"Yes, exactly, walk softly and carry a BIG SWORD!"
age 26
  • Zero Gravity Saber
  • fly
romantic interest none yet
  • ghost hacking(specialty ^_^)
  • martial arts
theme song coming soon

He's a man of few words. He has trained in the Gigan Rocks School of Martial Arts and Swordplay. Nothing much is known about him excepts he has a huge sword!


Cecil the Hunter

He met Cecil the Hunter when he was wandering around a forest at night and Ryven happened to be hacking down trees. He asked him what he was doing, and Cecil was confused in the head and was shouting at his voices. Ryven snapped him out of his trance and shortly after that they became friends

Kylorin the Lion

He annoys Ryven to the core. He especially gets ticked when Cecil joins in on the annoying. Other than that, they are good friends and Ryven's the one who explains everything to the nieve, absent minded Kylorin.


"Either shut 'yer yap and keep moving, or you can go home without a head, Kylorin!"

"Its snow, not heaven's dandruff."

"Just 'cause you're a ghost, doesn't mean I can't hack you into mince meat!"


His sword was based on Cloud Strife's sword from Final Fantasy VII.

He's afraid of spiders

He has three tails

He's allergic to chocolate(CURSE YOU!)

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