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Ryushu the Cat
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Megan "Ryushu" the Cat

Ryushu the Cat, or Ryu, is the fursona of User:Ryushusupercat. Her real name is Megan, but only a very few people are allowed to call her this.

Physical Description

Ryu is rather slender and lightweight, with hardly any muscle on her (but she does have a wee bit of a tummy because she eats a lot of junk food). Her fur is purple with a white muzzle and chest, and she has blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears glasses, and anything that is casual and comfortable. On the rare occasions that she does dress formally, she refuses to wear anything made of velvet, as she dislikes how it feels.


The Pokemon Experience

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When she was 7 she happened to stumble upon an injured Nincada. Taking pity upon the small Pokemon, she took him home with her and nursed him back to health, having him live in her bedroom. During the Nincada's recovery, the two had bonded quickly. She was unsure of what her mother would think of him (her parents were divorced), but unfortunately, her sister, Rachel, quickly found out about Megan's 'pet'. Since the two girls shared a bedroom, and Rachel was certainly not fond of insect Pokemon, she told their mom about the Nincada in the bedroom.

At this point, Ryu was met with an ultimatum; either scrounge up the money to buy a Pokeball for him, or get rid of him. Naturally, she was devastated; not only had she already given a name to the Nincada (naming him Thyton), it was in the middle of winter, and far too cold for him to be able to survive for long. Thankfully, however, the girls' birthday was just around the corner, and they usually got some money for it. January 18th came and went, and Ryu had just enough money to buy a single Pokeball, so her mom drove her to the nearest PokeMart to purchase the Pokeball.

Whenever Rachel wasn't at home, Ryu would let Thyton out of his Pokeball to spend time with him. He enjoyed sitting on her head, she soon found out. On the rare occasions when Rachel would spend the night at a friend's house, Ryu would even let Thyton sleep in the bed with her, or rather, on her pillow. She finally took Thyton to her dad's place (he had rented a duplex for the time being, which ironically was shared with a close cousin of Ryu's mother); he was far more accepting of the Bug Pokemon than her sister or her mom (although the latter had warmed up considerably to the friendly Nincada).

Making a Friend

When Ryu was 12, she came across a 13-year old male ferret with light brown fur and dark umber hair. For some reason, they instantly bonded. The ferret's name was Linebeck. The two have been friends ever since.

A Rising "Career"

Roughly a month after meeting Linebeck, Ryu became interested in the concept of Pokemon battles; after school she would see other kids her age holding impromptu battles with their own Pokemon (often ones that were given to them by their parents). Her bond with Thyton had grown impeccably strong, and she decided to try and get in on the action herself.

Her first foray into the world of Pokemon battles went quite well, with an even win-loss rate. Both her and Thyton were delighted, and the Nincada seemed to actually enjoy the combat, which had helped him grow stronger and healthier.

Meeting Mel the Hedgehog

In "The Newest Ultimate", Ryu met Mel the Hedgehog, and immediately adored him. She showed him one of her Pokemon, a female Pachirisu, and the two bonded wonderfully. Eventually, Ryu decides to allow Mel to keep Pachirisu.

When Toxic attacked the gang in an attempt to kidnap Mel, Ryu made it her mission to keep Mel safe. She escaped with the boy in tow, along with Hali the Hedgehog.


Base Stats
Spcl. AtkN/A
Spcl. DefAverage
Other Stats
EyesightGreat (w/ glasses)
Poor (w/out glasses)

Ryushu is not a physically powerful character. She can be easily taken out by attacks. This is one of the reasons she uses Pokemon, however, she always makes sure that they are well cared for, and if they are in a fight against an enemy (not a Pokemon Battle) and they're getting hurt badly, she'll return them to their PokeBalls to ensure they suffer no more damage. She always carries a full supply of Full Restores and Revives.

A while ago she was given a Riflestaff by her friend Solar. He taught her how to use it, and now she behaves similar to a Summoner in combat, fighting directly alongside her Pokemon instead of having them fight alone. However, she only does this if the enemy is particularly strong; otherwise, she sticks with just the Riflestaff.

Ryu's intelligence makes her an admirable tactician.



Ryu has caught and befriended a staggering amount of Pokemon. Despite all the time she spends with them, and how often she competes in tournaments, not all of them are fully evolved. Roughly half of them are in their middle stage, and a small few (the ones who take the longest to grow) are still in their basic stage.

Four of her Pokemon are Shiny, and three of them are female, too; Manectric, Zweilous and Ninetales.

Her Shiny Steelix is a male; he was received as a gift.

Johnny D. the Fox used to have three Pokemon; Juggernaut (a Carracosta), Scratchy (a Sneasel) and Electro-Q (an Electabuzz), but he gave them to Ryushu.



A weapon given to her by Solar; this weapon is capable of utilizing the Elements of Fire, Water, Light, Darkness, Earth and Nature, and firing them as pure blasts of their respective Element. With the exception of Light and Darkness, only one Element can be fired at a time; Ryu needs to manually switch between the different chambers in order to fire off a different Element, which takes a few seconds.

It can be compacted into a discreet, 5-inch long form when not in use.

Forms and Fusions

Rory the Cat

Rory is the Gender-swap version of Ryushu.

Twisted Dimension Ryushu

This is the version of Ryu that appears in the Twisted Dimension in the RP Hedgehog's Guide to the Multiverse. Hardened by years of fighting for survival in a cruel world, this Ryushu is cold and generally untrusting, preferring to stick with her tiny group of friends. A horrible accident cost her an eye, with the wound being hidden by bandages.

TD!Ryushu is far more combat-capable than her Prime counterpart; no longer having reliable depth perception means she needs to get up close to her opponents.


The form that appears in Shattered. After Kyle injected Ryu with a powerful substance he referred to as "nanogoop", it gave her the ability to draw the substance from her pores and form high-tech battle armor around her. Kyle then told her that she would be known as "Epsilon".

Friends and Foes


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  • Toxic the Hedgehog - Ryu absolutely despises Toxic, calling him a "womanizing d-bag". Despite his claims that he doesn't see females as items or lesser beings, she refuses to believe him.
  • Dr. Robotnik -
  • DarkSpirit -
  • Umbra the Hedgehog -
  • Mandy the Cat - Naturally, since Mandy is Ryu's Moebian counterpart, they are enemies. Mandy will go out of her way to humiliate and harm Ryu.
  • Jeremy D. the Fox - To an extent, most likely because Jeremy has a hatred of Pokemon, which Ryu does not approve of.


  • Flare the Wolf - Very few interactions, but Flare has a soft spot for he does for throwing Kairu. During the Time Crisis Roleplay, he seems to think that Ryu and he have a future together, although he isn't sure. Possible hints are given, though, such as mentioning that the mother of Flare's future kids can Flow-Walk; this is because Ryu is capable of Flow-Walking. Recently, both of them have fallen in love, and the future Flare saw has become more likely.


Ryu is friendly and smart, and is also a bit tomboy-ish; she loves to fish and explore, and she loves animals. She hates wearing fancy clothes, and will only wear them during special occasions. Although she isn't very fond of Overlanders, she only hates the ones who hurts Mobians. She also loves to play video games.

Ryu suffers from depression and has rather poor self-esteem. She takes criticism (even if it's friendly) rather badly. This is because she is a perfectionist by nature. Ryu also cannot take too much praise. She is naturally modest, and tends to become nervous and flustered when overly praised. She also has dermatillomania (also called Compulsive Skin Picking, or C.S.P), an OCD condition in which she picks at her skin. As such, there are furless, scabby patches on her arms. She despises it whenever anyone mentions her C.S.P. Whenever Ryu gets extremely nervous, she'll retreat to a private place and pick at her arms.

She is a genophobe, one who has a fear of physical intimacy and intercourse, and despises it if anyone touches her chest or butt. However, she denies her fears. Although Ryu dislikes being called by her real name, Megan, she doesn't seem to get too upset if one of her friends calls her this.


  • Her boyfriend <3
  • Video games (especially horror/adventure/puzzle/RPG)
  • Horror movies
  • Her friends
  • Heavy metal/hard rock music
  • Reading
  • Drawing
  • Pokemon (especially hers; she spoils them)


  • Headaches (she gets them constantly)
  • Chris Thorndyke
  • Bitter or spicy food
  • Maths
  • Rap music
  • Hiccups
  • Getting colds
  • Scary pop-ups/jumpscares in horror games (atmosphere killer)

Biggest Fears

  • Big spiders
  • Heights
  • Her friends getting killed
  • Physical intimacy


"I guess so..."

"Aww, that bird's so cute, you could just pluck it off the page and eat it!"

"I don't always facepalm, but when I do, I take off my glasses so I don't smear them."


  • Naturally, Ryu is based solely upon User:Ryushusupercat.
  • Ryu is actually a Japanese word with multiple meanings, including dragon, axe, and kill.
  • Ryushu actually means Lizhou, a city in China.


  • Two of Fursona!Ryu's Shinies were legitimately caught by the real Ryu; Electrike was caught in Pokemon Ruby, and Deino was caught in Pokemon Black. The third (Ninetales) and fourth (Steelix) were never encountered in game, but Ryu decided to give her fursona them anyways.

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