Roy the Fox is a male anthropomorphic red fox on The Storm Fighters and a minor character in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a former Red Fox Pack apprentice, EMT and police officer who joined the Storm Fighters at an unknown point in time before the Battle of Angel Island. He was initially shown with a Staraptor partner, but this was scrapped. He is the main protagonist of Roy's Quest, and will be the main protagonist of prequel story The Hidden Warriors.


Roy is a somewhat tall anthropomorphic red fox with thick russet fur, a bushy tail, white tail-tip and white fur running from his chin to his underbelly and on his inner ears. He has dark brownish-black hands, feet, and ears, and amber eyes. Roy wears a white t-shirt with red shoulders and sleeves, a matching red-and-white baseball cap, and beige cargo shorts. On his head, between his ears and under his baseball cap, Roy has a wild tuft of spiky red fur.


Roy is laid-back and down-to-earth. As a member of the Red Fox Pack, he was incredibly loyal to his Packmates and determined to become a great warrior. He was close friends with the aptly named Darkfoot, and later the latter's brother Rush following Darkfoot's death. Following his and his family's capture, and his own botched escape that left Raymond and Kenya dead and Mona missing, Roy became more and more reserved.


Before the Series: Roy was born alongside his sister Mona to the Pack deputy Raymond and his mate Kenya. Roy immediately became close friends with the young apprentice Darkfoot. At an unknown point in time, when Darkfoot took Roy outside the Pack's camp(with permission), they were ambushed by a patrol of Dark Legion Echidnas that shot and killed Darkfoot. Some time later, Roy and his mother and sister were captured and held hostage by the Dark Legion with the intent to force the Red Fox Pack to either surrender or leave in exchange for their Packmates. Roy and his family escaped, but Raymond and Kenya were shot and Mona disappeared. Kenya died instantly, but Raymond succumbed to his injuries later. Upset by this and disillusioned from Pack life, Roy chose to leave. He later became a police officer in the New Ninjago City Police Department(NCPD), then an emergency responder, and finally a Storm Fighter.

The War of Time: Following Shadow's Ambush, Roy, his Staraptor, and Liam the Chesnaught found a badly injured Fox. When Liam was picking Fox up, Roy and Staraptor warned Liam to be careful, afraid that the massive Spiny Armor Pokemon would worsen Fox's injuries.

Storm's War: Roy is mentioned in the Prologue when Cori is sneaking around Angel Island. He is said to have taken note of the Storm Fighter fox's faintly worried look. Later, Roy makes a minor appearance. He asks Fox if he can go check something out(presumably his Pack, given the Destructix's and Dark Legion's presence on the Island). Fox impatiently allows him to leave, but has Michael go with him, not wanting anyone to go out alone.

Roy's Quest: Roy investigates his old home, and is understandably upset and angry when Knuckles admits his actions as Enerjak when he threw the Red Fox Pack from the Island because of their conflict with the Dark Legion(Tanner would theorize that this is because the Dark Legion are Echidnas and Knuckles holds a deep love for his people). Determined to find his Pack and learn what happened to them, Roy decides to travel on a journey to find them, accompanied by a remorseful Knuckles, finding his old Pack now under the leadership of his old friend Rush. Satisfied that his Packmates are alive and well, Roy leaves them after a couple weeks, offering them a place in Lamarkie Forest, where they would later choose to live in.

The Hidden Warriors: Roy will be the main protagonist of this upcoming prequel. The Prologue is him and Michael Smith finding the Pack's camp and finding it empty, with Roy spilling his secret to the white-furred-warrior and begging him to keep it a secret.

Shadows of the Legion: The Prologue takes place from Roy's perspective. After what is mentioned to have been several moons since he left his Pack, Roy arrives at the Storming Base, tired and paw-sore. He is mentioned to have heard about the Alliance about a coyote, who had called them "a load of brutish rogues, if you ask me, no better than the villains they fight." He meets a Storm Fighter gray wolf who asks his name and what he is doing there. Roy introduces himself and states he wishes to join The Storm Fighters, asking for the leader. The wolf tells him to wait where he is s he goes inside and alerts Fox. After some convincing, Fox accepts Roy as a Storm Fighter, warning him that it won't be easy. Roy nods, and Fox heads back inside. Glancing up at the sky, Roy thinks to himself that he might not be cut out to be a Pack warrior, but he may find his calling as a Storm Fighter. Much later in the story, when Enerjak(Dimitri) leads a large Dark Legion force to the Base in an attempt to force the Storming Alliance into surrender, Roy makes a cameo when Austin is thrown into the red fox and his cap is knocked off his head.




In terms of the stories' release dates, Roy is the first Pack fox to appear in the series. Grizzly is second, everyone else is technically third.

  • Maako and Karra don't count because their father is a former member
    • Additionally, it is unknown whether or not their mother Heather is the same one as the Heather that appeared in The Villain's Reveal.
  • Fox and Sadie don't count because they are descended from a former member that lived over 1,000 years ago
    • Subsequently, Braveheart and Midnight and later Scrap, Petunia, Flint, and Twister don't count because they are descended from Redstone through Braveheart(Scrap and Petunia) and Midnight(Flint and Twister) respectively, and through them, Fox.
  • Jon doesn't count because he is descended from a former member that lived over 1,000 years ago, though he is technically now a warrior
    • Subsequently, Phoenix does not count because he is descended from Redstone, who was still considered a loner at his death.

Confirmed in The Hidden Warriors, Roy has two relatives named Mona, his sister, and his grandaunt(his grandmother's sister). This is revealed when Kenya states to Raymond her reasons for naming their daughter as such.

Roy was indirectly named after his father, who has the nickname of Ray.

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