Roxio the Fox is the son of Tempest the Fox, a sword-wielding freedom fighter of Dark Mobius, with a big rebellious streak towards his grandfather Relius Prower

Roxio the Fox

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Biographical Information
  • 17
  • Tempest prower (father)
  • Twister Prower (alternate universe relative)
  • Speedy Prower (prime counterpart)
  • Typhoon Prower (alternate universe relative)
  • Relius Prower (grandfather)
  • Unknown Wolf Mother
  • Unknown Wolf Sister
  • Roxio the Deathbringer (self-imposed alias)
Romantic Interests
  • Jani-Ca the Echidna
Physical Description
  • Fox
  • Male
  • White furred one-tail fox with a blue eye and a green eye, right arm replaced by a bionic weapon called "Azure Chaos", used to power his sword Edge of Belial.
  • Black pants and undershirt
  • Red Jacket
  • Sheath for Edge of Belial
  • Red and White shoes to compliment jacket and fur
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Dark Mobius Freedom Fighters
  • Edge of Belial
  • Azure Chaos (now powered by the enigma gear as of his recent battle with Relius)
  • Ability of Powering Sword with Chaos Power
  • Chaos infused hand-to-hand attacks
Super Forms
  • Unlimited Roxio
Other Information
American V.A.
  • Richard Ian Cox
Japanese V.A.
  • Tomozaku Sugita
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator
  • Tails6000


to be written

The Shocking Truth

to be written

Saving his Father

to be written

Gaining the Enigma Gear and Stopping Relius' Grand Plan

to be written

To an Uncharted Area's Grounds

Roxio after saving his sister from Relius' power decided to head to another destination. He was seen to be headed somewhere nearby it's grounds. He ventured on his own knowing if Relius is anywhere near he'll stop him.


Roxio is a hot-tempered teenager who fought for whats right. He is deathly afraid of ghosts, as saying the word alone makes him freak out and panic. Used as an insult, he highly dislikes it when someone jokes about his bionic arm. Often used by enerjak, due to fact he was the one who used tempest to chop off his arm. He's cold and bitter in battle, and sometimes off-battle.


  • Meat Dishes
  • His Family (minus Relius)
  • Travel alone
  • His Friends
  • Cooking


  • Ghosts
  • Kisiragi's Attitude towards him
  • Being Teased about his arm by Enerjak
  • Relius
  • Being called a pervert
  • Being Followed by Rachel



  • Jani-Ca
  • Tempest
  • Rachel
  • Kisiragi Prower
  • Rachel Rabbit
  • Dark Mobius Freedom Fighters


  • Tempest (whenever he's on his rampage)
  • Kisiragi (in-battle)


  • Enerjak
  • Relius Prower
  • Rachel (whenever she annoys him)


"Ghost?!? AHHHH!" -whenever someone decides to say "ghost" around him

"I didn't ask for your opinion." -whenever someone insults him when he tries to talk sense into someone else

"Father... I'll save you from this nightmare!" -before fighting tempest when he sees him as a prelate

"Time I showed you the power of AZURE CHAOS!" -Before activating the Azure Chaos' unlimited power.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?" -whenever he finds something extremely shocking or terrifying



  • Roxio's revamp, all in itself mirrors Ragna the Bloodedge from Blazblue, except for few minor details.
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