Rutan is a son of Dr. Finitevus and Lien-Da and twin brother of Jani-Da. The twins were born and train in Nocturne, when Lien-Da made Finitevus take full responsibility of their eggs. He serves as one of the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog (New Genesis) series and MXYL (New Genesis) Series. This Rutan is the reborn version of the MXYL Rutan. He is the leader of the Knights of Chaos and currently hold the 5th seat of the Legatus group along with his sister.


His fur was originally red and his eyes were brown with white sclera, although he is capable to change his fur color white and his eyes yellow with black sclera.

He typically wears a flowing, tattered black cape with an Enerjak helmet insignia on the back (in some appearance, on the front as well) with a heavy gold emerald clasp. Rutan also sports holders for his Warp Rings on the forearms and feet, essentially wearing them like heavy bangles or bracers. He also wears a belt with a round gold buckle. Beneath his cape is a grey vest with 13 slots on each side, and wears a pair of black boots with metal plating and a pair of fingerless black leather glove.

His armor form is like is white with a long black cape, black vest with 13 slots on each side, and his helmet resembles an Owl. 


Rutan is a loyal member of the Noturnus Clan and part of the Royal Family and is ruthless to do anything for the clan's goal. He has a stern, dead-serious disposition, grim, expressionless and most of all ruthless. Despite this disposition, Rutan is capable to restrain himself at times when necessary.

Rutan's beliefs led him to go as far as destroying a village because of the possibility that an enemy could be hiding inside and searching inside will take alot of time. Another trait of his ruthlessness is when he made a slave to test a vehicle in case of sabotage, when the slave tried to shut down the out of control vehicle Rutan simply had the vehicle continue running until it explodes later stating all slaves will be doing the same.

Additionally, he has no tolerance for Nocturnus members who desert their posts, which the only consolation he does offer is that they should not dishonor their families by running away. 

Similar to Sonic, Rutan possess a habit to insult his foes yet in a more darker tone, like telling Sally how much of a failure he is compared to herself and his ancestors, or mocking Shadow that his own existence was the reason those close to him died. He use his insult to provoke his enemies to attack him in rage allowing him to deal a crippling blow.

Despite all that Rutan respect accomplishments even from his enemies, like Tremor for being the first and only person to defeat the entire Nocturnus Clan.
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Salma the Chameleon

In the MXYL Timeline the two were once lovers, though the relationship turned rocky after King Shadow's dethronement and Lien-Da's going into hiding. Despite suffering from the time alteration from King Shadow, both Rutan and Salma retain their past memories.

During Rutan's first invasion on Angel Island, both Salma and Rutan became aware of each others' existence, although Salma refuse to believe the two are the same.

When the two met once more with Salma voicing her doubts of who she thought was behind that armor, to which Rutanr coldly respond that he had destroyed his weaker past-self, spurring a duel between them. After destroying his helmet confirming his identity, Salma offered him a chance to return to the way things was Rutan cruelly cuts her throat showing every intent on killing her. Proven that the bond between them has died. The two resume their duel with Rutan being the victor, although Salma survived at the cost of her voice.

Whenever Rutan is near Salma suffers intense pain from her throat alerting the Chaotix that he is nearby.

Abilities and Powers

As the leader of the Knights of Chaos and a powerful member of the Nocturnus Legatus, Rutan has complete authority over his crew. In addition, he was member of Royal Family in the Nocturnus Clan, which gave him dominion over an entire kingdom only below Ix, Finitevus and Zachary. As he holds the 5th seat of the Legatus, this makes him the 5th strongest of the group. Rutan also possess strong senses as he was able to fight off both the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix with his eyes closed.

Even as an infant Rutan's Chaos power was so great that he was a manifest his adult self thru his Chaos powers.

Physical Abilities


Rutan possess great reflexes and agility as he easily dodges Sonic's incredibly fast strikes to the point Sally believes the Super Sonic have a chance land a blow.

Strength and Endurance

Rutan possess incredible durability as he took direct powerful blows from older and stronger Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Tails, Omega, Rouge, etc. and continue fighting without any signs of exhaustion. It took Knuckles' chaos enhanced strikes to deal massive damage.

Rutan also possess unimaginable strength, as he fought Knuckles in a standstill albeit in a short time until he was overpowered.

Swordmanship and Marksmanship

Rutan is a skilled swordsman, although he mainly uses a combat knife, Hell Edge. He uses his Chaos Blade produced from his chaos energy for more serious fight. He can use both the Chaos Blade and Hell Edge as a two sword fighting style using the Chaos Blade for offensive strikes, while the Hell Edge for defensive and surprise attacks.

Rutan is also a capable marksman with great accuracy and precision, as shown when he shot and destroyed the data disk whilst it was still in Sonic's hands while running at a far distance with just his hand gun, Hell Blaster.

Chaos Power

Rutan display great control with his Chaos Power able to control, create, and transform into chaos energy. He can fire beams of chaos energy from his fingers, hands, or feet.

Rutan's reflexes are so quick that he can transform into chaos energy to completely bypass almost any attack. He is able to avoid normal attacks by transforming into chaos energy, causing the attack to bypass straight through his body, which according Knuckles is a high level technique. 

The most dangerous power is his ability to cut people connection to the Chaos Force, although the is unable to cut those with strong connection like Knuckles.


  • Chaos Burst: Rutan surrounds himself in a sphere of chaos energy. This technique serves as a defensive and offensive attack. It protects Rutan from attack, absorbs the damage becoming stronger, and the barrier expands vaporizing anything in a 10 mile radius at quick speed. Rutan first used it to destroy 50% of Shadow's army when they foolishly attacked him alone.
  • Raining Jewels: Rutan crosses his arms in front of him and uses both hands to fire a torrent of deadly particles of chaos energy, causing extreme damage to whatever they hit. Rutan can control the spread of the attack, limiting it to a single person or covering an extremely wide area. It also has great piercing properties, penetrating a thick layer of steel and then piercing deep into the water with ease.
  • Warp Cannon: One of Rutan's most powerful attack. Rutan focus all of Warp Rings in a straight line forming a large cannon. Rutan grabs hold of the back ring and charges it up with his immense energy. The energy forms into a ball in front of the cannon and then fires straight towards the opponent at quick speed resulting devasting damage.
  • Flash: Rutan points his index and middle finger into the air or at his enemies (in the form of a peace sign), and emits a powerful flash of light, blinding his opponent, or any enemies in the vicinity.
  • Chaos Blade: Rutan forms a long, very sharp sword out of chaos energy and solidifies it taking form of a broad sword.
  • Chaos Wave: A powerful energy blast. This ability can only be used when someone studied under Nestor the Wise. Unlike most users requiring two hands, Rutan can fire it with one hand.
  • Dark Shocker: By cupping his two hands Rutan charges a large amount of electricity into a small ball. The electricity then flies out in every direction attacking anyone in its path.
  • Warp Illussion: Rutan makes a quick teleport getaway with his warp ring while leaving an image of himself left behind. This allows Rutan to attack while the opponent is off guard.
  • Nocturnus Eye: A rare ability among the Nocturnus Clan. Rutan is the second to awaken as he was the direct decendent of the first and founder of the clan. Rutan activates his eye on his forehead. The Albino Eye most well-known ability is that it grants Rutan the ability to copy almost any technique that he witnesses, apart from other family techniques like Shatter's tremor ability. The user can chaos energy, weapon skills, and close combat with near-perfect accuracy, allowing Rutan to use the techniques as their own, or even modify them to create their own new techniques, much like Jackhammer kick (improve Rouge's Screw Kick). In order to reproduce a copied technique, however, one must have the necessary skill or ability to perform them, which Rutan possess in most case.
  • Chaos Apocalypse: One of Rutan's most deadliest attacks. A large number of Warp Rings surrounds the area, in most case the entire planet. With only one ring in front of Rutan, he then fires a barrage of Chaos Energy in a shape of meteors into that ring. The chaos energy then emerges from the rings surrounding the area and rains down on them. This attack is best use on a large number of enemies as they have difficulty avoiding the attack without bumping to one another. Rutan uses this technique on Mobius itself turning it into a barren wasteland (cities become ruins, heavy economic losses, severve food shortage, ect.) though victims were low.
  • Time to Die!: Rutan shoots a beam of chaos energy from his foot towards a down enemy finishing them off.

Super Form

See: Rutan's Mega Enerjak Mode


Hell Edge: It is Rutan's main close combat weapon. Rutan can insert an Enerjak-Memory giving it additional abilities depending on the memory.

Hell Blaster: Rutan's main firearm. Like the Hell Edge, Rutan can insert an Enerjak-Memory

Enerjak-Memories: It was later revealed Rutan has more and the 26 are his favorites.

  • Arsenal: Use of multiple weaponries and increased marksmanship.
  • Blade: Use of multiple blades, and increased swordsmanship.
  • Commander: Create soldiers including Prelates with the ability to materialize and destroy matter.
  • Dream: Enter peoples dream and manipulates them.
  • Eternal: Rutan uses it to enter his Mega Enerjak Mode, though requires a large amount of chaos energy to do so.
  • Flash: Control and manipulate lights.
  • Gravity: Control over gravity.
  • Heal: Recover from any injuries and ailments.
  • Invisible: Turns invisible and is impossible to find even by the sharpest sense.
  • Jet: Give Rutan the ability to fly and transform into a jet (mainly a G.U.N. Blue Eagle)
  • Key: Locks and unlocks anything including computers with or without lock. The effects only last for an hour.
  • Liar: Gets people to believe in his lies and the effects last for half-an-hour.
  • Magic: Do magical abilities.
  • Nuclear: Control, manipulate, create nuclear energy.
  • Orbit: Properly move in space.
  • Poison: Produce poison.
  • Quake: Create earthquakes.
  • Radiation: Control, and manipulate radiation.
  • Shadow: Shadow mending.
  • Time: Control, and travel through time.
  • Utopia: Reality-bending powers
  • Virus: Ability to inject anything, including objects.
  • Weather: Controls the weather.
  • Xtreme: Enhances all abilities.
  • Yin/Yang: Power of spiritual balance. Splits Rutan into Good Rutan and Bad Rutan. Rutan uses it to be in two place at once.
  • Zone: Teleport anything/anyone including himself to different locations including Zones.

Non-favorite Memories:

  • Shapeshift: Changes form.
  • Gene: Alternate genes.


Enerider: The Machine EneRider is Rutan's personal Honda CBR250R motorcycle. Rutan is very fond of the bike and states it's the fastest model made. The bike is also a control system for the Caterkiller train that Rutan got a hold of. It possess an A.I. called S.I.M., SUPPORT INTELLECTUAL MOTORBIKE. It can drive itself and comes when needed.

Caterkiller Train: A giant train created by Eggman to plow through cities, but Sonic and Tails send it to the sea. Rutan manage to find it and did major changes with it and uses it as his ground base. Rutan made the armor permenanty indestructable, and increases its speed that it can warp to different zones. He also weaponized it with various types of weapons and equipped it with a shielded generator. It is also equipped it an A.I. called K.I.T., KILLER INTELLECTUAL TRAIN. It can drive itself and comes when needed.


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