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This is an article about Ruby the Cobradragon, a character created by SPop120 on 10/7/2013.


Ruby is a tall, light green cobradragon. She has light green scales, and she stands about 5' tall. She has a long snake tail, and two cobra flaps. She has narrowed orange eyes, and she has two dragon wings sprouting out of her back. She has aboout a medium-sized waist, and she wears little to no clothing. She wears a cropped and ripped shirt with a tribal pattern on it.


Ruby is somewhat dim-witted. She generally avoids talking to people in the second-person, as she normally refers to people in the third-person. She has a caring heart, as she hates it when people she loves get hurt. Although she tends to get angry at people who hurt the ones she loves. She can tend to be a bit overprotective at times.


Ruby was found on the street one night by a young couple. They ultimately raised her, but they didn't do the best job, often forgetting to feed her, read to her, or even simply tell her that they loved her. Ruby felt extremely neglected, and so she ran away.

Ruby made her way through the forest and would eat the rodents she found. She would be good at catching them, and rather talented at it.

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Special Abilities

Venom- Ruby can normally bite or spit venom at her victims. She will use it to paralyze or sometimes kill them.


Flying- At a young age, Ruby learned to fly. Ruby was taught by her father, a dragon, until Ruby woke up on the streets, barely remembering anything.


Ruby's protective nature can be triggered even when a loved one's feelings are hurt. Ruby's dim witted nature can also be used against her, by outsmarting her easily.