Rowan the Bobcat is a 16 year old Bobcat, and the main villain of the Mythika the Panther series. He is the leader of the Knights of Darkness, and is the son of an ex sage called Fernairs.

Book one: The Chosen Light

Rowan first appears at 8 years old, and is friends with Mythika as a child. He is seen to be very adventureous and competitive. He is then seen after school when Mythika tells him they can't be friends with him anymore, and he repiles "I'll never forget this, Mythika." and then storms off muttering a curse.

Book three: The midnight battle

He is seen in the prologue, talking to his father about why Mythika broke his heart. His father repiles, telling him to forget about it and that she is now an enemy. He is then seen in the epilogue, looking into a white pool and speaking about Esmeralda, unfortunately Scarley hears this.

After the Battle

It is seen that Rowan has forgiven Mythika and lifts the curse off of her. He is then seen dancing with Scarley, and kisses her on the lips.

25 years later

Rowan is now the husband to Scarley the Wildcat, and father to Aron the Bobcat and Riley the Wildcat. He is seen a very good friend to Mythika and Lupus and is also the Godfather of Lumaria and Darius.


Rowan has light brown fur with gingerish brown spots all over like a normal Bobcat and has black tufted ears, a short tail and a scurffy pale grey muzzle. He has a white chest with white going down the inside of his legs. He wears a simple dark purple cape with a brown buckle and orange boots. He also has red cuffed gloves with a greyish red slashes. He has bright red eyes like embers. Not to mention he looks almost exactly like his father.


Rowan is a tough competitive bobcat and hates to lose. He is fierce but has mixing emotions like a young child, espically about love. He can be quite protective and he is also stractigic, thinking battle plans through.


Rowan the Bobcat has a pyrokentic ability, that was passed down from his father like Mythika's powers from Koborn. He can crate fierce fire type moves that can sometimes overpower other moves like hydrokentics. He can also create voodo dolls and dark magic, like curse and shadows. He is fast and very agile like Mythika and has alot of stamina.


Fernairs the Bobcat (Father)

Iola the Bobcat (Mother)

Scarley the Wild cat(Future wife)

Aron the Bobcat (future son)

Riley the Wildcat (future daughter)


Rowan is a type of plant/tree, which is iconic as he is pyrokentic.

Rowan was oringally a hedgehog, based uopn Mephiles the Dark.

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