"My name is Ryan, but I'm not one of you."
—Ryan's Introduction[Author]

Ryan the Chimera
Ryan the Chimera

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsNone
Physical Description

Wolf: Brown Fur, Brown eyes and Peach skin

Human: Peached skin, Brown hair, and Brown eyes

AttireGrey undershirt and white coat; Blue jeans and blue shoes; black gloves and a brown belt
Political Alignment and Abilities
AlignmentGood, unless in Feral form
WeaponrySwords, guns, and hand-to-hand
AbilitiesTransformation, Adaptation
Super FormsFeral Wolf
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorDraon029


"My life isn't an interesting tale to tell. I was born as normal as every other child, but it wasn't Mobius. I was born on earth, where a strange power called Alchemy resided. I grew up under a hard working father and a stay-at-home mother. My father was a major general in the army, and was away very often, leaving me to protect my mother and learn to fight for myself. I devoted my young life studying for school or training with my father's men to improve in my fighting skills. Most of my free time was spent helping my mother with chores around the house, so naturally I didn't have too many friends. I grew up with the my father's men, and the treated me kindly and helpfully to my studies.

When I turned sixteen, my father was called out to a war to help hold the front. He never made it back. That day, my father's right hand man took his position, and he elected me as his assisstant, even though I had just gotten in. He was kind enough to show me hospitality and he helped me climb the ranks as I continued in my training. I continued to help my mother as she got over the death of my father, but she continued to grow distant, even to her last breath. I was eighteen when she died, and I had finally hit the rank of Lieutenant the day before.

Over the next three years after my mother died, I worked my way up to the rank of Admiral, and a worthy Admiral I made for my men. I worked for years to hold my position, and I learned to do a pretty good job with it. Many of my friends were lost, but new ones were made in their place. It was all I could do to keep moving in life, and I never forgot the sacrafice that my father made for my life.

On the fourth year anniversary of my becoming of Admiral, my superior officer called me aside and told me an important piece of information. They were experimenting with alchemy on some of the men, transmutating them into chimeras. They asked me if I would be apart of it, and I agreed, but only on the reason that I had nowhere else to go in my life and I needed a new adventure to take part in. They put me through some tests, then I was put to sleep. When I had awoken, my sense of smell had strengthened very well, along with my sight and hearing. I looked into a mirror to find I had been transmuted into a wolf like creature, but suddenly something began to change me. I didn't realize what was going on until I had reawoken in a grassy plain that wasn't of my own world. I had been transported through space and time to a whole new world that I had never explored before. A new adventure had arrived to me, and it was time I started it. And so my journey on Mobius began..."


Ryan is a serious and hardy type of character. He never gives up on a plan he sets into motion even if his life is put in danger. In most of his situations, he will have to forfeit his own life to save his friends, but usually only worries about them and nobody else. He is very stubborn and can sometimes jump into a problem head first without thinking. This happens especially when he goes feral in his wolf form, and he cannot be stopped unless he puts his friends in danger. Otherwise he is a steam roller off it's hinges, attacking anything he sees. In his human form though, he is much kinder than usual, but still a very hardy character at that. In the end, all he worries about is his friends and family. He doesn't seem to care what others do around him, as long as he's out of it.


"Whatever it is, you can leave me out of it."

"You're making me won't like me when I'm angry"

"How about you just stay out of this and let me take care of it."

"It's about time somebody get's hurt for their wrongdoings"

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