This page contains the Featured Article interview of Rugal Paramount, winner of March, 2019. Skyblade743 was interviewed on February 28, 2019.

The Interview

|1=# Q1: Why did you adopt this character? What did you like about him originally and what did you change about him?

A) For context, Austin didn't use the traditional page for adoptions. He created his own page where he'd give a picture and a short description of the character (at this time Flashfire wasn't making pages for adoptable articles) and then ask you to make a page within a week or so. Rugal only had his picture and a description of his powers. The picture pretty much instantly gave me his personality just by looking at him, and his powers were suitably cool and unique, so I decided to adopt him. As he had no backstory or personality to start off with, I was left to my own devices to make them, but his powers are almost exactly the same.

# Q2: How does he make his living?

A) He currently lives at an orphanage, so he doesn't really make a living per se. However, as one of many ways to try and improve himself as a person he's probably taken up a part time job or two.

# Q3: “In order to make money to provide for the family, Rugal's parents entered him into the club's lowest tier, Level 3, when he was 12, having been training for two years beforehand.” Isn’t that a form of child abuse?

A) Yes, honestly. Rugal's family weren't exactly kind to him, and one of Ringmaster's (Disaster Club's owner) biggest regrets in recent memory is that he turned a blind eye to this.

# Q4: What sort of opponents did he face in the Disaster Club?

A) A lot of stuff. They run the gamut from swordmen to ninjas to superpowered MMA fighters. As dark as that time was for him, the variety of opponents gave him a lot of experience for the future, especially considering his age.

# Q5: How does Rugal view his parents and their motives?

A) His brother killing them has skewed his opinions of them seeing he was alone and out on the streets after that. While he does think they were good, anyone making a decent point against them to him would probably be ignored. One of the many things I've got lined up for the plot of my continuity is that he does realise what they did was awful. How he responds to that I'm not sure of as of now.

# Q6: What can happen if he overdoes it and drains too much heat? Can he explode or emblaze himself?

A) As of recently he's gained an enhanced Blue Flame mode that strengths his overheat abilities significantly, but he's never pushed himself much further beyond that. In order to reach his maximum capacity he'd probably have to turn a block of flats into an ice cube anyway, and after that point, who knows?

# Q7: “[…] Rugal ended up on the streets.[…] Rugal started to enjoy the constant battle of living on the streets, and was slowly becoming more sadistic.”. Did he also fall into drugs?

A) He might have tried them, but he most likely would have stayed away from them. At this point, he's living for the fight, and most drugs would probably just hold him back.

# Q8: What are some of the negative traits of his character? Is he boastful of his own powers?

A) Rugal has a massive ego. He thinks he can solve every problem himself and rarely calls on the help of others, and yes, he is often boastful of his own powers. This has become a little less prominent after A Different Kind of Normal, but it's still there and still his defining flaw. Also, he's lived through a life of fighting, so naturally diplomacy is not his strong suit.

# Q9: What is the purpose of his life?

A) That's a question even Rugal is trying to answer. Once, it was for fighting absolutely everything that stood in his path and being the strongest there was. Now, he's learning the values of friendship and strength in unity. Where he's going, nobody knows, but he's definitely on the right track to make his life right.

# Q10: How has his “slow road to redemption” paid off?

A) He has actually friends now, for a start, among them a kid who he'd hurt before who he now laid down his life to save. As I said before, his ego has lessened a bit, although it's still a trait he's never going to really get rid off. That main thing is that he now has his life set on a brighter path where he can leave his dark past behind him and become a better person than his brother or his parents could ever be. He's 15, after all, he's got all his life ahead of him. Who knows what may come next? Well, me, obviously, but that's besides the point.
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