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Fur/hair: Pink

Eyes: Red

Skin: Pale-tan
Dark gray long sleeved suit-like shirt, with neck but no collar or buttons.
Combat Medic

Summoning medical kits

hedgehog basics
Special pills allowing the aid of element abilities.
"Let me help you..."

Rumi is the cute medic of any group that would be lucky to have her. She is a combat medic type, but does know how to heal minor injuries also. Sometimes she may seem as if she's a little bit "unhinged", But she believes herself to be completely sane.

Rumi has invited special "Element capsules" that has become her weapons during battle.

Personal Information

Rumi is a young teenage hedgehog girl who is often commented on looking much younger, about 10-12. But she is really 15 years old. Currently she is single, as guys have not proven to show much interest in her. That and the fact that again, she looks to be pretty young...

Rumi is neutral sided, and lives just outside of Station Square with her friend, Blanka

Weapons and items

Special made capsules/pills with elemental abilities. They are not edible types and you just have to hold them to make them work.


  • Hedgehog things like spindash, curling into a ball for safety.
  • Elemental: summons her cute heart themed medical kit, which is basically a heart shaped crystal which holds every pills she has brought with her/made inside. She then opens it and throws the required pill out. And even has a few combined.
  • Shadow Ray: Her long sleeves lengthen before wrapping around the target. Allowing her to choke them or lift them depending on size/weight.
  • Summon: Forms a simple white heart shaped medical bag.


  • Sensative reguarding a few body markings.
  • Elemental disadvantages of course.
  • She tends to ignore her own physical health, worrying about everybody elses.


File:Rumi Back.png
At first view, people would often assume that Rumi is perhaps the offspring of Shadow and Amy. Due to her coloring and style in general. However she denies such accusations, stating that she doesn't even know Shadow or Amy.

(Though she may be lying, since she knows Sonic and Knuckles at the very least...)

Rumi is a light pink hedgehog girl with slightly darker colored hair, she has multipled spiked bangs in her face with a single cowlick and shoulder length spikes that curve outward. Her eyes are crimson colored and her muzzle, arms, and inside ears are pale tan.

Attire wise, Rumi wears a plan dark gray almost black turtle neck, long sleeved shirt like top.


A somewhat random and insane hedgehog girl. She look's cute and innocent, but she can be tempermental and really bitchy/grouchy when displeased. She tend's to be somewhat dark minded as well, but she's usually in a nice mood though. When angry her poor bat friend Daioh is often the one to suffer, due to being the only other worker at the Pharmacy.

She is usually quiet, so it can be hard to tell what she's thinking. She's also smarter and alot more cunning then she let's on.


  • Cold weather
  • colorful things
  • thinking up new medical-based attacks
  • her cute capsules/pills
  • Daioh (to the point of appearing like a posessive girlfriend.)


  • Learning
  • Drugs
  • When people think she is a child, despite being properly developed...



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