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Cquote1 Such a cutie, just makes me want to eat you all up. <3 Cquote2
Rova's usual quote to what she finds interesting.

Rova new suit

Amazing line art done by Gabriel cat. All coloring done by me.

Biographical Information
  • 20
  • Unknown
Romantic Interests
  • Zel
  • Vexx the Timewalker (Former enemy, trusted friend and annoying flirt to Vexx. Not a couple, more on the lines of friends with the occasional benefit.)
Team affliction
  • none
Physical Description
  • Hedgehog
  • Witch
  • Female
  • Fur: Purple
  • Eyes: Pink

Base form:

  • Skin tight Succubi suit
  • Knee high boots
  • white gloves

Enhanced form:

  • enhanced succubi suit (Purple trimmings)
  • Knee High combat boots.
  • Black elbow high gloves.

Perfect form:

  • Coming one day.
Abilities and forms
  • Elemental Magic (Fire, Ice and Lightning)
  • None
Super Forms
  • None as of yet
Theme Song
Instrument Profession
  • Singer
Created by

Memphis creator of light 16:33, August 20, 2010 (UTC)


Rova is an extremely revealing character. Made to be the sex appeal of the characters that Memphis' has created. Her body is stream lined with a tight black outfit to show off her curves. Her purple flowing hair accented with her pink eyes and lighter purple/pinkish trimming on her clothing. Her boots are of knee high standards and are tipped in a purple/pinkish colored metal. She is unbashful in the way she looks, her elegance and bodacious body is a feasible weapon but not a registered one.



She is a seductress through and through. If you have something she wants she will go to any length to obtain it, "Any" is what it means. From the innocent to the lewd, she does not care so long as she gets the desired outcome. This stands to be a fact even if you are an enemy. If she notices that one "admires" her body, she will use it to her advantage. However this does not mean that she is not prepared for a fight and as such utilizes her cunning and tricks to perform attacks and ambushes.


Having spent most of her time exploring different realms with the Timewalker and having met a certain red cat who aided her in more ways than one. The woman made a complete 180 in terms of personality. No longer the lusty and seductive woman. She uses her own natural charm and kindness to bring people to herself. Finding it to be much more beneficial for people actually treat her for herself and look past her outer appearance. However this has brought on a deeper understanding for people's emotions meaning that sadness, anger and any negative emotion bring great strife for the woman. Nonetheless, she has come to enjoy the company of others and will do her utmost best to stop fights whenever she can. This however does not mean she will shy away from a battle, for the battle mage is quite adept at holding her own. No longer relying on her sensual appeal, a fighting spirit burns bright in the once villainess being.


Much of her history remains a secret and as such cannot be divulged. However it is a known fact that she has grown in a desert like area. However her pigmentation is light due to the fact that she spent most of her life in a lab performing many alchemy and black magic experiments. 

New Age Arc Reboot:

Rova having been acquired as a lacky of Medusa, begrudgingly serves her. As such she has been tasked with minial labor as a gathering of alchemic supplies and assassin. Granted she finds the assassin aspect of the job more satisfying than a attendent or gathering of supplies for the witch cat, and when she gets the chance to travel through time and space through the use of magic to kill one of her latest marks she is more than pleased. The target that was given to her in following this unique circumstance was none other than the time faring hero Vexx the Timewalker who was sent into this aspect of his life due to Medusa's own hands (Though completely accidental and thus making him a priority threat). As such the witch was sent to chase and hunt him down, yet with every encounter she grew more and more in tune and sympathetic of the white furred hedgehog who was just trying to get back to his family and just trying to make the times he visits a little bit better. 

Betrayal Arc:

Following the constant team ups and failed assassinations, Rova's heart has softened up to Vexx. The two of them even sharing in a romantic night. Through this the bond between the two had fully solidified and though ordered to kill Vexx then and there in the night she refused and tossed away her alliance to the witch cat. With this betrayal came more hardships as Medusa sent more head hunters to now kill the both of them, but as Medusa quickly found out the task was no easy undertaking for their combined powers made the goal of assassination that much more difficult. She still tries to this day to kill the two of them as they adventure through time and space to reunite Vexx to his appropriate time.


Rova and vexx by kirra bluu-d7mosgc

Much love to Kirra-Bluu for this awesome and cute piece. Rova: What you thinking of cutie? *smooch* Vexx: *puffs up cheeks*


Quite the oddity for a relationship. The created artificial hedgehog found himself at the mercy and wiles of the seductress. However after a chance encounter and battle, an interesting rivalry and love was formed between them. Although Zel tends to go missing for lengthy periods of time, Rova never stops thinking about him.

Vexx the Timewalker

Stoic, brooding and just an overall quiet at first. Rova and Vexx have crossed paths multiple times in the silver furred hedgehogs travels. At first a force bent on killing Vexx. Rova slowly began to admire Vexx's resolve and overall "cuteness". She always makes the time to mention how cute the naive "little boy" is and always relishes in the chance of sneaking a quick kiss to fluster him. Though Vexx denies it, it has been known that the two of them have had an intimate fling together and Rova just won't let that go. Making her flirtation much more understandable towards him.

Power Level

Rova is that of a mage, as such her physical power is limited but her use of divine and destructive magic is nothing to sneeze at. Paired along with her ability to talk to any gender with ease her charisma tends to be the highest in the group. Here are her stats:

Base stats
Strength 3
Speed 5
Intellegence 8
Charisma 10
Wisdom 8
Rova&#039;s stats


Magical Charge System:

Her powers lie in her ability to store magical charges in each hand. On her right hand she can store Fire charges and in her left hand she can store Ice charges. However she is only allowed a set stack of 3 in total, meaning she can either go full out Ice or full out fire or a mix of the two. She is also capable of discharging one or two stacks that she has built up, meaning she needs not fully stack to unleash her magic. This in turn allows for a plethora of abilities to be at her disposal. 

Minor Teleportaton:

Being a mage means having to stay in the back line of a fight and what better way to avoid being focused than having the ability to teleport short distances? She needs not build any stacks to use this ability and the spamability is what makes Rova a hard target to pin down and quite the annoying one at that. But her fragile mage nature means she needs it.

Overcharge System:

Rova has the potential of breaking the rules of her Magical Charge System by adding a fourth stack. However she needs to use the ability as soon as possible or face severe backlash in damage to herself. Even with the casting she damages herself but not to the extreme of holding all the magical charges in for more that five seconds. Another drawback of using the Overcharge is whichever elemental charge she used to overcharge cannot be used for five minutes and five minutes with no magic is a massively bad thing for a mage.

Succubi Suit:

The ever evolving and the ever present suit that has led Rova to be sadly one of the most despised creatures in the past due to its revealing nature. The suit is symbiotic and drains the woman of her lifeforce and viceversa but in terms of magical energy. Rova depends on the suit to stay alive and the suit relies on her to stay alive, so it is a constant teeter-tooter to keep each other fed. The story behind the suit is still shrouded in secrecy. However, from what Rova has allowed to leak out explains that the suit was forced upon her at a young age by her abusive mother Medusa. 'All in the name of creating the perfect magical weapon' was all she would say as she tested on her young lab rat. As time goes on and certain critierias met, the suit will morph and change; slowly reaching its perfect magical state. Happily as the suit evolves, the woman does as well in terms of magical strength. A happy fringe benefit in dealing with the creature that pretty much does not allow any other fabric to cover it. It has yet to show any means of communication, but Rova can feel that the suit is very much alive and very protective of its host.


This is where her Magic Charge moveset shall be explained in depth.

Flame Charge Abilities:

Follows the usage of only flame charges,

1 stack charge: Flame Orb: A simple flame projectile that is fired at a moderate pace by Rova. It has minor homing abilities and as such can be used as a slight deterrent for her to charge more stacks. Deals minor-moderate damage.

2 stack charge: Spinning Flame Missle: The magic missle of her moveset. Fast moving bolts of flaming mana arrows that maximize speed but minimize damage output. However the sheer amount of them that can be spammed and the piercing nature can make short work of single targets or mobs alike. However the homing nature of this move is lack luster at best and easily avoided. 10-15 shots are fired at once and can do moderate damage if all hits connect.

3 stack charge: Snap Crash Explosion: A move the seductress likes to use if her opponents are playing keep away, or she just wants to blow up the mob in general. With a snap of her fingers a small explosion ensues, allowing quick clearing of landscape, mobs and enemies alike. However this also hurts allies as well so she mostly refrains from using it in a team fight. Snap Crash Explosion however does not harm the caster. This does moderate-massive damage to enemies and allies.

Ice Charge Abilities:

Follows the usage of only ice charges,

1 stack charge: Ice Spear: A simple ice projectile that is fired at a fast pace by Rova. It has no homing ability and is used as a heavy damage dealing attack. It can be used against single targets and mobs alike as the spear breaks apart and does scattered damage upon impact.

2 stack charge: Frozen Land: A time buying area of attack move that bursts out a quick blast of insta freezing air around Rova. It is used to inflict minor-moderate damage to enemies and encase their feet in ice so that Rova may back off and set up more charges.

3 stack charge: Snap Crystiline Condemption: A move the seductress like to use if her opponents are a little to close for comfort. With a snap of her fingers she either encases herself or her enemy in solid unbreakable and unphaseable magic ice for a few seconds. If used on her enemy it inflicts heavy damage on the target and moderate damage to anyone around the ice, allies included. She then uses the time to set up more charges. If used on herself she becomes encased in the ice and the moderate damage persists from being nearby her. However she is not harmed by the ice, but cannot move or set up any charges while frozen in the ice, it is merely a tool to think about her next move.

Mixed Charge Abilities:

Follows the usage of mixed charges,

1 stack fire, 1 stack ice: Phosphurus bomb: A suffocating and blinding bomb that is used effectively against single targets or mobs. The explosive radius however is small and the amount of damage is minor-moderate. It is used more on the lines as a defensive tool to set up more charges.

2 stack fire, 1 stack ice: Meteorite Shower: Summons 15-20 small meteorites to rain down and damage her opponents or mobs. Moderate damage to heavy, the latter if every single meteorite makes contact.

1 stack fire. 2 stack ice: Dark Wasteland: A defensive, none damaging inflicting move that covers the floor in dark goop like residue. Enemies and allies (Except the caster) Cannot run nor jump while this is active. The field lasts for six seconds and allows Rova plenty of time to set up three charges.

Overcharge Abilities:

Abilities that are overcharged are as follows,

4 stack fire: Doom Orb: A large blazing orb of fire that has both immense size, power and amazing homing abilities. The orb hits the opponents 20-25 times. Inflicts heavy to massive damage to targets. If no target is in reach the orb hovers and follows it's target but dissapates after 10 seconds of not hitting anything.

4 stacks ice: Grasping Claw: A crushing ice hand that erupts from the ground and catches its prey. Its job is to catch one target and crush it into bits. If unavoided it inflicts massive to fatal damage on its target. It is however best used on slow targets so Rova tends to save this for none moving targets.

Lightning kick boxing style (L.K.B. Style):

Coming soon.


(New weakness incoming)

Glass cannon:

Rova has huge power but a lack luster vitality, that being stated a few strong hits will do her in and as such requires her to be more tactful on how she deals with people. Anyone who is fast and a gap closer is the bane of Rova's existence. Hence why she tends to work in tandem with Vexx.

Overcharge system can leave her open:

While the Overcharge abilities are powerful, it can be quite the all in chip. Once used, a specific elemental aspect of her is shut down, rendering 2/3rd's of her moveset unusable for five minutes. Quite the massive drawback for a mage, especially if she is going at it one versus one.


Rova the hedgehog by memph the light-d4whns5

Rova: Hello boys~ I am here to play~ (Done by me.)

Rova by shannohn-d6sluaw

Hi boys~

Ygtyiuj by bunnyvirus-d7nlbqo

Thanks BunnyVirus for this amazing and hot/cute piece of my femfatale Rova.

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