Rymyx The AliRaniyan

here she is folks! NOT WHAT YOU THOUGHT!? TOO BAD!! omg i'm sorry!


A Rainbow Alicorn Pomeranian With A Pink Shirt that Says "Party all day Erry Day!" with some Short purple Shorts that show off her Flank with some Pink Jay's that light up at night and she has on A Piano Choker on her neck with Some Pink and Purple finger-less gloves on.


Rymix is a PARTAY PUPPY-DOG! she loves to have fun no matter what! when the party gets cray-cray, she get's cray-cray! and fast too! She doesn't like party poopers and H8'S it when somebody crashes the party and RUINS IT FOR EVERYBODY! she isn't ever serious and always loves to make her besties[Especially Anti And Darki-Doo] and Famalamily laugh with her hilarious jokes!


Rymix was abused when she was 3 years old. Her Mean Grand Parents MADE her do chores around the house or else she would get beat constantly if she refused to. but one day her anger got to the best of her! she...released...the...demon inside her and beat her grand parents constantly until they passed out from all the pain. Blood was everywhere on her and the next day, they both woke up covered in bruises and lacerations from Rymix. they were angry at her so they beat her with the most blunt object they could find. Rymix was more furious than a sidewinder on a hot driveway. she was so infuriated that she latched onto her Grand Father and bit his ear and tail off and she did the same with her Grand Mother. her mom and dad and siblings were amazed at this. for Their daughter and Their sister had become a Savage![GET REKT SKRUBS!] she then lived her life without getting abused by nobody else but one day she was jumped by a group of boys and of course she was mad! so she nearly murdered them NEARLY! they weren't dead, they were just passed out from Rymix. then, a man sexually touched her on her flank and she punched him out and he passed out. she grew up to be a DJ at six. she was surprisingly good at it too. She got a turntable for Christmas and her remixes were so lit that they blew everyone's mind! on her 7th Birthday, she got a few pet Foods[like hotdogs] called Foodies. they were so cute! she loved them all. for her 8th Birthday, She got 13 pets and cared for them and her mischievous Siblings too! she was walking home from school one day when this mean kid Named Billy pushed her down and stole her foodie! she ran after him with a music trail behind her and got her foodie back. of course she beat up billy just for that![wow she's a boss]. then, she was still walking when she saw 2 cute as freak demons walking in front of her. she just WANTED to say hi to them and she did. they became her friend and on the weekend, they went to Ireland to see her Cousin. when she was walking back to Her cousin IyreLynd's house she saw a certain green-haired youtuber she knew. so she said hi and they became Instant besties forever! Jack also told her that he Knew her demon friend Anti and he was a bit scared of him but it was OK! so on her 9th birthday, Jack sent her a Sam for her birthday! she was so flattered by this that she sent HIM a baby Foodie[that he named Tom]. She was happy that she got 1,000,000,000 views on every video she had! she was SUPER DUUPER HAPPY! so happy that she told Jack about it and he was surprised too! on her 10th birthday, everyone on YouTube was wishing her the best birthday of her life! and it was! everyone she knew was at her birthday party! and plus,she got a horse and a Nyan Cat for her birthday! it was the best day ever. she rode her horse AND she named it Frosty! Because she was Frosty white! finally, on her 11th Birthday, she saw the cutest puurson ever! it was green-hair McYellsalot![A.K.A Jacksepticeye] and she was super happy! so now, her life is as happy as a Pinkie Pie eating a pile of cupcakes with all her friends while watching a Sonic Rainboom Happen. and she is still Her! SO DON'T H8 or else she will slap 70 SHADES OF SHUT THE FREAK UP OUT OF YOU!


She has some pretty,long wings that help her in flight and she has a hidden horn in her hair that helps her with magic stuff! who needs 6 arms when you can just pick stuff up with magic?! She has 3 Forms, InSaNItY RyMiX,Party Rymix,and Bad Rymix. oh yea! and she can play some awesome beats too from her DJ SKILLZ! AWESOME DJ SKILLZ!


Rymix has lots of Abilities! She can slice people with the songs she loves with her song sword, She can stomp and make everybody fall with the bass drop,she can run at the speed of sound with a music trail behind her, she can throw Gummy Bear Bombs that play annoying music she likes at mean ppl,and she can catch ppl with her magic cookie catcher!


She Knows how to use a turntable very well because she did once and well, EVERYBODY WAS AWESOMELY DANCING TO THE SONG OF THE ALIRANIAN! she also knows how to break-dance and knows every dance of 2016. she also has the voice of a angel. DJ SKILLZ 4 LIFE TOO! oh and she can release her inner demon when she get's super pissed off too so DO NOT MAKE HER RELEASE THE DEMON!!!!!!!


She's very afraid of the dark after she went to judgement journey. she will scream BLOODY MURDER when there's a blackout. She will sometimes faint if she doesn't see or get any light. she doesn't wear her LED Jay's in the dark either so she's freaked. oh yea! and ZOMBIES,VAMPIRES[she's friend's with one],AND WEREWOLVES SCARE HER TOO!

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