut. She is normally middlewight, but is rather slow because of the weight of her weapons. She has long-reaching normals, which deal a lot of damage and many moves to combo with. On the other side, she has poor recovery and bad aerial game, even though she has many special attacks in air.
Move Name Input
Impact Slash AS Right+Attack h
Ream Beam Arcade Stick QCF+Attack button
Impact Skill Pursuit Airairair3AS S+Attack light
> Sting Attack Attack medium after Impact Skill Pursuit
Impact Skill Assault Airairair3AS S+Attack medium
Impact Break Airairair3AS S+Attack h
> Viper Bite Attack h after Impact Break
Remaining Shadow Airairair3AS QCB+Attack button (can be charged)
> Rising Falcon Attack button after Remaining Shadow
Air Raid Arcade Modifier AirAS QCF+Attack button
Teleport AS QCB+Exchange button
> Saber Slasher Exchange button during Teleport
> Launching Spider Attack h during Teleport
Ruhm (Lv.1) AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Flash Line (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
War Dance of Valkyria (Lv.3)



Sonic is the eponymous protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series created by SEGA in 1991. As a fighter, he is middleweight with an overall fast executing moveset which involves mostly punches, kicks and spin attacks. Many of his attacks are based off his Sonic Battle moveset. He also has some projectiles and techniques that enable him to slip by from opponents or leap into the air, thus escaping in bad situations. His dash attack is also very helpful to get inside the opponent's territory His height has been altered from the games to be slightly taller.

Sonic's trademark ability is his speed, which is unmatched by any other fighter in the game. His speed is equivalent to that of a character with X-factor. Three of his moves hit OTG: Lightning Tackle, the Light variant of Ride the Wind, which also knocks the opponent to the wall and a fully charged Sonic Wave. With the exception of the latter, all of them can be used to continue a combo Windmill is a faster variant of Ryu's Tatsumaki Senpukyaku. Instant Dash works similarly to Akuma's Ashura Senku. Sonic Boost has Sonic running on the opponent at super speed and is one of his trademark moves. Sonic is not a very defensive character nor very strategic but his incredible speed makes up for this. Sonic has 5 Hyper Combos, 3 during his normal form and 2 as Super Sonic. His second one transforms him into Super Sonic. His theme song is His World remix by Crush 40.

Move Name Input
Sonic Eagle Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Attack h
Lightning Tackle Arcade Stick DR+Attack h (hits OTG)
Homing Attack Arcade Modifier AirExchange button+DPAD2 to control
Windmill Airairair3AS QCF+Attack light
Top Kick Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium
Sonic Boost Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Ride the Wind AS S+Attack button (L hits OTG)
Spin Dash Airairair3Hold Arcade-Stick-Down+Attack light or Attack medium to charge, then release
> Blue Wheel Attack light
> Catapult Attack medium
> Needle Attack h
Sonic Wave Hold Arcade-Stick-Down+Attack h to charge, then release (hits OTG)
Tornado AS QCB+Attack button (Tails flies in his Tornado from above and bombards the stage)
Sonic Rocket Arcade Modifier AirAS QCB+Attack button
Backflip Attack button+Exchange button
1000 Needles Arcade Stick HCB+Attack button
Instant Dash AS S+Exchange button
Overdrive (Lv.1) Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG

Super Sonic (Lv.2)

> Lightbeam (Lv.1)

> Miracle of Speed (Lv.3)



Airairair3AS S+AA666DFRTG

Speeding Daredevil (Lv.3)


Viewtiful Joe

Main article: [[7]]

Viewtiful Joe is a lightweight character and his moveset is basically the same as it was in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He has received some buffs and has overall a very efficient aerial game. Viewtiful Joe's major drawback is his slow speed. He comes from the Viewtiful Joe, a series from Capcom. His theme is Viewtiful Joe's Theme.


Main article: [[8]]

Wesker is the main antagonist of the Resident Evil series. His moveset is basically the same as it was in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Wesker is very fast and his attacks can combo exceptionally well. He has long range attacks, can teleport and finish off opponents very quickly if caught up in his attacks. Wesker's theme is Wesker's theme.


Megaman X, or simply known as X, appears as the main representative of the Megaman series. X's moveset incorporates elements from both his moveset from Project X Zone and from his games. As expected, X is a character who relies mostly on projectiles, thus being a keep-away character. His projectiles are very versatile, ranging from Tornado Fang to the well known Spin Wheel. Nevertheless, he sports some very powerful command specials which enable him to infiltrate the opponent's zone very quickly and follow with exceptional combos, both in ground and air. 
good. Most of X's attacks can also be applied in air, thus granting him a very good aerial game. In addition, many of his attacks can be charged to increase the amount of damage, such as his trademark X-Buster, Tornado Fang and Magma Blade. His Aiming Laser special can attack opponents from the opposite side of the screen and can be used to penetrate shields. To back up with his keep-away gameplay, X possesses Soul Body, which enables him to summon a copy of himself in front of him to increase the power of his attacks. The copy will vanish once X receives damage. X has 2 Millennium Hyper Combos together with Zero and one with Sonic. His theme is Megaman 2 Medley.
Move Name Input
Slide Kick Arcade Stick DR+Attack medium
Ground Fire Arcade Stick DR+Attack h
X-Buster Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack light can be charged
Tornado Fang Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium can be charged
> Triple Tornado Arcade Modifier Tap Attack medium
Twin Slasher Arcade Modifier Air Arcade Stick QCF+Attack medium during Flight
Storm Tornado Airairair3Arcade Stick QCF+Attack h
Mega Dash AS S+Attack light
Air Dash Arcade Modifier Air AS S+Attack light during Flight
Magma Blade Airairair3AS S+Attack medium can be charged
Rising Fire Airairair3AS S+Attack h
Spin Wheel Airairair3AS QCB+Attack button
Soul Body Airairair3Arcade Stick RS+Attack light
Frost Tower Airairair3Arcade Stick RS+Attack medium
Chameleon Sting Arcade Stick RS+Attack h
Double Cyclone Arcade-Stick-DownAttack light+Arcade-Stick-DownAttack light+Arcade-Stick-DownAttack medium+Arcade-Stick-DownAttack h
Aiming Laser Hold Attack button+Exchange button+DPAD2 to control, then release
> Crescent Shot Arcade Modifier Tap Attack button
Flight AS QCB+Exchange button
 Nova Strike (Lv.1) Arcade Stick QCF+AA666DFRTG
Triad Thunder (Lv.2) Airairair3AS QCB+AA666DFRTG
Ultimate Armour (Lv.3)

Airairair3AS S+AA666DFRTG

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