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This is an article about Rugal, a character created by Austin Bison on a date. It is currently owned by Skyblade743 as of 7/10/2017.

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Rugal Paramount is a Mobian polar bear and a member of the Powers Club. Originally a fighter in the fight club known as Disaster Club, Rugal changed his way and started a slow road to redemption.


What Rugal shows on the outside tends not to be what he shows on the inside. Usually, he acts like he's stronger than he is, acting like he doesn't care and passing off anything he hears. He's been known to joke a lot, but only for his own amusement, not others. However, in truth he is a shy loner who is easy to anger, but cares much more about his friends then he'd care to show. This is mostly down to his large ego, fostered by his past on the streets.


Early Life

Rugal was the youngest of two brothers born to a downtrodden couple living in the suburbs of Westopolis. Rugal and his brother both showed their powers from a young age for most, with most people desplaying powers in their early to mid teens. Rugal's parents regularly went to a fight club called Disaster Club, which involved battles between superpowered individuals, as one of the few means of enjoyment they could regularly afford. In order to make money to provide for the family, Rugal's parents entered him into the club's lowest tier, Level 3, when he was 12, having been training for two years beforehand. Rugal turned out to be a decent fighter, even at that young age, although he was far to inexperienced to compete with those in other levels.

However, when he was 13, Rugal's brother, who had taken the moniker Thundereye after losing his left eye in his very first match at the club, killed Rugal's parents. Rugal tried to fight him, but Thundereye was far more experienced and Rugal ended up on the streets. During this time, Rugal regularly attacked those weaker than him, including Carl the Hamster. Rugal started to enjoy the constant battle of living on the streets, and was slowly become more sadistic.

However, a year later, Rugal heard about Sonic the Hedgehog after the latter defeated Perfect Chaos in Station Square. Although he didn't think it at first, over the next year Rugal came to think that Sonic was a kindered spirit and he came to realise what he was slowly becoming. At this point, he turned himself into an orphanage and started trying to improve on the education he never really got after relentless training to fight in Disaster Club. After a massive spike of people with Power Genes, Rugal caughht wind of a small club of those with powers in the part of Westopolis known as the Crater. Thinking it woould help him with his past, Rugal joined.

A Different Kind of Normal


Powers and abilities

Rugal's main power is that he can drain heat from his surroundings and use it as a weapon. He can focus the absorbed heat into his hands and feet to increase the strength of his attacks and burn his enemies. His heat draining powers can also be used on people, giving them frostbite. He has boasted that he can throw fireballs as well, though no one has seen him do it, so this is likely his ego talking.

In order to maximise his power, Rugal has taken to extensive boxing training and is exceptionally good at punches.


Rugal finds it hard to fight in cold environments where there's less heat to absorb. Also, although he is a strong boxer, he lacks any other means of hand-to-hand combat, which may give stronger fighters more of an edge in combat.

Rugal's biggest weakness, however, is his ego. He can rush into things without thinking, just to make him look good. This may lead to unexpected consequences.

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