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Cquote1 Try it then, if you dare! If necessary, I shall end your lives here as well. Cquote2
Rubeus to Team Chaotix and Aqua, Stage 2 - Spaceport Heist

Few have confronted the warrior known as Rubeus and lived to tell the tale. Also known as the Crimson Slayer, he serves as one of the primary antagonistic forces in Rage Against the Empire, alongside Infinite and Dr. Eggman. Aside from that however, there is relatively little that most people know about him, as well as how or why he began serving the Eggman Empire...


Rubeus dons a white coat segmented into two pieces, with the upper half sporting sleeves that reach up to his elbows, black stripes along the sleeves and a matching triangular pattern at the bottom, and a set of red lapels, while the lower half is essentially a cloth with extended coattails, underneath which is a black, form-fitting, long-sleeved shirt. He also wears a pair of white pants with black stripes on the sides, with its lower legs tucked into a pair of red, steel-toed combat boots with metallic heels and kneecaps, as well as black leather straps around it. A red obi-styled belt can be seen around his abdomen, and he wears a pair of white fingerless, tactical gloves with red cuffs.

He also sports a grey helmet with a black visor and fairly long ears on top of it, as well as red accents around it and a matching plume-like extension sticking out from behind. Finally, two pieces of greyish-silver shoulder armor with black accents are attached over the shoulder regions of the long coat while a chest plate that is primarily greyish-silver in coloration and sports the insignia of the Eggman Empire covers his torso area, placed in-between the long coat and the undershirt.

For most people, even amongst his fellow Imperials, Rubeus’ true appearance under that intimidating outfit of his - beyond appearing to be Mobian cat with red fur - remains a mystery...


Rubeus is a mostly-aloof and collected individual, albeit one who sports a nigh-insatiable craving for violence and bloodshed that he mostly keeps to himself unless out on the battlefield. This makes him akin to something of a predator, always on a careful lookout for prey to feed upon and taking on any opportunity to sate himself.

Naturally, Rubeus sports an undying love for a fight - during which his lust for violence begins to show itself, as nothing seems to excite him more than the idea of facing someone who can provide him with a good challenge, almost to a fault. Despite this, or rather because of it, he lacks any significant spite towards those who are more pragmatic or rely on the help of others in a fight. That said, he does hate it when his opponents do not take fighting him seriously or, god-forbid, start off strong before deciding to go easy.

Rubeus also sports a healthy amount of self-confidence and pride towards himself and his abilities. He is quite dedicated to testing the limits of his prowess against those who can prove themselves to be a match for him. It is also because of this pride that he himself detests having to require the assistance of others during his battles, even during situations where it would arguably be beneficial for him to receive it.

In relation to this, similarly to Infinite - whom he otherwise has a low opinion of, he believes that only those who possess strength and power deserve to exist. He also sports an indifferent opinion towards those he regards as “weak” or “unworthy”, often holding himself back against them, albeit only because not doing so would likely mean that they’d die instantly against him and not out of any sense of mercy. In turn, should an opponent facing him be able to impress him - or catch his intrigue, at the very least - in any manner, he always makes that interest and respect towards them known in the form of fighting them with everything he is able to offer, as Espio learned the hard way.

Aside from all of that, very much unlike Infinite, little do either he or Eggman know, Rubeus actually cares very little for the Eggman Empire’s agenda and is only in it for his own reasons. What those reasons are, however, none can tell...


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  • Dr. Eggman - though he officially answers to him, and indeed does so when he has to, Rubeus sports no particular opinion on the mad doctor apart from that he is a means to his own ends.
  • Infinite - Rubeus has a much lower opinion of the jackal, believing him to be nothing more than a petulant brat throwing a temper tantrum with a power that he doesn’t consider his own.


Powers and Abilities

Rubeus possesses the ability to manipulate his ki, the latent energy flowing within him, which manifests itself as a raging fire. His primary utilization of this power is to enhance his physical prowess, allowing him to strike his foes with flaming strikes with his body. One notable technique he sports is his signature Wildfire Fang, in which he propels through the air like a drill while enveloped in a fiery aura, dealing significant damage on any foe in its path. It also serves as a decent tool for mobility, as it can cover a good distance.

Though having a preference for fighting up close and personal, Rubeus is not completely helpless from a distance. His most commonly-used ranged technique is the Fire Lance, which is a quick beam of fiery ki that can pierce right through the opponent, meaning it can be fatal should it hit a vital spot.

Of course, Rubeus wouldn't be capable of most the stuff that he can dish out were it not for his physical condition. As a combatant, he sports an incredible amount of physical strength, allowing him to unleash a savage beatdown upon his foes, and is quite nimble on his feet, allowing him to get around the battlefield swiftly and dish out the pain just as fast. He's also quite tough and agile to match, able to handle some punishment and evade rather easily.

Other techniques that Rubeus can utilize include creating afterimages by spontaneously moving at high speeds, the ability to move along the walls or even the ceiling by channeling a certain amount of ki into his feet, and granting himself a pseudo-healing factor, which is admittedly impractical mid-battle.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 9 - Rubeus packs a lot of strength behind his physique, making his attacks quite the deadly package for any poor schmuck unlucky enough to go toe-to-toe with him.

Defense: 6 - He is also quite tough in his own right, able to stomach most savage blows with only some difficulty. However, he does sport a notable-enough preference for going on the offensive that opponents who manage to break through his defense may stand a chance.

Speed: 7 - Rubeus is naturally a rapid sprinter on his own, but his control over ki allows him a certain edge in this department via a few certain maneuvers.

Magic: 6 - Rubeus' ability to control ki greatly bolsters his skillset, making his already-devastating combat prowess even more threatening.

Evasion: 7 - His agility and nimbleness is a good compliment to his speed, as he is capable of evading incoming blows and retaliating just as hard.

Intelligence: 7 - Being a relatively-more experienced fighter, Rubeus is smart enough to employ a few tricks in his fighting beyond simply attacking - primarily by mixing in feints into his strikes and flanking the enemy when the chance presents itself.

Skills: 8 - Rubeus is quite the skilled combatant, as evidenced by how he was able to pretty much handle a lot of Espio's tricks with no visible hindrance on his end. He's also been able to take on several opponents at once with little difficulty several times prior.

Accuracy: 7 - Rubeus' skill in combat translates into having quite an impressive amount of accuracy and precision in how he executes his strikes, as well as where he lands them.

Stamina: 7 - His physical condition allows him to keep himself from tiring out during particularly tough fights - that is, as long as he can keep himself from using too much ki at once.

Tolerance: 8 - Rubeus is quite resistant towards any serious wounds that come his way, allowing him to keep fighting for quite a while, albeit weakened to a visible extent.

Overall: 72%


Despite being one of the most powerful assets that the Eggman Empire has to offer, next to Infinite himself, Rubeus does have his weaknesses. The most obvious of these, relatively speaking, is that he can actually be quite arrogant at times. Should he become too careless in a fight, any opponent can easily gain the upper hand and defeat him should they manage to exploit that very flaw.

Another notable weakness of his is that he only has so much ki that he can use before beginning to run low, even though he appears to have a larger pool of ki than either Whirlwind or Espio. Should such a situation occur, he runs the risk of becoming overcome with fatigue. In addition, his ki flow can also be cut short either by receiving serious wounds that cause him a significant amount of blood loss or having his breathing be significantly-disrupted in any manner.


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Theme Songs

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  • Much of Rubeus' color scheme as Rubeus is heavily-inspired by Bulat’s appearance with Incursio equipped in the anime/manga series Akame ga Kill!
    • On that note, Bulat is one of Crimson’s favorite characters in the series.
  • Much of Rubeus' character is heavily-based upon Azrael from the BlazBlue series.
    • Meanwhile, he also sports shades of the characterization of both Ryu and Akuma in the Street Fighter series, and is even voiced by Kyle Hebert, the voice actor of the former.
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