This is the generations of the Blisslight Family (and others that are blood related and/or somewhat related)

The Royal Generation is a form of the royalty blood being passed down to one another. The generations are to keep track so that no one gets mixed up for another. According to the Prophecy Files, there are a total of 15 generations in total. (Two of them being undecided yet). The Current Rulers are Lightning "Selenia" Blisslight and Memphis the Shining Demonhog.

1st Generation.

Nerisaga the Hedgehog

Seamros the Hedgehog

2nd Generation

Ooladiana the Porcupine

Norendithas the Hedgehog

3rd Generation

Magaga the Echidna

Graceon the Hedgepine

4th Generation

Gellantara the Porcupine

Grafalcon the Porcupine

5th Generation

Hollyella the Fox

Downfacker the Echidna

6th Generation

Loradiana the Hedgehog

Donsowor Bat

7th Generation

Nerisella the Fox

Adogretor the Hedgebat

8th Generation

Lorella Bat

Elamros the Hedgehog

9th Generation

Brianna Hedge

Cruden the Crusimance

10th Generation

Cardiana the Crusimance

Graben the Porcupine

11th Generation

Iriehana the Porcupine

Iangeon the Echidna

12th Generation

Shirenya Blisslight

King Danice "Jackson" Blisslight

13th Generation

Lightning "Selenia" Blisslight

Memphis the Shining Demonhog

14th Generation

undecided yet

15th Generation

undecided yet

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