Ryder the Hedgehog (ハリネズミハリネズミ) (Previously known as Erizo) is a fan character created by Nikki-Kaji. He is 16 years old, and was born on North island.

General Info

Ryder is an adventurous hedgehog, always on the move exploring the world around him. With his sword, he'll defeat any evil that comes his way. But sometimes, he has to hold back on exploring and spend time with his girlfriend, Starlight.


Ryder was a member of the X Freedom Fighters on North Island. He would go on special missions with his team members to keep the island safe. His leader was King Elias, and Erizo always followed his orders, along with the other X Freedom Fighters. But, he did have a hard time listening to his teammates, often putting them in danger. Later on, Ryder was dismissed from the X Freedom Fighters because of something that had happened, which he never wants to speak about.

A year later after being removed from the X Freedom Fighters, Ryder snuck away from his home island to live in Mobotropolis.


Ryder is an adventurous daredevil. He always takes risk no matter how dangerous, especially during adventures. He has been like this since was a child, and is still the same till this day.

Ryder loves his girlfriend more than anyone else in the world. He hangs out with her whenever he can, and always tries to be sweet, supportive, and the best boyfriend he could be

However, despite loving his girlfriend so much, he won't exactly stay long for a study date or book club. Instead, he would go out and take on wild badniks or simply hang out with his friends and do cool stuff.


Theme Songs


Rooftops-Lost Prophets

Ryder's theme song

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