"Locke was the one who allowed my Pack to stay on the Island after we fled there with the other Echidnas."
—Rush's thoughts, The Lost Pack, "Roy's News"

Rush the Fox is a male red fox. He is the current leader of the Red Fox Pack after his father Woodrow with his deputy being Tanner as well as the younger son of Woodrow and Mara and the younger brother of Darkfoot. Rush is rather hateful toward Knuckles(Archie) due to his actions as Enerjak during the War of Time when he threw the Pack from Angel Island Rush was just a cub(even if Knuckles was brainwashed).


Rush is a long-legged, lean red fox todd with thick russet-red fur, dark brownish-black paws and ears, a white tail-tip, white fur running from his chin to his underbelly as well as white ear fur and amber eyes. The fur around his neck is slightly shaggier than the rest of his pelt.


As a cub, Rush was very friendly, but this quickly faded following the Pack's effective banishment from Angel Island during the Battle of Angel Island in the War of Time. As he grew up, Rush became more stern and his fierce loyalty toward his Pack began to show. As leader, Rush retains his firm loyalty toward his Pack, and is determined to keep his Pack safe. He has come to hate Knuckles because of his actions as the brainwashed Enerjak.


Before the Series: At an unknown point in time between his brother Darkfoot's death and the departure of his good friend Roy, Rush was born as the younger son to senior warrior Woodrow and his mate Mara. Rush almost immediately became attached to his older Packmate Roy-Raymond and Kenya's son-becoming close friends with the older apprentice. Roy felt that the rambunctious cub filled the void Darkfoot's death left in his heart.

The Lost Pack: In the Prologue, Rush is seen out of the corner of Firestorm's eye, staring up at Enerjak in terror. When Enerjak throws the entire Pack from Angel Island, Rush lands in a tree, injuring his ribs. Rush clings to the branch, paying little heed to his Packmates trying to figure out how to get him down until Woodrow climbs up to save him, asserting that he won't lose Rush to Enerjak. While carrying Rush down to the base of the tree, Woodrow slips and falls, breaking his leg and jarring Rush's cracked ribs. When the Pack settles down for the night and Firestorm wheezes heavily, Rush reflects that the leader is getting old. When Tanner deduces that Finitevus is partly responsible for the Pack's exile, Rush feels a jolt of fear in his belly. Later, when Woodrow is trying to walk, Mara gently pushes her son away as she supports her mate; it is also mentioned that Rush's ribs had healed during their travels. Later, Rush hid during a savage attack from the neighboring Red Wolf Pack, but thankfully the attack is foiled by the Gray Wolves, led by Ross. The black wolf greets Woodrow, stating his sadness for the Pack being thrown from their home by Enerjak while inadvertently and indirectly telling the foxes of Enerjak's true identity as the brainwashed Knuckles-enraging Woodrow. While sheltering with and recovering in the Gray Wolf Pack, Rush became an apprentice, later a warrior, and finally mentor to Tanner and Snowcap's cub Raiden. A few years later, Rush succeeded his father Woodrow as leader of the Red Fox Pack, making Tanner his deputy and accepting Mona-Roy's sister-her mate Jon(a Grand Metropolis Zone native) and their psychic son Phoenix. Rush was soon surprised to see his old friend Roy, now a Storm Fighter, arrive at the Pack's new camp with Knuckles. Rush expressed open hostility toward the Echidna Guardian because of his actions as Enerjak. Over time, Rush comes to lose some of his hostility toward the Guardian, but it doesn't go away entirely. When Roy leaves to return to the Storm Fighters, he decides to tell Rush about a place in Lamarkie Forest where they could live in peace and not have to worry about enemies. As the Storm Fighter starts heading toward the entrance, Rush warns Roy about Knuckles. Later, Rush took his Pack to Lamarkie Forest, where they live to this day.



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