Theme Songs

Red Sun by Logan Mader and Jamie Christopherson

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Soundtrack - 08

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Soundtrack - 08. Red Sun (Maniac Agenda Mix)

This song serves as Rubeus' main theme, representing his status as a violent predator feeding on whoever stands before him to sate his bloodlust, as well as his general obsession and love for violence and death.

Connection to Character

  • RED SUN...! Red sun over paradise...! - Violence and bloodshed being "paradise" for Rubeus
  • Golden rays of the glorious sunshine, setting down such a BLOOD RED LIGHT! Now the animals slowly retreat to the SHADOWS - OUT OF SIGHT! - Rubeus' mere presence carrying an aura of violence and death that causes others to run
  • Arid breeze blows across the mountains, giving flight to the BIRDS OF PREY! In the distance machines come to transform EDEN – DAY BY DAY! - The Eggman Empire's machinations giving Rubeus the ultimate opportunity to relish in his desire for bloodshed
  • Only love is with us now, something WARM AND PURE...! Find the peace within ourselves, NO NEED FOR A CURE! - Rubeus actively embracing his bloodlust and love for violence, and doing whatever it takes to satiate it.
  • When the WIND IS SLOW and the FIRE'S HOT, the vulture waits to SEE WHAT ROTS! Oh, how pretty - all this scenery, this is NATURE'S SACRIFICE! - Rubeus' onslaughts being akin to a predator finally catching its prey
  • When the AIR BLOWS THROUGH with a BRISK ATTACK, the reptile tail RIPS FROM ITS BACK! When the sun sets, we will not forget the RED SUN OVER PARADISE! - Rubeus leaving a battlefield a lot bloodier than it was when he arrived

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