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Ryujin, Purifier of the Seas, (pronounced "rai-YOO-heen") is an Ancient Elemental Beast aligned with the Elements of Water and Poison. He is also a deity of the Water Clan of Neso.

Physical Description

Ryujin greatly resembles a cross between an eel, a squid and a dragon, but on a considerably large scale, being a little over 60 feet long from head to tail. His snout is beak-like, not unlike that of a squid's, but longer, and with teeth-like spikes jutting from it. He has a "cap" on his head that also resembles the head-part of a squid, but more stylized, and with four long, relatively thick, fin-like tentacles trailing out from underneath it, two on each side of his head. He has a long mane of hair that runs past his shoulders and back, and a somewhat long neck, as well as a pair of long, thin whiskers extending from just above his beak.

Elegant, ribbed fins, like those of a lionfish, also extend from each shoulder, draping over his back and joining up at the base of his neck. His upper arms are rather thin, but his forearms are thicker; his fingers (two fingers and a thumb), which are webbed, are tipped with claws. He also has fins on his forearms, and four long, thick fins tipped with small barbs on his back. His body is like that of an eel, being long and stream-lined, and he has four more fins extending from his pelvic area, with two on each side. His long, thick tail is adorned by long, ribbed fins, starting about half-way down.

His thick, rubbery skin is primarily eggplant in color, with a glossy grape chest and stomach, and many jagged iceberg stripes decorating his body. His long mane is white in color, and his eyes are lava with light blue sclera. His beak is also black in color.



Early Years

Beast Legends


Base Stats
Stamina Great
Strength Great
Energy Superior
Durability Good
Resistance Average
Speed Very poor - on land
Superior - in water
Reflexes Very poor - on land
Superior - swimming
Magic Godlike
Kinesis N/A
Intellect Good
Other Stats
Eyesight Great
Hearing Good
Olfactory Superior

Ryujin has a body built for sheer marine speed, jetting through the water like a massive bullet. His flexible, slippery body makes him both agile and surprisingly hard to get a hold of; however, he has no back legs, so his only method of moving about on land is to drag himself with his arms and use his tail as a crude propeller of sorts.

Armed with powerful armaments in the form of a razor-sharp beak, poisonous spines and strong claws, Ryujin is a terrifying force in the water, able to outspeed and tear into any foes who are not used to underwater combat; on land, he loses virtually all of his speed, but can still make use of his natural weapons, as well as his long, thick and powerful tail. He is able to attack reliably both up close and at range, thanks to his respectable array of energy-based attacks.

As expected of a deity of Water, he is a powerful hydromancer, and a powerful venomancer as well, able to wield a wide array of techniques of both the Water and Poison Elements. Being practically immune to poisons of all kinds, he is able to draw water-borne chemicals and toxins into his own body and nullify them, therefore purifying the water around him.


Ryujin is resistant to the Elements of Water and Ice, and is nigh-immune to the Element of Poison. He is able to draw most poisons into his body and nullify them, rendering them harmless; however, he can only do this with water-borne chemicals, and cannot draw in ones directly from the air.

His thick skin is surprisingly rubbery and slick, causing weak to moderately strong physical attacks, light-weight weapons and even bullets to simply bounce off his hide.


Ryujin is weak to the Elements of Fire, Earth, Electricity and Nature. He is much slower on land than he is in the water, and while he is still a formidable opponent on land, this drastic loss in speed and the resultant inability to dodge effectively hurts him a great deal, as he isn't terribly durable overall; particularly strong physical attacks and piercing attacks can ignore his defenses. Energy-based attacks also get right past his thick skin, ignoring this natural armor of his.

Friends and Foes







A bit of a cantankerous creature, Ryujin displays rather brusque mannerisms, and generally prefers to keep to himself, finding the company of others to be irritating. As he travels the Great Blue Realm, seeking out pollution to remove, he tends to have little tolerance for those who live on the land, believing them to be selfish and careless, and it is quite difficult to earn his respect; in fact, the only creatures he (usually) gets along with are the other Water Beasts.



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