• Nightrush the superior
  • Syron the fox
  • Bark the polar-bear (rarely)
  • Blaze the cat (rarely)


Out of the only 4 who have used the Rush gem, Syron the fox showed he was using it for good and not evil and has activated it's true power only when the Earth and/or Mobius was in danger. Nightrush, due to creating the emerald itself, has had many encounters with Syron in stealing the gem back for his own evil purposes of
Night-Emerald Concept
activating it's true power to destroy an entire planet.


The Rush Emerald is capable of throwing islands into the air (similar to the Master Emerald), creating miracles, and even fixing certain torn apart time-lines. If the emerald is used in the wrong hands it could create pure chaos, destroy anything it pleases, and slash apart time-lines piece by piece.


The Rush emerald was created by the darkest being in the universe, Nightrush. At first it was made by Nightrush in order to create complete chaos and of course rival the Master Emerald which it was created off of. The Rush emerald is based on negative cosmic energy giving it a black shine instead of a normal white. The emerald itself has shown power similar to the master emerald and even shown it could destroy the green super emerald if it pleases. The Rush emerald is one of the reasons that the Alphamega colony had been thrown towards Nocortune's shield to detonate and fall forever in the Twilight Cage. It is also responsible for tearing apart a time-line that led to Mooncloud's creation but failed to bring Mooncloud into a non-existing state. Many years passed before the emerald had flown off without Nightrush and landed in the snow somewhere around where Bark the polar-bear lived. Once Bark found it, he gave it to Syron the fox who came looking for Sonic in Ice-Cap zone originally. Soon enough, Syron put the Rush emerald in a place where not even Nightrush knew how to find it. The emerald soon grew it's own intelligence unlike all the other chaos emerald and it of course broke out of it's holding chamber to find it's true master once again. After Nightrush had gotten back his emerald, it appeared to self-detonate after using it on the space colony A.R.K to fire the eclipse cannon on the Earth once again. The emerald may have detroyed itself but many say and believe that the emerald's pieces are slowly putting themselves back together and it's energy is slowly growing stronger then it originally was. So far it has been 16yrs and no sign of the Rush Emerald have appeared to bring a conclusion that it has re-built itself. The emerald is now believed to be constructing itself still while being either hidden in the asteroid belt or hidden somewhere on the space colony A.R.K where only Gerald could find it who is of course deceased.

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