Rutna is Crimson the Echidna's and Lien Da's daughter as well foster niece to Knuckles.


Rutna is a young female echidna who share traits of her parents, having red fur, Crimson's blue eyes and dreadlocks. She wears grey shoes, white tanktop, green belt, blue skirt with a diamond shape with pink and white bolt pattern. She got golden gauntlets and white gloves.


Unlike her parents, she is not as sadistic, ruthless or uncaring as them; she is on the opposite side, she is caring, rude at times and shows mercy. She often tries to stay away from her parents due to her father's bloodthirsty nature and mother's assassin job. Instead she often tries to share a family bond with her foster uncle Knuckles, viewing him as a father-figure.

Powers and abilites

Like her father she has super strength.. She is strong enough to carry a whole tree on her shoulder and destroy boulders in one punch. She also is trained in many ways of combat such as sword fighting.

Lately it is discovered that she grew two metallic claws on each hands like her father Crimson.


She is not as strong as her father and foster uncle. She also can't withstand electricity or fire. As well she is also very naive.


She first appears in Terror of Crimson as a baby, mentioned by her parents at some point.

She makes her full appearance in Clone Trouble, now being one year old and during the fight against the clones, Knuckles finds her and out of curiosity she reaches for Knuckles until her mother Lien came and fought Knuckles as he plans to raise Rutna like his own daughter and not let her being a killer like Crimson. Eventually Knuckles manage to overpower Lien and takes Rutna with him to let her stay with him at Angel Island, adopting her as well.

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