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Cquote1.png Oh, darling, don't be so silly! You know perfectly well what I want: gems! Cquote2.png
Rouge the Bat

Rouge the Bat is a G.U.N. agent and treasure hunter. In BearfootTruck's stories, she usually does her own thing, but she sometimes helps out Sonic & the other Knothole Freedom Fighters. For the most part, she is exactly like her official counterpart. For other gems, click here.


Rouge was born in the backwoods of Lacadina, in the Federal Republic of Columbia (equivalent to Louisiana). Her parents are Ricochet the Bat & Mignonne the Bat. At first, she had a normal childhood, but she soon got bored with home and decided to run away one day. Fleeing to the city, she struggled to survive, in part because she could only speak French. Then, one day, she caught sight of a jewelry store. Attracted by their gleaming brilliance, Rouge broke into the store later that night and made off with a number of jewels. From that moment on, she never had to worry about where her next meal was going to come from. She also learned English and dropped her accent. However, Rouge's luck ran out when she was captured while trying to steal the world's largest ruby. Faced with a possible prison sentence, she agreed to work with G.U.N. in exchange for her charges being dropped.


Well, Rouge wouldn't be Rouge if she wasn't so attracted to jewels. Although she's a neutral character, her actions in this universe suggest that she leans towards Sonic's side.


Rouge has exactly the same appearance as in the official canon. However, when she opens her mouth, her fangs are more visible.


Being a bat, Rouge has to have the ability to fly. Also, like the official canon, Rouge delivers some powerful kicks & some devastating special moves. She also has awesome acrobatic abilities. In short...nothing more or less than what's been shown in the games.

Items & weapons

As in the games, Rouge's most powerful weapons are her own legs, made even more powerful by the fact that she wears steel-soled high-heel boots with steel tips. As a G.U.N. agent, she was issued a Heckler & Koch USP .40 as a sidearm, but she doesn't use it, preferring to rely on her CQC skills, stealth & acrobatics. She does, however, have Bat Cracker bombs, which she used in "Sonic Hotcakes"



Two Kinds of Heroes

Rouge makes a brief appearance near the end of the story, where she helps Sonic, Hogan & the other Heroes get into the tank factory. However, she gets mad at Sonic because she believed that there were gems to be found here and thinks she’s been tricked. After that, Rouge destroys a few Cylon Centurions, including one that was holding the other POWs hostage. As a result of her distraction, Shadow & Knuckles take out the rest. Unfortunately for her, she finds no gems here, either, so she flies away, but not before telling Shadow that he looks silly with his Gestapo cap.

The Fakest Things Alive

Rouge is fighting with Knuckles over a Chaos Emerald. In an attempt to get Knuckles to drop it, she tickles him and flies around randomly, but stops when Blaze appears. When informed that two of the Sol Emeralds are missing, Rouge offers to recover them, but Blaze declines. Later, while the Freedom Fighters are searching for Sonic, Rouge encounters Antoine & Rotor, the former mistaking her for a vampire. Before they part ways, she offers to reward them if they find any gems for her.

Later on, Rouge meets up with Sonic (actually an impostor) and tells him that all his friends are looking for him. When he kisses her hand, she slaps him. Later, Rouge flies up to Angel Island and consoles a grieving Knuckles, assuring him that Sonic is still alive. When she attempts to con him out of the Master Emerald, he tickles her in revenge for her earlier tickle attack. At the end of the story, she is angry at the real Sonic, along with Sally, Shadow, Antoine & Amy.

And Down Will Come Sonic – Cradle and All

In this story, Rouge makes a cameo when she picks up one of Dr. Robotnik's spikes, mistaking it for a gem. She gives it to Sally instead, where it proves useful in solving the mystery behind Sonic's poisoning.

Mighty Sonic

Like most of the main characters, Rouge is also a fan of Super Changin' Muscle Rangers. Instead of her normal outfit, she wears a Super Changin' Muscle Rangers T-shirt and a pair of black bell-bottom pants with a flower print design (the same pants she wears in Sonic Riders). Rouge teases Sonic for being jealous of the show, causing him to lose his temper and insult her before running away. Later, when she catches up with him, she slaps him and demands an apology from him. Sonic apologizes and says that he never meant any of the things he said to her. She accepts it and tells Sonic that there’s no reason to get mad over a TV show.

Before leaving, Sonic informs Rouge of the Muscle Rangers' kidnapping, so she flies away and meets up with Shadow in an attempt to rescue them. However, she too is captured, but is later rescued by Sonic & co. Once she is rescued, she flirts with Oliver Davidson – the actor who plays Frankie Thompson, the green Muscle Ranger – even giving him her phone number. Knuckles looks at her in disbelief, which Rouge interprets as jealousy, causing him to get mad.

Other stories

Sonic Hotcakes

A little while after Shadow leaves, Rouge shows up to Robotnik's HQ and starts flirting with him. Then, like Sonic's other friends, she gives Robotnik a peace offering: A Chaos Emerald, which actually served as a garnish for a stack of hotcakes. Naturally, this makes Robotnik furious, so he tries to sic his goons on Rouge, but she flies away.

Live Each Day

Rouge makes a very small appearance at the end of this story, where she breaks into Gray the Hedgehog's home looking for jewels.

Sonic Hypothesis

In this story, Rouge spies on Sonic while he's having a conversation with Douglas Carson in the Station Square Nature Preserve. Then, after Sonic & co. defeat Robotnik, she swoops in and steals the Chaos Emeralds that Douglas Carson was giving them as a reward, causing Knuckles to chase after her.

A Blue Light For the Dark

Rouge makes a brief – but important – appearance in this story, sneaking into Sonic's hut, only to find the Blue Blur lying on his bed, depressed. Sonic doesn't want to talk about his problems, so Rouge tries to cheer him up by tickling him, to no avail. She tries to convince Sonic to talk about his problems, also to no avail. Finally, when she's about to give up, Sonic changes her mind and tells her about how the events of Sonic '06 are still bothering him and how he's depressed because he couldn't bring himself to tell his best friend Tails. Fortunately, Tails – having overheard the whole thing – is sympathetic to his friend’s troubles. Impressed by the sight of the two of them caring for each other, Rouge comes to the conclusion that Sonic’s been suffering from separation anxiety. Thus, she suggests that Sonic & Tails go on a voyage together. The dynamic duo agrees to this, but before they depart, Rouge gives them a group hug.

Sonic's Weird Birthday

For Sonic's birthday, Rouge takes him back to her cabin, where she's prepared a little spa treatment for him to help him relax. For the first part, she's lit up some scented candles, which cause Big Blue to feel dizzy, but not her, probably due to certain pheromones in the candles. In any case, Rouge brings Sonic over to a hot tub, which is the second part of the spa treatment. The warmth of the hot tub & the scents coming from the candles prove to be very relaxing for Sonic. Rouge makes some small talk with him, and after a few minutes, the two of them get out of the hot tub.

Then, for the final part of Sonic's gift, Rouge leads him to a massage table. Once Ol' Blue has removed his shoes, she proceeds to give him a full body massage, causing him to go into a very deep trance. During the massage, Rouge causes Sonic to have an orgasm, albeit without any genital contact. Once she's finished, Rouge dries both of them off and gives a still-entranced Sonic a birthday hug.

At the end of the story, Rouge shows up at Knothole Village and congratulates Sonic on the new statue. However, because of the spa treatment she gave him earlier, she causes Sonic to fall back into his trance by giving him a mere pat on the shoulder. As a result, Sally & Amy blame her for injuring him, even though that’s not the case.