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Cquote1.png Oh, darling, don't be so silly! You know perfectly well what I want: gems! Cquote2.png
Rouge the Bat

Rouge the Bat is a G.U.N. agent and treasure hunter. In BearfootTruck's stories, she usually does her own thing, but she sometimes helps out Sonic & the other Knothole Freedom Fighters. For the most part, she is exactly like her official counterpart. For other gems, click here.


Rouge was born in the backwoods of Lacadina, in the Federal Republic of Columbia (equivalent to Louisiana). Her parents are Ricochet the Bat & Mignonne the Bat. At first, she had a normal childhood, but she soon got bored with home and decided to run away one day. Fleeing to the city, she struggled to survive, in part because she could only speak French. Then, one day, she caught sight of a jewelry store. Attracted by their gleaming brilliance, Rouge broke into the store later that night and made off with a number of jewels. From that moment on, she never had to worry about where her next meal was going to come from. She also learned English and dropped her accent. However, Rouge's luck ran out when she was captured while trying to steal the world's largest ruby. Faced with a possible prison sentence, she agreed to work with G.U.N. in exchange for her charges being dropped.


Well, Rouge wouldn't be Rouge if she wasn't so attracted to jewels. Although she's a neutral character, her actions in this universe suggest that she leans towards Sonic's side. She also has a huge motherly instinct and will shower people she genuinely likes with the utmost degree of kindness and compassion.


Rouge has exactly the same appearance as in the official canon. However, when she opens her mouth, her fangs are more visible.


Being a bat, Rouge has to have the ability to fly. Also, like the official canon, Rouge delivers some powerful kicks & some devastating special moves. She also has awesome acrobatic abilities. In short...nothing more or less than what's been shown in the games.

Items & weapons

As in the games, Rouge's most powerful weapons are her own legs, made even more powerful by the fact that she wears steel-soled high-heel boots with steel tips. As a G.U.N. agent, she was issued a Heckler & Koch USP .40 as a sidearm, but she doesn't use it, preferring to rely on her CQC skills, stealth & acrobatics. She does, however, have Bat Cracker bombs, which she used in "Sonic Hotcakes"



Two Kinds of Heroes

Rouge makes a brief appearance near the end of the story, where she helps Sonic, Hogan & the other Heroes get into the tank factory. However, she gets mad at Sonic because she believed that there were gems to be found here and thinks she's been tricked. After that, Rouge destroys a few Cylon Centurions, including one that was holding the other POWs hostage. As a result of her distraction, Shadow & Knuckles take out the rest. Unfortunately for her, she finds no gems here, either, so she flies away, but not before telling Shadow that he looks silly with his Gestapo cap.

The Fakest Things Alive

Rouge is fighting with Knuckles over a Chaos Emerald. In an attempt to get Knuckles to drop it, she tickles him and flies around randomly, but stops when Blaze appears. When informed that two of the Sol Emeralds are missing, Rouge offers to recover them, but Blaze declines. Later, while the Freedom Fighters are searching for Sonic, Rouge encounters Antoine & Rotor, the former mistaking her for a vampire. Before they part ways, she offers to reward them if they find any gems for her.

Later on, Rouge meets up with Sonic (actually an impostor) and tells him that all his friends are looking for him. When he kisses her hand, she slaps him. Later, Rouge flies up to Angel Island and consoles a grieving Knuckles, assuring him that Sonic is still alive. When she attempts to con him out of the Master Emerald, he tickles her in revenge for her earlier tickle attack. At the end of the story, she is angry at the real Sonic, along with Sally, Shadow, Antoine & Amy.

And Down Will Come Sonic – Cradle and All

In this story, Rouge makes a cameo when she picks up one of Dr. Robotnik's spikes, mistaking it for a gem. She gives it to Sally instead, where it proves useful in solving the mystery behind Sonic's poisoning.

Mighty Sonic

Like most of the main characters, Rouge is also a fan of Super Changin' Muscle Rangers. Instead of her normal outfit, she wears a Super Changin' Muscle Rangers T-shirt and a pair of black bell-bottom pants with a flower print design (the same pants she wears in Sonic Riders). Rouge teases Sonic for being jealous of the show, causing him to lose his temper and insult her before running away. Later, when she catches up with him, she slaps him and demands an apology from him. Sonic apologizes and says that he never meant any of the things he said to her. She accepts it and tells Sonic that there’s no reason to get mad over a TV show.

Before leaving, Sonic informs Rouge of the Muscle Rangers' kidnapping, so she flies away and meets up with Shadow in an attempt to rescue them. However, she too is captured, but is later rescued by Sonic & co. Once she is rescued, she flirts with Oliver Davidson – the actor who plays Frankie Thompson, the green Muscle Ranger – even giving him her phone number. Knuckles looks at her in disbelief, which Rouge interprets as jealousy, causing him to get mad.

Other stories

Sonic Hotcakes

A little while after Shadow leaves, Rouge shows up to Robotnik's HQ and starts flirting with him. Then, like Sonic's other friends, she gives Robotnik a peace offering: A Chaos Emerald, which actually served as a garnish for a stack of hotcakes. Naturally, this makes Robotnik furious, so he tries to sic his goons on Rouge, but she flies away.

A Blue Light For the Dark

Rouge makes a brief – but important – appearance in this story, sneaking into Sonic's hut, only to find the Blue Blur lying on his bed, depressed. Sonic doesn't want to talk about his problems, so Rouge tries to cheer him up by tickling him, to no avail. She tries to convince Sonic to talk about his problems, also to no avail. Finally, when she's about to give up, Sonic changes her mind and tells her about how the events of Sonic '06 are still bothering him and how he's depressed because he couldn't bring himself to tell his best friend Tails. Fortunately, Tails – having overheard the whole thing – is sympathetic to his friend’s troubles. Impressed by the sight of the two of them caring for each other, Rouge comes to the conclusion that Sonic's been suffering from separation anxiety. Thus, she suggests that Sonic & Tails go on a voyage together. The dynamic duo agrees to this, but before they depart, Rouge gives them a group hug.

Sonic's Weird Birthday

For Sonic's birthday, Rouge takes him back to her cabin, where she's prepared a little spa treatment for him to help him relax. For the first part, she's lit up some scented candles, which cause Big Blue to feel dizzy, but not her, probably due to certain pheromones in the candles. In any case, Rouge brings Sonic over to a hot tub, which is the second part of the spa treatment. The warmth of the hot tub & the scents coming from the candles prove to be very relaxing for Sonic. Rouge makes some small talk with him, and after a few minutes, the two of them get out of the hot tub.

Then, for the final part of Sonic's gift, Rouge leads him to a massage table. Once Ol' Blue has removed his shoes, she proceeds to give him a full body massage, causing him to go into a very deep trance. During the massage, Rouge causes Sonic to have an orgasm, albeit without any genital contact. Once she's finished, Rouge dries both of them off and gives a still-entranced Sonic a birthday hug.

At the end of the story, Rouge shows up at Knothole Village and congratulates Sonic on the new statue. However, because of the spa treatment she gave him earlier, she causes Sonic to fall back into his trance by giving him a mere pat on the shoulder. As a result, Sally & Amy blame her for injuring him, even though that’s not the case.

A Dark Birthday

Rouge and Shadow are having a birthday soon. She kisses Tails on the cheek to make sure he gets her a gift. Later in the story, while she and Shadow are out on a mission, they send E-123 Omega to check up on Sonic's progress.

Later, at the party, Rouge tries to re-assure Shadow that Sonic and Tails will arrive with their gifts and jokes about Omega’s conclusion chip. When Mephiles shows up and tries making out with Shadow, she attempts to stop The Dark One, only to become his hostage. Shadow and Omega back down, thus allowing Mephiles to free her. She then checks up on Shadow after Mephiles is finished with him. Once everybody else has given her and Shadow their gifts, Rouge is excited to see what Sonic and Tails have gotten them. Unlike Shadow, Rouge seems to genuinely enjoy her motocross bike and is eager to hear about the work that went into putting it together, even threatening Knuckles with drastic measures when he interrupts Tails. When Sonic suggests that they race their bikes, Rouge is only too happy to agree. However, she is unhappy with Shadow’s decision to discard his helmet. Later in the race, when she sees Shadow and Sonic hugging each other, she decides to hug Tails. She is so happy that she writes Sonic a check for 10 million Mobiums to pay off his Uncle Chuck's debt.

After the party, Rouge heads back to her mansion near Rusty Ruin Zone with Shadow, where she reads a book with him in her bedroom. She doesn't mind when Shadow goes out for the early part of the night, but she is rather disappointed when he doesn't join her at the grand opening of the Glitter Palace discotheque. When she gets back home, she finds Sonic waiting for her, claiming that he has an additional birthday gift for her. Part of this requires her to take her clothes off, which she is reluctant to do until Sonic gives her a Chaos Emerald. After this, she climbs up onto the bed, and the Blue Blur gives her a relaxing massage, after which she falls asleep.

She Is, To Him, Everything

Rouge wakes up to get ready for work, only to find that Omega has cooked breakfast for her. She thinks it's really sweet, though she is surprised to find out that it's International Women's Day. Even so, she gives him a hug to show her appreciation before heading off to work. Later on, after getting out of work, she decides to watch some TV, only for Shadow to show up, having been absent for much of the day. When he reveals that he's been taking part in the celebrations for International Women's Day, she wonders when he's been interested in partying, but he clarifies that it's more about giving people a chance to be happy. Happy with Shadow, Rouge gives him a hug, which causes him to cry. Once they’re done with the hug, she gives him some tissues, and being impressed with him, she offers to do anything he wants. She ends up watching TV with Shadow.

Sonic Wave

Right from the start, Rouge considers Mr. Obotir's experiment to be silly, going so far as to make fun of Knuckles for it. Nevertheless, she pretends to go along with it on Day Two. By Day Three, however, she is openly spreading rumors about "The Wave" and trying to dissuade other students from joining. This results in a student painting a bad word on her locker.

Later that night, when she's taking a walk around the neighborhood, she gets the distinct feeling that somebody's spying on her, and she's right: Knuckles confronts her about her anti-Wave antics. She tries to convince him to leave and teases him about his dedication, which results in him shoving her to the ground. She gets angry, kicks him and heads back home crying. When Shadow shows up, she thinks he's come to comfort her, but gets even angrier and cries more when he tells her that The Wave can't be stopped. It is only when Sonic shows up and comforts her that she calms down. She even cajoles him into taking her out for supper.

While going out, Rouge is happy that Sonic paid for both of their meals and is eager to hear his plan to stop The Wave. She is less than enthused, however, when two of Sonic's fans show up and ignore her, so Sonic allows her to give him an autographed photo of her. She even takes a look at one of the leaflets that Tails made and adds a few suggestions to it. Once they’re finished with their meals, Rouge flies Sonic to Mr. Obotir's house, where she breaks in and finds a paper with a repeated phrase on it. When they return to her house, they find some pro-Wave graffiti on it and are accosted by gang members when Sonic attempts to remove it. However, she and Sonic make short work of them, and she even kisses Sonic goodnight.

The next day, Rouge cooks a huge breakfast for Sonic and Tails as a reward for Sonic helping her out. She is pleased to meet Uncle Chuck and finds it absolutely adorable that Sonic is nicknamed "Sonny". She and Sonic explain how The Wave has grown since the first day. She admires Sonic's promise to have it stopped by Saturday. She is concerned for Silver's well-being when she notices him feeling depressed and tries to cheer him up by complimenting him on his strength.

When she gets to school, she assists Sonic, Tails and Silver in spreading the anti-Wave leaflets around. During History class, she gets angry when Sonic is escorted from the classroom by Knuckles and Shadow and attempts to start a fight with pro-Wave students. Later, at lunch, she criticizes Blaze for claiming that The Wave is a "movement of peace". After school, Rouge visits Mr. Obotir's house with Sonic, Tails and Silver and complains about being spied on because of The Wave. Later that night, she joins Sonic and Tails at their house for a pizza party and survives a drive-by shooting. When the police are done with their investigation, she thanks Sonic for saving her skin twice and rewards him with a kiss.

On Day Five, Rouge goes to a waffle house with Sonic, Tails and Silver and leads them to her house to play hooky before they go to the rally. Initially, Rouge is repulsed by the prospect of having to disguise herself as a Wave member to sneak into the rally, but once she gets the uniform on, she finds it to be pretty stylish. She, along with her comrades, is knocked out when Silver gives them away and brought to Mr. Obotir, who is really Robotnik. Once Tails frees her, she criticizes Silver for thinking that Tails really had asthma.

Rouge follows her friends back to Sonic and Tails' house to get Miles Electric and is disappointed when the San Santos PD is unable to stop The Wave by themselves. She is unsuccessful in finding Robotnik until Espio informs them of a secret maintenance room. She then protects Tails as he attempts to break into the secret passageway leading to him, but is forced to head outside after Shadow blows up the police APC. After following the S.W.A.T. team to Robotnik’s location, she lets out a powerful shriek to disorient the doctor, allowing her ample time to rescue Superintendent Coleman. Once The Wave is done for, she finds Knuckles and threatens to bite him and suck his blood, but stops short of doing so. Instead, she tickles him mercilessly.

Givin' It All Away

Rouge tracks Shadow to a small island near Seaside Hill Zone, where she gets his attention and is disappointed in his iron front. She is also shocked when the Ultimate Life Form attempts to kick her ass when she mocks him, but she tries to defend herself…that is, until Shadow has a mental breakdown. She comforts him with a hug and gives him some tissues before asking what's bothering him. When she learns that he's upset because today is International Kissing Day, she makes him close his eyes before kissing him, really going at him. When she breaks away, she asks if there's anything else they can do, and she agrees to go swimming with him when he asks.

Feeling That Way (Anytime)

Rouge pays a visit to Sonic, who greets her coldly. She gets frustrated with his continued animosity, but is nevertheless determined to find out what's upsetting him. As it turns out, he’s upset not only because of a Facebook post he saw from Sally, but also because she ignored a message of comfort he sent her. Rouge sympathizes with his troubles and offers him a hug, which he accepts. After the hug, she accepts his offer to watch TV with him.

A Friend’s Day of Remembrance

Rouge is staying at her mansion when Sonic comes along. She's been expecting him, but not because she's happy. Rather, she's worried because she has a major confession for him: with some difficulty, she confesses to being transgender. In spite of Sonic's initial ignorance, she is more than willing to explain what that entails and tells him the tragic story of a childhood friend who elected to transition with her and was murdered at a party. Even though Rouge testified and got the killer sent to prison, the memory still haunts her. Not only is she reassured by Sonic's words of acceptance, but she cries when he tells her that she's the most beautiful woman he's ever met and ends up hugging him. In spite of the sadness, Rouge is nevertheless grateful to have the Blue Blur hearing her out and offering her love and acceptance. After she asks if he really thinks she's beautiful, she lays him on the couch and makes love to him.

Best Hug Ever

Being bored without Shadow around, Rouge elects to pay a visit to Sonic and teases him by asking him if he knows what today is. After some thinking, he correctly guesses that it's National Hug Day and that she came over to hug him. She then proceeds to give the Blue Blur a big hug. Having enjoyed his touch, she gives him another hug. When he offers to watch TV with her, she accepts and cozies up on his couch with him.

Wir sind Menschen

Rouge has a day off, so she decides to take Shadow and Omega to the movies in Emerald City. She has a fun time, but she has to break up an argument between Shadow and another moviegoer afterwards. She is shocked to hear a gunshot, and she ends up filming the aftermath of the shooting of Ferdinand Rozmiarek and sending it in to Channel Seven News. Upon returning home, it is clear that she is disturbed by the incident and the fact that Shadow is numb to it.

The next day, Rouge is glad that the shooting made the front page of The Emerald City Herald, and when Shadow threatens to take his Chaos Emerald back from her, she gets into a little fight with him, which turns into a tickle war. Nevertheless, she gives Shadow a hug as well as an emergency transponder before heading off to work. On her way home, she stops at Joey's Pizza and gets some pizza and chili dogs with some money that Sonic owed her, managing to dodge most of the unrest resulting from Ferdinand Rozmiarek's shooting. When Shadow tells her how much she means to him, she gives him a hug. She even teases him for cracking a smile. After supper, she watches the news, but when Shadow insists on watching a movie instead, she tickles him again.

The next morning, sensing how the unrest is upsetting Shadow, Rouge gives him a hug and tells him that it's OK not to be OK. She even promises to make sure that nobody takes away his happiness. After work, she surprises Shadow while he's cooking tonight's supper and tells him how sweet he is. She ends up enjoying the meal, which is sweet and sour pork. She also notices how he’s become a different person after the Soleanna Incident and gives him another hug, which prompts him to ask if she likes him romantically. She denies it, but nevertheless enjoys giving him hugs and touching him in general. She is also happy to hear from Omega that Shadow's good behavior has continued.

Rouge is surprised to overhear Shadow chuckling at the newspaper comics the next morning. After work, she cooks tonight's meal: chicken and rice. When she hears about Shadow's disturbing visions while meditating, she asks if he's ever considered therapy and offers to set up a session for him, but waits until tomorrow because the therapist's office is closed. After supper, Rouge questions why Shadow watched an Executioner movie earlier that day, having not done so in a while. She also warns him not to get snarky with her. During the news, Rouge is shocked when Shadow blows up at the top story of the day and throws her TV remote. Once Shadow collapses, she approaches him gently and hugs him. She even brings him into her room to talk about the whole thing and expresses her concern over his behavior. She offers him a choice: either let the evils of the world drag him and everybody else down along with him, or be good and serve as an example for others. She nearly cries, but he promises that she won't lose him, and they hug. She even convinces him to snuggle with her that night, unaware that he's snuck off to Emerald City as a vigilante.

When Rouge learns that Shadow went for a long walk at the next day's breakfast, she questions him about it and falls for his lie. She gives him another hug and promises never to leave him. On the job, her G.U.N.-issue vehicle breaks down, and a homeless girl named Hope fixes it, so Rouge offers her a job with G.U.N., which she accepts. Rouge also calls Shadow to tell him that she's agreed to let Hope stay at her mansion. Rouge introduces Hope to Shadow, and she also talks about how she got her mansion. Overall, Rouge seems to be OK with how Shadow and Hope are getting along, but when Shadow threatens Hope for being related to Dr. Robotnik, Rouge threatens to throw him out. She also has to break up an argument between Shadow and Omega during the evening news. After the news, Rouge informs Shadow that she got a therapy appointment for him and gives him another hug. That night, Hope elects to sleep in Rouge's room.

The next day, Rouge cooks a huge breakfast for everybody. She nearly chokes on a piece of food because she laughed when Hope questioned whether Shadow was normal or not. After work, Rouge convinces Shadow to give Hope a massage after she threw her back out, and she doesn't mind putting the finishing touches on the meal Shadow was cooking for tonight. Rouge says how much she enjoys Shadow's cooking and points out how women can bring out the best in men. However, when watching the news, Rouge is concerned that Shadow may have killed three people last night, but nevertheless falls for his lie. However, when he accuses her of being overprotective, she tickles him. Even so, she lets Hope change the channel.

The next day, when Rouge asks Hope about whether her and Shadow had fun yesterday, she teases Shadow for supposedly having a crush on Hope. She also tells them that Sonic called her, and she invited him over for a party in the ballroom. Speaking of the Blue Blur, she teases Shadow for allegedly having a crush on him, too. On her way home from work, Rouge picks up some fried chicken from a fried chicken place that opened up near her workplace recently. During supper, she teases Shadow not only for liking Hope, but also for trying to hide his blushing. When Sonic comes over, Rouge accompanies Hope to her room so Hope can dress up for the party, which is a disco party. Rouge ends up controlling the disco lights for the party. After the party, when Sonic offers Team Dark backstage passes for the International Festival of Community, Rouge accepts. She even convinces Shadow to take a shower with Hope.

At the next day's breakfast, Rouge makes steak and eggs, preferring hers medium rare. After work, Rouge giggles when Shadow reveals how happy he is that he met Hope. She makes croque monsieur for supper. She is happy to hear about how Shadow and Hope had fun with each other, but she tickles Shadow as punishment for nearly getting Hope in trouble with the Royal Mobian Constabulary. She is also shocked when she sees the aftermath of Shadow's machine gun attack. Nevertheless, she comforts Shadow when he feels bad.

When Rouge notices Shadow not touching his food at the next day's breakfast, she puts him in a headlock for getting snarky with her. She also readies some pork shoulder for tonight's supper: pulled pork sandwiches, which she instructs Shadow to finish cooking. She then gives him a hug before going to work. At supper, Rouge commends Shadow for getting supper ready. However, she also expresses concern when she learns that he not only witnessed a horrible monster when meditating, but also snapped at Hope during lunch. However, she is able to calm him down for the time being.

The next morning, Rouge gives Shadow another hug when she learns that he had a nightmare last night. She returns from work early so she can get to the concert on time with the rest of Team Dark. She even suggests getting food from Five Guys on the way. She is surprised when Hope admits to not having been to Five Guys before and also prefers the fries, unlike Shadow, who's more into the burgers. Rouge jokes around with Shadow about not being good enough for him. Though she likes eating out, Rouge hasn't given up on home cooking, either. She also praises Shadow for being sweet and calls Hope "pretty", even jokingly calling her "girlfriend". At the Emerald City Palladium, where the concert is being held, Rouge flirts with Knuckles for a bit. She also thinks it's really cute when Shadow hugs Sonic and photographs them together. However, she is later shocked to find out that somebody had planted a bomb underneath the Palladium's stage and wonders who did it.

The next morning, Rouge expresses her concern for Shadow, but nevertheless calls him "heroic" for stopping the bomb. She also gives him another hug before going to work. Before coming home, she calls Shadow and tells him to set up a grill, table and chairs for a barbecue she's having. She makes some killer grilled chicken and kielbasa and also expresses her acceptance for Shadow's desire to watch weird sports such as scraper drag racing. However, she also notices that Shadow's still feeling glum and asks what's wrong, and when he talks about the research he did on the Ferdinand Rozmiarek shooting, she breaks up an argument between him and Hope.

Rouge later encounters Shadow on his way to the bathroom, unaware of the fight between him and Hope. When she finds out, she tackles him and attempts to beat his face in as retaliation, expressing how disappointed she is. However, when he tells her that he’s always loved her, she cries and hugs him. She also gives him another hug for writing a check to pay for Hope's broken MP3 player and gives him a really big one for telling her that she's the best mommy ever. When Shadow attempts to nibble her ear, Rouge threatens to tickle him.

Despite feeling better about Shadow, Rouge gets upset with him when he refuses to eat breakfast the next day, part of it stemming from a friend of hers who was often beaten. Nevertheless, she cheers up when Hope and Omega praise her for being a good mommy. After work, Rouge is happy when Shadow's mood has improved, and she brought takeout home for supper. After supper, she watches TV with everyone, letting Hope pick the program. However, Rouge has to answer the door when the PA alerts her to unrecognized visitors, who turn out to be Detective Sergeant Jim Stauerbach and Detective Hank Moroder of the Emerald City PD. She steps outside and answers a few questions they have about Shadow and even lets them search her mansion for him when they display a warrant. Nevertheless, she follows them carefully to make sure they don't try anything illegal. Satisfied, she bids them adieu and goes to get a snack from the kitchen, only for Shadow to spook her. After calming down, she tells Shadow about Stauerbach and Moroder, wondering if there's something he's not telling her. He lies to her again, but she nevertheless hugs him for calling women the mothers of the planet.

At the next day's breakfast, Rouge talks about where she got all her recipes. She even mentions being open to a new team name when Hope mentions "Team Dark". At work, she is interrupted by an emergency signal from Shadow, so she flies to Emerald City to investigate. Not only is she shocked to see him crying, but she also gets angry at the death squads who shot at him, chewing them out for calling him a murderer, insisting that he’s "a good little Shaddy baby". She then embraces him and encourages Hope to scratch him in front of his ears, causing him to purr.

Once Shadow is released from ECPD custody, she joins him for his speech at the Royal Palace and is impressed. Nevertheless, she lectures him the next day about his vigilante campaign, telling him how saddened and hurt she is. She tells him that the police exist for a reason and begs him not to be so dismissive of her efforts to keep him out of prison, shedding a few tears in the process. However, she brightens up and gives him a hug for his apology. Even so, she makes him hand over his revolver + ammo in addition to deciding to change the access code to the armory/firing range and have Omega guard it. She then gives him another hug for telling her how much she means to him.

A Grave Injustice

Rouge discovers Shadow in the firing range of her mansion practicing with a machine gun. When he acts rudely towards her, she threatens to throw him out on the streets, after which she tells him to take a deep breath and asks what he's angry about. When she learns that he ordered a rare heavy metal record and got a less-valuable repress, she asks why he doesn't keep the record, only to be told that it's like buying a rare vase and finding out it's a fake. When he threatens to shoot the person who sold him the record, she begs him not to do that and instead recommends that he contact the seller and politely remind them of the error. She even offers to pay return shipping if he has to pay for it himself. She is shocked when he breaks down crying from her kindness, but nevertheless hugs him. In spite of wanting to cry herself, Rouge keeps it together until Shadow stops crying, though she keeps holding on to him. When they let go, she gives him some tissues and even scratches in front of his ear when he requests it, causing him to purr. She also accepts his offer to have some watermelon and lemonade with him and also cracks a joke about being hot.

Death in His Family

Rouge visits Shadow in his room in her mansion, feeling depressed. In spite of his reticence, she refuses to back down until he talks with her, which he agrees to. So, they sit down on Shadow's bed and talk. When Shadow admits that he’s in mourning, Rouge thinks he’s referring to Maria, but he's actually talking about Pat Johnson – the first actor to play Mack Bolan in The Executioner film series – who died of cancer. Rouge is wowed by the story he tells her of how he got into the series and offers to do anything to cheer him up. She hugs him when he asks for it. After handing him some tissues, Rouge asks Shadow if there’s anything else she can do for him and accepts his offer to watch the first movie – War Against the Mafia – with him.


Rouge is filing her nails when she is notified of a visitor in her mansion. She answers the door and is greeted by Sonic. Asking why he's here, she learns that the Wikipedia article on bats is a featured article for today. She is so happy that she agrees to a hug.

Sonic's Halloween Joke

Rouge is about to hand out Halloween candy when she spots Shadow threatening Sonic with a machine gun. She scolds the Ultimate Life Form and threatens to force him to dress up as a jester next year if he doesn't point his M60 away from the Blue Blur. He agrees, and she gives him a hug. She then invites Sonic inside. While initially interested in hearing a Halloween joke from him, she is less than impressed when she actually hears it and ends up tickling him. Rouge eventually agrees to stop, but on five conditions: 1. Sonic must never tell any more corny jokes, 2. Sonic must help her hand out Halloween candy, 3. Sonic must watch a scary movie of his choice with her, 4. Sonic must spend the night with her, and 5. Sonic must go to the pharmacy with her the day after and buy a bunch of surplus candy. He agrees, and she gives him a hug for complimenting her costume.

Because of Her

Rouge is going to see Shadow in his room when she discovers him crying. Shocked, she asks him about it, and as it turns out, he saw a YouTube video that made him cry. She watches it and fails to understand what it was about the video that made him cry until he explains that it was Maria who encouraged him to give the people in the video a chance to be happy. She gives him a big hug and comforts him. She then gives him some Kleenexes, but she tickles him when he refuses to stop nibbling her ear. After tickling Shadow, Rouge agrees not only to get a glass of warm milk for him, but also to watch a movie with him and let him lie down in her lap.

How He Really Feels

One day, Rouge is trying on a new eyeliner when Shadow comes to visit her. When he tells her that she’s his favorite person ever, she is elated and gives him a big hug. She even lets him do whatever he wants with her.

Shadow Shouldn't Have Done That

Rouge is trying to get her beauty sleep when she is disrupted by Shadow listening to heavy metal really loud. She warns him to turn it down, but when he calls her "too old", she tickles him mercilessly until he agrees to turn it down. Then, she cuddles with him, and it is here that she is surprised when he admits to enjoying tickles. She also gives him a hug for calling her "beautiful" and agrees to snuggle with him.

The Kindness of Strangers

Rouge temporarily kicks Shadow out of her mansion against his will because she's holding a ladies-only party. She does, however, invite him back before the day is done.

Stunt Rock

Rouge is Shadow's business partner, running his front operations while he commits his auto thefts. Her latest endeavor is minding an auto repair shop that he uses as a front in San Santos. When she first meets Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy, she mistakes them for customers until they mention Shadow. She is especially taken with Knuckles. After Sonic and co. commit a few thefts, Rouge tells them how happy Shadow is with their work and invites them over to a barbecue at her mansion. She is also excited by the possibility of getting to hear Sonic's band play.

At the barbecue, Rouge feigns sadness when Knuckles refuses to sit next to her, which convinces him to do so. When the rest of the band shows up, Rouge cooks the food with Knuckles' help while Shadow helps the band set up their equipment. She also seems to be happy to meet the Chaotix and is impressed with Charmy's drumming skills. However, while she is cooking the burgers, chicken and steaks, she has to break up a fight between Shadow and Amy. She also makes them hug. After supper, she watches Sonic and his band The Diesel Cats and enjoys their performance, though she teases Shadow when he demands that they play heavy metal. After the show, Rouge is extra-excited when Sonic offers her and Shadow backstage passes for a show the band is having at the Maplewood Bowl the following night, so much so that she gives Shadow a hug. At the Maplewood Bowl, Rouge really gets a charge out of the concert, even praising Tails for his efforts. When Sonic asks about Shadow, she doesn't seem overly concerned, though she does hug Charmy for calling her "pretty".

Not everything is going well for Rouge, however. The next day, she is in a bad mood because Shadow had been mouthy with her since after the show. She tries to dissuade Sonic from apologizing to him, but is unsuccessful, and instead ends up having a rather awkward conversation with Tails for a bit. When she hears crying, she goes to check it out, only to discover that Shadow's in a better mood, to the point where he hugs her, much to her delight. Also improving her mood is the fact that Sonic invites her and Shadow to the set of the latest movie they're working on. However, she is shocked by the stunt that she witnesses, although she's relieved that Sonic and Amy are OK, even giving Shadow a hug. Rouge is also excited when Sonic invites her and the rest of the gang to Dairy Lord for lunch, but is grossed out when Sonic sucks down a whole chili dog. However, she laughs when Shadow comments on it. When Knuckles comes in and gets a hug from Shadow, Rouge hugs Rad Red, too. When asked why she's into Knuckles, she calls him strong and handsome and teases Sonic for commenting on how she could do worse. After dessert, Rouge admires Amy for eating so much ice cream and gets admiration from Tails for sharing the same favorite flavor. She then parts ways with Sonic and Shadow. Later in the day, she takes a picture of the two lovehogs after they come back to her place. She also jokes about writing fanfiction of them showering up.

The next day, Rouge cooks a huge breakfast for Sonic and Shadow for getting along so well and just being good to her, though she accidentally triggers Shadow with a mention of Maria. She gets a group hug with him and Sonic and also hugs the latter for giving her a backstage pass to another rock show at the Imblewood Forum. She also jumps at the chance to be an extra in a movie that Sonic's doing stunt work for. After the shoot, she takes a little walk with the gang. She also attends a karate demonstration at a local theater with everyone. After this, she chats with Tails at her mansion while Shadow gives Sonic a massage. After the show at the Forum, she expresses her excitement and gives Shadow another hug. Rouge is barely mentioned after this, but presumably, she is arrested for collaborating with Shadow.

Like a Mother to Him

Rouge is playing Tetris when Shadow comes to visit her. She questions why he's in such a good mood, but she shrugs it off and asks about it. When he tells her about how she's the closest person he's had to a mother, she calls him sweet and is intrigued to see her present. When she finds out that he got her a fruit basket, she gives him a big hug and agrees to go out to dinner with him. At the restaurant, she talks about how he made a good first impression on her and calls his shade of red "handsome", even teasing him for blushing. After supper, they go to the observation deck of Emerald Tower and watch the sunset. She thanks him for everything he did that day. As a joke, she picks him up and takes off with him.

Saving Mother's Day

Rouge meets up with Sonic, only to discover he's feeling down. When he talks about how Mother's Day is a sad time for him, she asks about it, and when he reveals that his real mom died when he was very young, she is shocked and saddened, so much so that she gives him an Extra-Special Hedgie Huggle. However, she feels better upon hearing him purr. She even offers to do things with him that day and agrees to go to Joey's Pizza with him for supper, though she insists on paying for the food because he's been so heroic. At Joey's, she is eager to try the food and ends up enjoying it, though she is unenthused when Sonic inhales a chili dog. On the other hand, she agrees to go out to the Glitter Palace with him after supper, and they have fun dancing the night away.


  • Rouge shares one thing in common with Knuckles and Silver: she's a big fan of disco music. Not only does her mansion have a ballroom with disco lights and a DJ booth, but she also loves clubbing. Her favorite club is Studio Two in West Maplewood, just outside of San Santos, which she'll visit at least once every time she's in the San Santos Metropolitan Area.
  • Sometimes, Rouge will refer to people with the phrase "my sweet cabbage". This is a rough English translation of the French term of endearment "mon petit chou", which literally means "my little cabbage".