Disaster Club
Having left the club years ago after his parent's death, Rugal has to face his past in order to help his friends. Returning to Disaster Club, he now has to fight his nemesis for the sake of what was once his home.


Difficulty: Medium

Health: 1600

Playstyle: Rushdown, Gimmick.

Rugal is predominantly a rushdown character. However, he also has a special gimmick ability based off his powers. Rugal has 2 states: normal and Overheat. Using specials in his normal state charges his Overheat meter. When his Overheat state is active, the meter starts to drain but Rugal gains access to more offensive specials and stronger normals. His attacks in this state also have a damage over time effect. This means Rugal has to work for his damage, but once he has enough Overheat he can easily devastate the opponent if he plays his cards right.

Rugal’s Throttles are both trade-offs. Throttle 1 allows for a more offensive playstyle in normal mode but can be punishing for newer players who rely on Heat Charge, while Throttle 2 increases the damage of Overheat but means players have to make every second count while they’re in the form.

Special Moves

Move Name Input Type Description
Haymaker. DC Up+DC 1 button/DC 2 button/DC 3 button Command Normal Rugal swings his arm, hitting overhead. The stronger the version of this move, the stronger the damage but it also takes longer to start up. During Overheat, this move hits multiple times, lasts a lot longer and cannot be Perfect Parried.
Heat Charge IMG 0408+DC 1 button while Overheat is off. Special Rugal crouches and absorbs the heat from the ground, increasing the Overheat meter by a small amount.
Heat Absorb IMG 0408+DC 2 button while Overheat is off. Special Rugal absorbs heat from a few feet in front of him, damaging the enemy and charging the Overheat meter a moderate amount if they’re in range. OK in air.
Heat Grab IMG 0408+DC 3 button while Overheat is off. Special A command grab. Rugal grabs the enemy and absorbs their heat, damaging them and increasing the Overheat meter a large amount before throwing them away. In the air, Rugal throws the enemy to the ground after use.
Activate Overheat IMG 0408+DC 4 button while Overheat is off. Special Rugal enters his Overheat state. OK in air.
Inferno Upper IMG 0408+DC 1 button while Overheat is on. Special A shoryuken style uppercut. OK in air.
Inferno Driller IMG 0408+DC 2 button while Overheat is on. Special Fire spirals around Rugal’s hand and he pushes it forward, damaging the enemy multiple times. In the air, Rugal flies forward while performing the move. Rugal's longest ranged Overheat move, making it good for poking and neutral situations.
Inferno Tumble IMG 0408+DC 3 button on the ground while Overheat is on. Special Rugal dashes forward and swings his arm. Pressing DC 3 button again makes Rugal follow up with a second Inferno Tumble. Wall splats in the corner.
Inferno Crash IMG 0408+DC 3 button in air while Overheat is on. Special Rugal puts his fists together and crashes to the floor, creating a shockwave when he lands. Main aerial combo ender, but can also be useful for blockstrings when the opponent is grounded.
Deactivate Overheat IMG 0408+DC 4 button while Overheat is on. Special Rugal returns to his normal state. OK in air.
Blue Flame DC HCF+DC 1 button+DC 2 button Super Rugal enters an enhanced Overheat state for a short time, dealing increased damage from his normal Overheat form while not draining the Overheat meter. OK in air.
Inferno Punch. DC HCF+DC 3 button+DC 4 button Super Rugal drains half of his Overheat meter before performing a massive, fiery punch. OK in air.
Fireball Smash DC 1 button+DC 2 button+DC 3 button+DC 4 button Finishing Strike Rugal grabs the opponent before draining all of their heat, turning them into an ice block. He then creates a massive fireball out of blue flame and slams it onto the ice block, creating a massive explosion.


Throttle 1: Overheat charges more from Heat Grab but less from Heat Charge

Throttle 2: Overheat damage over time effect damages more, but Overheat meter drains faster.



“Let’s get cooking!”

“C’mon! Show me what you’ve got!”

“You ready to feel the burn?”

“Time to melt, ice cube!” (Vs. Ice)

“You’re not going to read my mind, yeah?...Yeah?” (Vs. Natalie)

“Fast movements won't put out my flames!” (Vs. Angel)

"I thought you would have retired by now..." (Vs. Ringmaster)

“Payback time.” (Vs. Thundereye)

“You’ve grown a lot. Doesn’t mean you’ll win.” (Vs. Dean)

“You think this is funny, Natalie?” (Vs. Rugal, first)

In Infinite’s voice. Not for her, Rugal Paramount. But it is for me.” (Vs. Rugal, second)

“Let’s see who’s flam burns longer, hey?” (Vs. Blaze)

“An ice sword? Yeah, you don’t stand a chance.” (Vs. Sasha)

“I’ve been waiting to kick your ass properly.” (Vs. Kable)


“Looks like I’m on fire!”

“Can’t take the heat?”

“I’m all fired up!”

“Yeah, it was always going to end this way.” (Vs. Ice)

“That was without mind reading, right?” (Vs. Natalie)

“C’mon! I know you can hit harder than that!” (Vs. Angel)

"Guess you really don't have a cause for retirement..." (Vs. Ringmaster)

“I’m not a weakling anymore.” (Vs. Thundereye)

“You never did like authority.” (Vs. Dean)

“You’re way too rusty to fight me.” (Vs. Sasha)

“That felt good.” (Vs. Kable)


“I’ve been trained by the very best in town, fought my way through one of the toughest fight clubs ever, and I’m still standing. You think you stood a chance?”

“Guess all that training paid off. Maybe Disaster Club was good for something after all...” (perfect win)

“Mind reader? Please! You could barely read my movements, let alone my mind! Try me when your soulmate’s taught you how to throw a proper punch, yeah?” (Vs. Natalie)

“Blinding speed? Please! I could keep up with you easy! Maybe I should be teaching Natalie how to fight.” (Vs. Angel)

“I don’t have anything against you, I don’t think you’re a monster...but I never want anything to do with your club ever again.” (Vs. Ringmaster)

“I’m not like you, Thundereye. I will never sink down to your level. But I know others who would be willing to. So run.” (Vs. Thundereye)

“Guess you don’t recognise me. I don’t blame you...sometimes I don’t recognise myself anymore...” (Vs. Dean)

“I don’t usually like going all out, but you managed to piss me off enough to be the exception. Now stay away from me and my friends.” (Vs. Kable)


“Ain’t enough” (Escaping a combo)

“ALRIGHT! YOU ASKED FOR IT!” (Activating overclock)

“NOW IT’S MY TURN, YOU BASTARD!” (Activating Overclock Vs. Thundereye)

“Damn it…” (Defeated)

“Ha ha! Now that’s how it’s done!” (Going up a rank in online)

“Guess I am going soft.” (Going down a rank in online)

Arcade Mode

Good Ending

Rugal fights Thundereye as the final boss.

“Thundereye tried to run off like a coward after we defeated Beautyface, but I chased him down. I defeated him, although I can’t say it wasn’t a hard fight. It was hard to hold back against him, but I managed to restrain myself. No matter how much I hate him, I would never sink down to his level. He’s now in G.U.N custody, and my parents can finally be put to rest.”

Bad Ending

Rugal fights Dean as the final boss.

“I defeated Dean, but by the time I had Thundereye had got away. Ringmaster and the other Disaster Club loyalists stayed to clean things up while we went home, knowing we’d done our work. That night, a man in a black leather jacket arrived at the orphanage asking to see me. He said he was my brother.”


  • Completing arcade mode once with Rugal unlocks Open Your Heart for the jukebox.
  • Completing arcade mode a second time with Rugal unlocks an alternate shader based on his appearance in the flashback in ADKON Chapter 6.


Live Long Enough To Become The Hero (normal battle theme)

We Are Ignited (Vs. Natalie or Angel)

Reuinion (Vs. Thundereye)

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