Rutan's Mega Enerjak Mode is a super transformation of Rutan , unlike other super form gained from Chaos Emeralds this form can be gained from the Stage Two Enerjak and intense training. After this form they can then achieve Stage Three Enerjak, which is growing into giant size, yet still in the Mega Enerjak Form.



1 V

According to Zachary this form only possess half of the Final Version capabilities as it wasn't completed when Rutan stole it.

Final Version

From what Zachary said, this form can move five times the speed of light, although it is also capable of moving in ten times the speed of light in full potential. This form is well balanced in high speed, precise maneuverability, heavy firepower, and large defensive capabilities. 

The boosters were also replaced with large flexible thrusters mounted in a wing-like arrangement on its back. Sporting multiple vernier thrusters throughout its frame, the unit is capable of achieving precise movements and high speeds.

Final Version Close Combat Mode

A major upgrade to the final form. Increased close combat capabilities and speed, making it a deadly enemy. Rutan mainly uses it duels. So far Rutan uses it in his duel against Thunder Lynx.

Final Version Full Combat Mode

A major upgrade to the final form. Increased firepower and speed, making it a deadly enemy. Rutan mainly uses it against really strong opponents or long battles.

Final Version God Mode

It is later revealed that the final form can become even more powerful when having the seven chaos emeralds. This is a feature Zachary installed into Rutan. This form is known as Mega Enerjak God Mode. This form is the same as the Mega Mode Final Version but with the seven chaos emeralds attach to his body. Grey on the right shoulder, Red on the left shoulder, Green on the forehead, Blue on the right hand, Cyan on the left hand, Yellow on the right knee, and Purple on the left knee. He becomes even more powerful when the Master Emerald is attached to his back, he gains large amounts of muscle mass bulking up.

In this form Rutan is nearly unstoppable as demonstrated in a simulator he easily overpowered Super Sonic. He's even unharmed by Super Shadow's point blank range Chaos Blast. He was unable to defeat Silver or any of his forms, due to Silver's abilities to control time and psychic abilities to deflect his attacks.


Originally the Sinanju Stein was developed by the Enerjak Empire. It was eventually stolen by Rutan as his Enerjak Mega Mode. This form served Rutan well in his rebellion.

It was eventually badly damaged with Rutan in the Battle of Dark Mount against Salma's Perfect Zeong (badly damaging it too) and Rutan was considered KIA. Most of his comrade however believed that he abandoned them, as they were unaware of the battle.

However the Rutan survived, but died at the had of Law, although Rutan died on purpose. Rutan's body was recovered by Zachary with the remains of the armor, during his transport.

During Rutan recovery Zachary's engineers upgraded the unit making is much more powerful than before. This later on serves as Rutan's permanent Mega mode. Rutan upgraded it one last time in the final stages of the Mobius War against Pac. Before the fight Rutan asks the engineers to paint it red, so Rutan can fight him as who he once was, before becoming the Eternal White Killer. After the battle, Rutan changed it back to its Final Version and painted it back white.


  • Vulcan Gun
On the head.
  • Chaos Saber/Chaos Tonfa
Stored within each forearm, they can also be used while attached externally to the arms. Rutan also have two more on his waist, but with a different design.
  • Chaos Rifle
The standard long-range weapon of the Sinanju, it can be used to shoot down missiles or weak mobile suits. Unlike conventional beam rifles, the Rutan's chaos rifle is powered directly by his Chaos Energy rather than traditional C-caps, making it a versatile and powerful weapon. The rifle can also be armed with either a grenade launcher or rocket bazooka. In Full Combat Mode, Rutan is armed with two stored on his back.
  • Chaos Lance
A high powered chaos lance that is more suited for charging attacks than the chaos sword.
  • Shield
A long shield that is used for defense. It can store the Grenade Launcher or Rocket Bazooka and four Chaos Axes. It can either be attached to the forearms or to the shoulder armor. In Full Combat Mode, Rutan have two shields equipped with two Gatling Guns, Rocket Bazookas or Grenade Launcher and two Chaos Axes. In Close Combat Mode, Rutan have a large round shield.
  • Chaos Axe
Rutan is also armed with two beam axes, stored on its shield. The beam axes can form a naginata to take down multiple enemies. Additionally, the axes can also be used while attached to the front and back of the shield. When activated, the beam blade expands beyond the shield's cover area, taking on an appearance resembling that of a beam shield. Rutan is armed with four.
  • Grenade Launcher
Can be mounted on the underside of either the beam rifle or the shield.
  • Warp Rings
​They serve as his bladed and firing weapons.
  • Rocket Bazooka
An alternative armament for the Rutan, it carries 5 rounds in its clip. It can also be combined with the beam rifle.


Rutan must fist achieve Stage Two Enerjak Mode. After achieving that form he must have intense training and merge with an object (vehicles, animals, robots) to achieve Mega Enerjak Mode.

Special Equipment & Features

  • External Propellant Tank
As a high-performance unit, Rutan's Mega mode is equipped with exceptionally powerful thrusters. While these thrusters allow Rutan to attain incredibly high acceleration, they consume fuel at a high rate. To compensate, Rutan can be equipped with a pair of back-mounted external propellant tanks which substantially increase the amount of fuel the Rutan can carry, thus increasing his operational flight time. When the fuel is depleted, the tanks can be ejected to decrease mass.
  • Warp System
The Warp System is Rutan's most powerful weapons. By thought Rutan can control his Warp Rings as bladed weapons or firing weapons. The rings absorb the blast the fires it back from a different ring. The rings are fast and small thus difficult to target.
  • Chaosframe System
The Chaosframe is a technology that builds the chaos-to-object code translator known as Chaos force into the objects powered by Chaos Energy. This allows the user to mentally connect with these objects and directly issue commands via thought alone. Arguably, this will give Rutan greater response time as if he could see the future and allow hims to just his Warp System.


  • Absorption Barrier – Rutan has the ability to absorb energy into himself through a certain pose and add it to his own. This is a feature Zachary installed into Rutan stating Rutan is one of the few to handle the strain. He has made this his own type of absorption ability by not only regaining energy by stealing it, but by adding it to his maximum power and making him stronger, with the added effect of his muscles continually engorging so long as he has energy to consistently absorb. Rather than absorb energy with the inlet devices on his hands (or rather, in his case, on his gloves), he instead extends his arms and legs outward to somewhat resemble a star and raise an invisible field capable of absorbing what seems like anything as long as he holds that pose. The limit on how much energy can be absorbed (if there is one) is unknown, as he even absorbed Eclipse Cannon Blast. However, this leaves him open for physical attacks, as he can not counter while absorbing, but is strong enough to withstand most of them. Can only be used in God Mode.

Significant Variants

Like all Mega Enerjak Mode they are customizable, sometimes temporary (known as form change), and rarely permanent (usually if the form is heavily damaged). In his case Rutan's Mega mode entered to his Final state and never changed back to V1.


Rutan will receive massive strain to his body, when moving ten times the speed of light, thus he rarely uses it.

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