"Friends and family come and go, but we must move on. Some things we may see coming, others we may not. All that we need to do is to remember those who we have lost, and hold them in our hearts for as long as we live, for one day, we may join them in the stars."
—Rynok after Rocket's Sceptile's death

Rynok the Rhydon is a big male, elderly Rhydon who is a somewhat minor character in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is Rocket the Fox's only friend until the fox meets his mate Mahna, and later makes a journey to tell Rocket's Sceptile the news of his owner's death. Despite his advanced age, Rynok is incredibly powerful and refuses to let anything keep him down.


Being a Rhydon, Rynok resembles a large anthropormorphic rhinoceros of sorts. He has a thick, heavyset body that appears to be made up of thick plates of gray armor, plus a tan belly and a long, thick, gray tail. He has red eyes, a wide mouth, and a single tan horn on his face with a gray one above it that resembles the horn of a Rhyperior, his evolution.


Rynok is very wise and stern. He cares deeply for all young ones and is incredibly protective of them. Rynok hates any and all evildoers, but when someone gains his trust, he will do his best to protect them, but if someone breaks that trust, he finds it hard to forgive them. Rynok also cares very deeply for his Village, almost going into a blind rage when encountering Infinite after the villain ruthlessly destroyed it and killed all the inhabitants, except for him and Hope.


Before the Series: Rynok used to be apart of a group of Pokemon aptly named the Ancient Army, who lived since the very beginning of the Four Worlds. At an unknown point in time, Rynok's father Wrecker Rhyperior left to form Shadow Woods Village before Rynok-as Rhyhorn-left to live his own life due to the bullying of a Luxray and an Ekans. He traveled to Soleanna Forest, where he met Rocket.

The Lost Story of Rocket the Fox: Rynok first appears as Rhyhorn when he uses Horn Attack on an aggressive Ursaring that chases Rocket after he startles it. Rynok guides Rocket back to his home before wandering off, leaving the young fox to deal with his furious father alone. A few days later, Rynok returns with and urgent warning of Sonic.EXE's return. Rocket wakes his family to pass along the Rhyhorn's warning, and while Dahlia and Rocket flee, Andrew stays behind to fight with Rynok and is killed while the Rhyhorn survives. Rynok is present when a wounded Rocket regains consciousness, and sadly tells him that Andrew and Dahlia were both killed by Sonic.EXE. The Rhyhorn is upset to hear Rocket has chosen to leave Soleanna for Mobotropolis, but respects his new friend's wishes. During the years Rocket spends in Mobotropolis, Rynok evolves into Rhydon and sets up Rockhead Village, naming it after the Ability Rock Head and has it tailored toward Rock/Ground/Steel Type Pokemon, but still accepts Pokemon of other types. When Rocket returns with his son Torch after fleeing Mobotropolis to escape Sonic.EXE, Rynok lets his old friend and his son settle into his Village, but Rocket is soon killed by Sonic.EXE, and Torch runs away, joining Eggman.

Zorro's Tale: Rynok first appears after Zorro the Zorua escapes Lorre the Chesnaught and hides as a Pikachu via his Ability Illusion. Upon seeing the massive Rhydon, Zorro panics and tries to flee, tripping and hitting his head on the ground. Zorro is brought in by Rynok, who takes care of him, but the big Rhydon gets into an argument with one of the Village Elders, a Shiny Mega Sableye, who argues against letting Zorro stay. The argument turns into a full-blown fight that is interrupted by an Empoleon, and the Elder is stripped of his Mega status and banished from the Village for fighting the Leader. Later, Rynok takes Zorro to The Megastone Rogues, telling him his story all the while. When they arrive at the Rogues' camp, the two are taken to Tai the Charizard, the leader at the time, and Zorro is allowed to stay while Rynok chooses to return to his Village, since he is their leader.

The War of Darkness(arc):

Storm of Warriors: Rynok appears during the Final Battle, as he rampages through the crowd of fighters, knocking aside all enemies. After the battle, Rynok returns to his Village.

The Phantom Storm:

The Storm of Evil: Rynok appears when the Storm Squad arrive at Rockhead Village and see it in ruins. When Rex wonders what happened, Rynok is noticed by the Squad when the old Rhydon says that Infinite attacked, sparing nothing and no one. Aria remains with him while Pebble, Rex, and Stan investigate a house and find a Rockruff they name Hope. Rynok is genuinely shocked and surprised to see Hope alive, but happy to see that not all of his Villagers were killed. He goes with the Squad to find Samu Komm and later back to the Base. He later participates in the final battle against Infinite's replicas, plowing through them easily with his huge body. After the battle, Rynok joins the Megastone Rogues as a warrior, deciding to stop hiding and start working.


Rynok's full moveset has yet to be revealed in-story, but the creator has confirmed Rynok to know Horn Drill, Stone Edge, Power-Up Punch, and Thunder. He used to know Horn Attack as Rhyhorn.


Rynok's Ability is Lightning Rod, which makes him Immune to Electric-Type attacks(which is rather redundant, given that he is a Ground-Type) and boosts his Special Attack stat. Rhydon's other Abilities are Rock Head, and Reckless(its Hidden Ability)


Like all Rhydon, Rynok possesses incredible, inhuman strength that he often uses to his advantage in battles, despite his old age.


Being a Ground-Rock Type Pokemon, rynok is 4x weak to Water and Grass; he is Weak to Ice, Fighting, Ground, and Steel


As Rhyhorn


Rynok's name means "rock" in Pokonese, a very old fictional language in The Legend of Fox the Brave, of which Rynok is fluent in.

Rynok may appear in a story in The War of Darkness(story arc), most likely in the final battle.

  • This was later confirmed to be true, as he appears in Storm of Warriors
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