"Royal Birthday Baking"
Royal Birthday Baking
The title card for "Royal Birthday Baking"

Nikki the Hedgehog: Adventures on Arcadia Island

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September 8, 2015

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Season 1
Sicky Nikki
Royal Birthday Baking
The Ghost Girl

Royal Birthday Baking is the second episode of the Nikki the Hedgehog: Adventures on Arcadia Island series. It first premiered on September 8, 2015 on Cartoon Network.


In celebration for the queen's birthday, Petunia receives an order for a gigantic birthday



On a beautiful, cloudy day, Petunia is in her bakery baking orders for the villagers. There are about four people outside of the window, some people sitting at the mini tables outside the bakery and enjoying delicious cupcakes, dumplings, and tea. While Petunia is serving the customer in front, Princess Naomi cut to the front of the line, out of breath. Surprised to see the princess, Petunia asks her what’s wrong. Naomi explains that today is the queen’s birthday, and that there was going to be a huge party in the village. However, she had forgotten the most important part of the entire thing: The cake.

She explained that the cake had to be at least 5 feet tall, with each layer a different flavor, and pretty decorations of flowers. Petunia thought about it, not knowing if she could get it done in time. Then, Naomi took out a stack of cash, Petunia’s eyes glowing as she quickly accepted the task, closing up shop so that she could have the time to work on this.


  • In this episode, a blue Sarah clone can be seen in the crowd around Queen Avelyn's cake. It is said to be her twin sister, Clara. It is unknown if this is a joke or not.
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