SEGA is a recurring Sonic character.


SEGA is a Gameboy. Even thought she is the first gameboys sold, she is not rusty because she is washed every monday,thursday, and friday. When turned on (Only turned on when talking or doing something), the screen shows a 8-bit, cute smile. The text "Gameboy" is also changed to "SEGA".


SEGA is a nice, and cute robot. She is only mean towards villians, motobugs, and Eggman.


She was actually the first gameboy sold in japan.

SEGA was first featured in Sonic R (still exists in the games), and was actually first featured as a detail in Sonic 2.




SEGA is able to use her controllers as hands.


SEGA is weak to water on her green parts, which is why her gray parts get washed instead.

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