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Roux The Bat

Roux is a seductive spy bat just like his sister, Rouge, and also a jewel thief. He is also a team member of Team G.U.N, along Shade The Hedgehog and E-133 Alpha.


Roux is a smart, sassy, seductive, manipulative, sneaky bat, who is always lustful about jewels.


  • Jewel The Bat: Roux and Jewel don't usually get along with each other. They both have a sibling rivalry over saving the jewel or steal it.
  • Rouge The Bat: He and Rouge have a same personality and have a same idea about stealing jewels
  • Ruby The Echidna: Roux always tease Ruby with his motives and always steals jewels from her like love/hate relationship
  • Heidi Egglady: He was once her henchman.
  • Shade The Hedgehog: He and Shade are best friends and always flirt with each other
  • E-133 Alpha: He, Shade and Alpha are like an unbreakable team


Spy Flexes


Jewel Stealing